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321 What do you call a two faced moon? You
322 You're so ugly, your mom threw you to the dogs as a chew toy V 1 Comment
323 You're so dumb you pissed yourself when you were locked in a toilet
324 One good thing about you, you’re easy to ignore.
325 You're so fat when you went to McDonald's you asked for fries and they asked which size, you said the one on the roof.

That's a lot of French fried potatoes. Better get a beverage

326 People always say that the beauty is on the inside, for you there is none at all.

Because it's original, and funny and a really food diss

327 Whenever you sing it sounds like someones crying V 1 Comment
328 Your mums so fat she needs a helicopter to take her picture

I don't really get it. Listen, your so fat about a year a go I took a picture of you and it is still printing

Does not make sense whoever wrote this sorry but it is so true

V 1 Comment
329 Your mama is so fat she makes Precious look like a model V 2 Comments
330 You're so ugly even God rejects you

Shut up, just shut up. I hope your mom is proud of you for being a racist loser

That's so wrong learn some meaners

That's offensive don't talk about god talk yourself

Plain suck this post is asinine

V 6 Comments
331 You're so ugly your parents didn't know whether to kill you or throw you in the garbage
332 They say you are what you eat. Did you enjoy your Bitch Flakes?

HAHA Bitch Flakes. Only use on bitches

V 2 Comments
333 Your teeth are so yellow the sun got jealous V 1 Comment
334 Yo mama so fat when she turns around it is her birthday

I already saw it somewhere so stop coping

335 Your mom is so fat when she made a PlayStation 3 account, the entire network crashed!
336 Your mamas so fat that when she tried to commit suicide between two cliffs she got stuck V 2 Comments
337 Your eyes are so big, when you cry you wipe your tears with a mop
338 I bet you were born in a bin because you smell like one!

Laugh out loud that's funny yea for someone you hate perfect

This is good joke to someone you hate

Oh well might work

339 You Are So Fat That When You Went to Outer Space God Didn't Remember Making Another Planet
340 You are so short that your head smells like feet
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1. You're so stupid you drowned in a Mexican wave
2. When you were born your mother told your father what a beautiful treasure and he replied yes let's go bury it
3. You're so stupid you sold your cellphone for airtime
1. Your mum is so fat that even Dora couldn't explore her.
2. Take that mask off, Halloween is not until October.
3. You're so fat that the only letters of the alphabet you know are K F C.
1. Your mum is so fat that even Dora couldn't explore her.
2. Hey, I can make a song about your teeth 'black and yellow black and yellow' and you need to hear the remix 'green and purple green and purple'.
3. Your head is so big that you put the moon out of business.

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