Top 10 Best Disturbed Albums

Disturbed is the most consistant band when it comes to solid albums, so I want to know which is your favorite.
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1 Indestructible Indestructible Product Image

What an amazing album, honestly! This is my favorite style of Disturbed, because it just sounds good to me. Don't get me wrong, I love Asylum and The Sickness, but this album is just mind-blowing. Has some of my favorite Disturbed songs on it like The Curse, Inside the Fire, Indestructible and The Night. I can't describe the style, but it is different from some of their other albums. If you have to listen to one Disturbed album, let it be this one. Also, I love all of the albums, besides Believe. It is a good album, but not my fave.
1. Indestructible
2. The Sickness
3. Ten Thousand Fists
4. Asylum
5. Immortalized
6. Believe

Can't even explain it, whenever it goes into my player, it goes straight through without me skipping anything. Just one of those albums that you can listen to as a whole and the whole is amazing. Then again, I can say the same thing about Disturbed as a band and just vote all of their albums as the best.

The tightest, most polished Disturbed album to date. Absolutely incredible work, especially from Dan. The tight riffs and the soulful guitar solos are unparalleled here. Not a single track that I ever skip over, and even now, 10 years on, I never get bored by a second of this record.

I used to think Asylum was the best having such songs as warrior, another way to die, and another way to die but I'm back to Indestructible. Just listen to Indestructible, The Night, Inside the Fire

2 Ten Thousand Fists Ten Thousand Fists Product Image

Even though Indestructible and Asylum surely have the most powerful album atmospheres, and Believe has such beautiful songs, and The Sickness is their classic debut, despite all those things my vote goes for Ten Thousand Fists because this album has so many incredible songs, and has STRICKEN on it! Amazing album.

This was the first album by Disturbed that I listened to. And I'm glad it is! I love every single song. Ten Thousand Fist (The song) has such strength that all TRUE Metal fans should love this song. I like the renewed Land Of Confusion. It is 10,000 times better. And STRIKEN is one of the best song EVER!

My favorite song From this Album:
Ten Thousand Fists

Disturbed is my favorite band of all time. I have listened to all the albums countless times. I find myself always going back to this. From start to finish the album is excellent. Also love how they redid land of Confusion.

Every Disturbed-album has some amazing songs, but only Ten Thousand Fists has nothing but amazing songs. Guarded, Deify, Alive, Sons of Plunder, Land of Confusion... the list goes on without a single bad song.

3 The Sickness The Sickness Product Image

I'd say this would have to be my favorite album by Disturbed, as it creates a wonderful atmosphere for me with songs like: Down with the Sickness, Fear, Voices, and The Game. I'd rank the albums as followed:
1. The Sickness
2. Believe (Has their song Mistress on here which is my favorite song after the ones I previously mentioned by Disturbed. Has a dark and beautiful atmosphere which the others don't have.
3. Asylum
4. Ten Thousand Fists or Indestructible, not sure.
5. Ten Thousand Fists or Indestructible, not sure.
I haven't listened to The Lost Children or Immortalized enough to rank them.

Dark... Twisted... Insane... No, I'm not talking about silent hill. I'm speaking of the sickness. Metal in the 2000's at it's best. And hopefully will be forever. I have no idea how more people aren't aware of how great this album really is. It's fantastic, and really the closest thing to classic metal in the 2000's era.

This album introduced Disturbed to mainstream America in a huge way. Amazingly, my favorite songs on this album are ones that never even made it to radio. Believe was a great follow-up, but this album is the one that blasted our ears (and hearts) with something Disturbed for the first time!

Honestly I'm not sure which disturbed album is my favourite because they are all so equal. Probably Ten Thousand Fists but this is the album that atarted everything and it's the one that stands apart from the rest of their albums. Plus its got FEAR! Which happens to be my favourite disturbed song!

