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141 You're so poor when I stepped on your skateboard you said get off my car

If he's poor why does he have a skateboard?

That's so funny I'm so gonna use that one

Laugh out loud I burst out loud when I saw this

It's so funny even my mum laughed

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142 You're so ugly you made the devil go to church

So that's why he was there... - BillTedman

That's mean to me I'm cathlic

This is jokes fam


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143 Your mama so fat when I ran around her I got lost

This is an popular one it will get a lot of thumbs up and who want a awesome diss ever

Its awesome I can't wait to try it on sum1

This is awesome. But I would have said your mum is so fat I need a GPS to go around her.

I would of said when I walk around I get my monthly workout

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144 Your mom is so poor, she wears Cheerios and calls them earrings.

Good joke use it on a ratchet girl

Shut at least he can afford breakfast.

At least she could afford cheerios

That's rude

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145 You're so fat when you lay on the beach no one else can get sunlight.

I could tell this to a dumb guy tomorrow

I would of said that your so fat when you lie on the beach people think you're a stranded whale

Now I can finally get back at a really annoying boy who sits next to me in almost every lesson

This site could be the funniest in the world


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146 You're so ugly when you looked in the mirror yo mama said stop watching horror movies

Hey that was my diss I said it to my friends they laughed like hell it was just to funny

This diss made me laugh so hard

Haha that is the funniest thing I've ever heard


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147 When you ate your sandwich for lunch you said when you got home "Mum! I'm starving there was only 1 sandwich"

Get a life and stop talking about diarrhoea

There are very racists jokes on this site

I had diarrea when I read this and some shot in my pants I laughed so hard

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148 Yo mama so old she sat behind Jesus in third grade

Bunch of racist snobs. Go look in mirror before your fat egos destroy the bloody world

Not cool don't use Jesus's name

Get of the website if you don't like it this is disses

Racist! Making fun of Jesus is unacceptable.

Get a life u mistake

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149 Yo mama is so fat that Jesus can't even lift up her spirit

That's rude. Whatever religion u are and someone made a joke about who you belive in lets see your hideous face as long as we wear sunglasses so we wont get blind from your face

Your diss is a bunch of rude crap how dare u

What is wrong with you. Never say another joke if that is what you have to offer

You're so ugly that your birth certificate apologised to your condomfaturs plus you're so short that you do backflips under your bed and finally, roses are red violets are blue God made me pretty what the hell happened to you.😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😊😊😅.

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150 Were You Born On the Highway? Cause That's Where Most Accidents Happen.

So good. when you say accidents you point at their face. the best ever

That is epic I wish I could come up with a shot joke

I like this one but you already said that dumb head I think you are running out of ideas

It was already said on this web

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151 You're so ugly everyday people see you they think it's Halloween

You based every joke on Halloween come on be a little more creative

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152 Yo mama is so stupid she goes to the dentist and asks for Bluetooth

Oh who ever made that is a genius

Hey that some mine idiot irate this 0

That's so awesome I'm so gonna use it.


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153 Being mean is not very nice!

Crap this is a best DISSES page not a be nice page.

Disses are used to scare of mean people

Why are you on hear

He's mental - kennytime68

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154 You're so ugly that instead of dodging a bullet, it dodged you.

Haha I laughed the all day the person is very ugly.. But it should have said you'. Re so ugly. When they wanted to shoot yOu the bullets came back looking a torch

155 Your mama is so fat she asked for a water bed and they placed a blanket over the Pacific Ocean.

So funny laugh out loud

U will never be the man your mother is. That's one I made

Haha best one old but gold

You didn't make that up ot was already created sorry kid

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156 You're so trampy that your mum got fined for littering when she dropped you off at school.

Wow, you copyed


Epic diss

I love dis I use it at shool sory I'm disleckic

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157 No I can't take a joke that's why I can't take you

I could roast you up son I'm a maverick you should just get a life boy

Let me tell your mom a joke. Your mom

Ya you can't baby.You will cry.


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158 Loser, get a life

That one is as bad as your face.

You're so ugly that when you look at people they commit suicide so they don't get Ebola from your ugly face.

That's what I said to your mum

Tell your mum that!

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159 You're so dumb you said "we can't afford two!" in a buy one get one free sale

This is an amazing joke laugh out loud

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160 Your momma so stupid she looked at you!

That just clearly dumb there's nothing to it

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