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101 I like you! Why? Because you are fat.

You must live in a bin because all you write is TRASH!

Dude this must have happened to you a few times before and please stop writing a load of crap and get a life... Your so lame even my little sister can think of better insults than you

This doesn't make any sense!

That is sick age

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102 Now is not a good time to be silent, you need to tell the plastic surgeon what you want

Its not funny at all dude.

One of the best I've heard

That diss bornd one of my friend


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103 Your teeth are so yellow the sun only represents 0.001% of its yellowness

Here's another diss. Your teeth are so yellow they make Gold look cheap

Nice one but did you get that one from your mom

Screw you guys am going home

I don't understand

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104 I don't even want to to talk to you.

Yeah what I say to everyone every day

That's not a dis



105 You so fat not even Dora can explore you

Its already taken!

This was #1 for the victims mum

Tat ones really good it the person really good try it

Very good joke

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106 Look at your boots! They're starting to grow roots!

What? That sucks!

Funny but good one

You got that from Enimen

Don't get it

107 You're so ugly, you turned Medusa to stone

Who ever made this diss you are medusa cause when I looked at the mirror I saw your face and turned to stone cause of you

Even I could do better than that for example your so ugly you put medusa out of business - kennytime68

This one is so good I used it for 2 years

it is sick

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108 You so ugly you don't have to dress up for Halloween

You shut up man that was awesome

This is an okay diss

So awesome you looser so last year

To Deep Buster

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109 Your mom is so fat she takes two taxi's

Lame you should say something like your so fat you took 3 taxi's to take you to the next street

Is one her teeth because shes got a little plaque on it

This isn't even a bit funny


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110 You're so small that an ant seems to be bigger

That is such a boring joke haha so funny I forgot to laugh

This is a better one ' your so small ants look down at you'

So stupid just shut the freak up short people are cooler you weirdos

U suck as much as a vacumecleaner

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111 Your mum is so old that she owns Jesus £5

You are racist if your going to do something think before you do it

Offensive to Christians! If you wanna mess with Jesus then just get a life! Rubbish

Not good sucker you stink like a skunk - ytrewq

Very offensive wouldn't recommend it

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112 You're so stupid. You thought 2 +2 was 45

This did is horrendous you shold die

What does it mean I don't get it

Dumbest dissemination ever


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113 Yo mama so old when she was born the Dead Sea was just getting sick

Were you born on the 21st of december 2012 because that's when everyone was saying the world was gonna end

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114 You are so ugly that the grass turned black

So not funny. Anyone could make a better one than that

A baby could do better than that come on dude

This is nowhere near the best this is at the bottom of the list

Love this cuss

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115 Your mama is so fat when Dracula sucked her blood he got diabetes.

I love this one totally using this at school

This one is my favorite

We'll hey if you did not want to hear about fat people why did you come on this website if you haven't notice basically all these disses r about fat people


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116 Are you're lips designer? Because they are super dry.

What very stupid, can you amagine going up to you enemy and saying that like they would think your a retard

This is great thanks

That makes no sense. Retard...

I am so going to say this to my friend in the rap battle also I am gonna say no u cannot take a sip from my soda with your crusty ass lips get check for Ebola 😂😂

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117 You should slip in something comfortable... what about a coma

Best one that great

That was really not racist seriously were you born in a cave?

Oh yah then who is pasting all this

Nice one ahaa

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118 Roses are red, violets are blue, I got 5 fingers, middle one's for you.

Lol whoever made this is awesome

I already heard this

Best Roses are red and violets are blue DISS!


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119 Is that guy wearing a mask ohh no dude that's his face

Your teeth r so yellow that when u rinsed your mouth with water u spat out lemonade

You look like a pig when you go out side of the building

Said it to friend he got so angry lol


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120 Your braces are mistaken for train tracks

Hey I love braces that's mean

But they will say " well these braces cost more than your whole outfit." BUt good one

Suck yourself off and your grandad

Duude that's so meam

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1. Your mum is so fat that even Dora couldn't explore her.
2. Take that mask off, Halloween is not until October.
3. You're so fat that the only letters of the alphabet you know are K F C.
1. Your mum is so fat that even Dora couldn't explore her.
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