4 Asylum Asylum Product Image

This is my favorite album by Disturbed. The Sickness is a close second. It took me a while to decide between the two. However, I think the list should be as follows:
1. Asylum
2. The Sickness
3. Believe
4. Indestructable
5. The Lost Children
6. Ten Thousand Fists

6. Believe
5. The Lost Children
4. Ten Thousand Fists
3. The Sickness
2. Indestructable
1. Asylum
That's my opinion all albums are amazing though. I can't wait until their new album immortalized come out

Honestly my fave album my top five would be like:
1. Asylum
2. Indestructible
3. The sickness
4. Ten thousand fists
5. Believe
Just my personal opinion.

1. Asylum
2. Ten Thousand Fists
3. The Sickness
4. Indestructible
5. Believe
The Lost Children is a compilation album not a studio album!

5 Immortalized

Immortalized is relatively new, which puts it at a disadvantage, but it is way lower than it should be. This is their most complete album, and it is Indestructible on steroids.

It proves this when Eye of the Storm morphs into their first real song on the album, Immortalized, which is like Indestructible but has more groove to it and is heavier and faster, between groove metal and thrash.

It then continues with, in my opinion, the best song the Disturbed has made, The Vengeful One, which has killer riffs, an astounding bridge, an amazing beat throughout the song, and meaningful lyrics.

Open Your Eyes is a nice accompanying tack on the album.

The Light is a brilliant ballad. I highly suggest listening to it.

What Are You Waiting For is filled with raw power and has such a catchy chorus.

You're Mine and Who are also nice accompanying tracks.

Fire It Up and The Sound of Silence are spectacular covers.

Even the bonus tracks are great, ...more

The album is new but for me personally is underrated. I have been listening to Disturbed for about a year now so maybe it is easier for me to like it more than the veterans but it deserves way better score. My personal top 3 fighting with the sickness and ten thousand fists. No bad song at all album.

Never listened to Disturbed until I heard Sounds of Silence with the vocals isolated.
The man can flat out sing.
That prompted me to listen to it on itunes and buy the album.
Great disc, start to finish.
It was my first Disturbed disc, but it won't be my last.

Disturbed at their finest form! Blending all of their prior albums whilst finding some new space to grow. Disturbed took more chances this time out and the evidence is clear - they simply can do no wrong.

6 Believe Believe Product Image

Compiling a top 6 list of Disturbed albums is daunting task. Every time I listen to an album I then think that "this" one is the best.

Believe is my favorite. However, The Sickness, Ten Thousand Fists, and Immortalized are interchangeable given my mood. I can probably say that Asylum is my least favorite.

To say something intelligent worthy of a musical critic- Believe is the most memorable, melodic, and energetic of their albums. Prayer and Awaken are my favorite tracks.

The melodic assault of Believe is undoubtedly Disturbed's most potent effort to date, with the band finding themselves in tip-top shape and writing crafty tunes.

Album is Underrated! It has so many good songs like Prayer and Liberate. Not to mention Darkness which is also very Underrated. This should be at least in the top 3 or 4!

The fact that anyone puts this at #5 on the list of best Disturbed albums is just unbelievable.. No doubt the best Disturbed album to date.

7 The Lost Children The Lost Children Product Image

The Lost Children is awesome! Why isn't this up top with the studio albums? I don't understand why this is down so low! Come on everybody and vote it up!

The Lost Children is like a random mix of badassery and awesomeness! Listen to the songs Hell, Run, Midlife Crisis, & Sickened and you'll agree that this album rules!

This is my second favorite album, and rightfully so. Bump this one up a bit guys, come on!

The Lost Children should be at least number six! Come on fellow Disturbed Ones, and help me bring this closer to the top! Great album, its like having all 5 studio albums on shuffle but with the tracks replaced with even greater ones! Plus, B-Sides ^^ DOD aren't even albums so what guys!

8 Evolution Evolution Product Image

It was okay... Nothing really special going on with this album... Not their best.

9 Live & Indestructible
10 Decade of Disturbed
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11 Music as a Weapon II Music as a Weapon II  Product Image
12 M.O.L. M.O.L. Product Image
13 Live at Red Rocks Live at Red Rocks Product Image
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