Best Dizzee Rascal Songs


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1 I Luv U
2 Bassline Junkie

Best song... Love the video too

3 Jus' a Rascal

Come on best song from dizzie rascal this was produce by a rapper called taz he's on insta tazukmusic the production on this is live

4 Holiday

A really cool song that, as decorulez97 said, make you feel like going on a nice holiday. - lovaboii72

What a great song this is. Dizzee Rascal is a great person to sing this song because his voice suits the rhythm and beat. I WANNA GO ON A HOLIDAY NOW!

makes me wanna go on a holiday - decorulez97

5 Stop Dat
6 Fix Up, Look Sharp

This is the old Dizzee! This is proper grime music! We want you back Dizzee!

Dizzee is wicked I am so into him

7 Dance Wiv Me

Brilliant track with Calvin Harris and Chrome. This track is very very London as well! As soon as Dizzee comes in with the opening line "what's up darling? " you are hooked!

A very good dance beat and vibe. Dizzee Rascal was awesome with his rap in the verses and Calvin Harris topped it off with an extrodinary chorus that I always dance and sing to.

Best song by DIZZEE RASCAL after BONKERS.

She ain't no hoe
Look at those thighs, it's in her eyes
She's good to go
She can satisfy my mind, body and soul
Come and dance wiv me
Come and dance wiv me
Come and dance wiv me
Come and dance wiv me!

Definitely is best song, so catchy love it :D

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8 Bonkers

Bonkers is a bonkers song and that's why it is so great! The song is absolutely ace. Straight to uk no. 1! Lovin It! So cool. ace. Brill. the songs that good, I don't know how to describe it - 192837

This song is so awesome I didn't listen to dizzee rascal until I heard this song.

Bonkers is the best song ever

Just perfect

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9 Dirtee Disco
10 Goin' Crazy

Nice Song... Robbie Williams featuring in this song is great... Love this song... But my top 5 is this...
1)Dance Wiv Me
4)Bassline Junkie
5)Dirtee Disco

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11 Sirens
12 You Got the Dirtee Love
13 Pussyole

I can listen to this on repeat for hours!

14 Dirtee Cash

You are a good singer

15 I Don't Need a Reason

Song is sick, video is sicker.

16 Jezebel

Big tune infectious

17 Stand Up Tall
18 Love This Town

It's a quality song... that all there is to it - that's the point in this list right :D

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19 Heart of a Warrior
20 Round We Go
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1. I Luv U
2. Jus' a Rascal
3. Stop Dat



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