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161 I would punch you in the teeth but why would I want to improve your looks?

Dude make it funny like this one

Your so ugly that your mom has to send a message good night

That's a nice one I am gonna use that for some one

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162 Yo mama so fat when she wears a red dress the whole neighborhood said hey cool-aid V 1 Comment
163 When I see stars I think of you, because you're only beautiful from a distance.


164 You're mamma so fat when she sat on a dollar a booger came out of George Washington's nose. V 4 Comments
165 You're so ugly you made Romeo and Juliet break up

How can a ugly person make romeo and juliet break up.
Were you dropped on the head as a baby! STUPID!

This should be at the bottom of the list do you have half a brain idiot

This doesn't even make any sense

No do u need a brain scan MONG!

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166 It looks like your face caught on fire and someone tried to put it out with a fork

Love this one but,... wasn't it somewhere?

I don't get this joke

I don't get this one


167 You're so poor that children in Africa wants to give you all their money.

Stop. Enough with the African jokes.

You shouldn't be talking your mum is so stupid that when I went in your mums house and asked her what's for dinner she took off 3 shoe laces and said spaghetti

That's not funny, your mom is so poor when she invited me to dinner she gave me 3 raw beans and when I took one she said "Hey! Stop being greedy! "

This is racicst

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168 You can't hurt me, you didn't even hit puberty

I was itching my testes when I read this and I laughed so hard my sharp fingernail sliced my scrotum

Whoever commented on this ew dude that private

This so funny 1/10 use this against soneone

People u start puberty when your 8 so whoever said they're nine and beat up a 12 year old then u did hit puberty

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169 You're so small you do backflips under your bed
170 You fail, but so did your dad's condom

I used this countless times on a load of boys that thinl they are hard so I cussed battled them and used this so they shut their mouths.



SO funny lmao

171 You're so ugly whenever you look out the window you have to pay a fine for mooning
172 You're so ugly you made the leaves fall of the trees in the middle of spring

Your to fat when you went to the space half of you was in another universe

Make it better

Lol nice 1 mate

Lol its autumn now

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173 You so stupid you stole bread

Sha some people are starving out there

Some people do steel bread

Bread is food u kno

Ya meani

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174 You're so ugly the devil would rather look at the bible

Nice one I'm crying so much! Definitely going to use this

That's mean, but funny in a way

Ohh I read this in the library and I fell of my seat

That's a good one

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175 You're so lame that when you look up lame on the Wikipedia it has a picture of you

Did you get that from your great grandma. Cause I can say that to my dog he won't be offended.

You're so dry that when you look up dry on Wikipedia it has a picture of you lips

Awesome one. I'm so gonna tell my friends this one

That's old, get a life pig

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176 Your teeth are so dirty that when you open your mouth people start singing Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalifa.

You can use this on your enemy and make them cry. Also it is a great diss to say when you want to insult someone about how dirty their teeth are and how black it is.

Laugh out loud I'm gonna use this

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
This is kind of getting boring now
Ha ha ha ha ha
Still cool though

Replica I've heard it on one of the other dises

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177 I don't hate you but if you were hit by a truck I'd be driving it

Number 1 par/diss in the world! I still laugh out loud every time I hear this joke

Definitely saying this to some really really annoying person! Well done.. awesome joke

My haters went crazy over dis 1

Laugh out loud
Here is a diss
It is your birthday and you ask your mum what is my birthday gift. She gives you a small box and you open it and what do you see a gym membership. Ha ha ha

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178 Yo mama so old that god doesn't remember when she was born.

What man stop with religious jokes


Your mean

Init man.

179 You're so fat when you went into space there was no space.

This is stupid boring

Should be in the top 10

Mamma Mia this must have been a very fat person!

I have to do this dis on my friends!

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180 You're so ugly, I wish I was blind.

Love this one I have try it sometime

My ugly friend is so ugly she thinks she's cool.definitely gonna use that on her

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1. Your mum is so fat that even Dora couldn't explore her.
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