Best Dixie Chicks Songs

The Top Ten Best Dixie Chicks Songs

1 Tonight the Heartache's on Me
2 Landslide
3 Long Time Gone
4 Travelin' Soldier

Beautiful song, which will forever paint the country music awards yellow.

Best song, best story.

This song made me cry.

5 Without You
6 Not Ready to Make Nice

How can someone forget Dixie Chicks..? The BEST artist during the Neilson SoundScan Era..! I wish people could understand how no to be lost in the crowd of critising them... They are ultimate... Whatever they said... Whatever they did is, was and will continue to be the BESt... LOVE Y"ALL

7 Cowboy Take Me Away
8 Goodbye Earl
9 Tortured, Tangled Hearts
10 Wide Open Spaces

The Contenders

11 Sin Wagon
12 You Can't Hurry Love
13 Cold Day In July
14 I Can Love You Better
15 There's Your Trouble
16 Top of the World
17 Easy Silence
18 Ready to Run
19 The Long Way Around
20 Truth #2
21 White Trash Wedding
22 Loving Arms

Dixie Chicks are and will always be one of the greatest country acts of all time! It's pathetic how the Country Music industry has completely shut them out. All because Natalie said she was ashamed that George Bush was from Texas...Guess what I'm ashamed that he is from America! All my love and support to Natalie Maines and the Dixie Chicks <3 Forever a FAN!  Show less

23 Godspeed
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