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1 I'm on One


This is the best DJ Khaled songs ever. Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne Make it the 'best'the lyrics were cool.
This is the best forever..!

It's the best song I have seen

OH man its miracle
Just download and play it
You will never forgot the song

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2 All I Do is Win

Talk about a surprise. Post-sellout Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, T-Pain, and Ludacris? Never would have expected something good, but that's T-Pain for you. The beat is filled to the brim with drive and energy, and T-Pain's chorus is phenomenal. It's like a low-rent Lil Jon chorus. Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, and Rick Ross all have some pretty good verses, but Luda runs away with it. It's nothing great lyrically, so I'll settle with a 4/5. - WonkeyDude98

This is actually number one since it hit international number one in the charts the year it dropped this site isn't accurate because only a small percentage votes on their opinion

The Chorus is great, the beat is great, Ludacris's verse is great, but snoop and rick ross have dumb, boring, slow repetitive verses with forced rhymes.

I like that song,best

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3 We Takin' Over

Simply the best of all time

4 No New Friends

We The Best of the USA

Great featuring with drake rick ross and lil wayne. The best song ever should be on top, cause we had no tue friend

No new friends! Its very catchy best song - amit1515

The drake part goes hard in this song

5 Welcome to My Hood

This song should be number 1. Its got an amazing beat, lyrics
and bass. This song is recommended to anyone who
listens to rap this is the best


6 Wild Thoughts

Rihanna is such a fantastic singer and artist. This song gets my vote.

This is the best song it samples Santana and it's just a jamming song - Thicc_Neeson

7 Do You Mind


8 No Brainer
9 Take It to the Head

How is this at 7? should be in top 3! Breezy and Nicki nailed it!

This is simply the best rap collabo ever. Just amazing the chorus that breezy spits. Worth being number 1 here. Truly number 1. - Ark-M

10 I'm So Hood

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11 Shining

Hot jam,perfect song for lead single of the album

12 Out Here Grindin'
13 Money
14 I'm the One

The way he had all the others harmonizing and singing along is just breath taking

Perfect combination for beats and melody.

Hard work on this song so amazing

The Best Song by DJ Khaled Ever!

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15 Top Off
16 Nobody
17 I'm Thuggin
18 Go Hard

I like when he says we do best music

Go hard or go home - Jase08

Kanye's verses and T pain's singing on a khaled's beat... This is Gold!

19 Hold You Down


Greatest DJ Khaled collaboration ever!

Forget Rick Ross and the others.

Great chill song. Breezy killed it, as always

This is probably the best song ever khaled collaborated with artists, though imma rapper when I heard diz song I was like "dang" Breezy, August Alsina, Jeremih, Future what an awesome R&B singers the artist name itself makes the song look good, Hella Dope Man.. This is Crazy

One of the greatest collaborations of our time.
Chris Brown, August Alsina, Future, Jeremih

20 Hip Hop

D Khaled beat with Nas and Scarface. 'enough said

How is this #28?
easily top 3 if not better

21 Bitches & Bottles

Love the background music

Catchy beat and really hype... definitely a top DJ KHALED song.

22 Can't Stop
23 For Free

Drake Kills I t

24 Fed Up

Underrated song for sure. You gotta give this song a listen, you won't regret it.

Insanely catchy and all rappers do a good job

25 How Many Times

I like Lil Wayne's rap

Amazing song - Forhad_765

Love it

26 Gold Slugs

Best song ever it makes the sky wet

It should ranked top 3

27 I Got the Keys

Not only best song from Major Key, but the best song from Khaled.

This has a very addicting beat it should be at least top 10

28 Born N Raised
29 I'm On
30 I'm From the Ghetto
31 Cold
32 They Ready

J. cole aka the best with Kendrick lamar who kills it at the end

33 Holy Key

Best by far

Big Sean and Kendrick Lamar make this song great, The lyrics are really meaningful. Should definitely be in the top 10

34 Hell's Kitchen

Unreal song

35 They Don't Love You No More

This SHOULD BE HIGHER THAN THIS! It deserves better! - abhishah901

36 You Mine

Jeremih, Trey and Future sure did make a hit right here

37 Suffering from Success

Nice appreciate from Africa Tanzania

38 Born and Raised
39 It's Secured
40 I Believe

When times got I hard, I went harder. Best thing I ever did was believe in me, I believe
To succeed, you must believe (we the best music) I believe. A wrinkle in time

41 Bitch I'm from Dade County
42 A Million Lights
43 Sleep When I'm Gone
44 New York

The above list is incomplete. I can add much more, will see how I feel later. - Jase08

45 Red Light
46 Go Ahead
47 Rep My City

Yes Pitbull could rap laugh out loud. - Jase08

48 I Wish You Would
49 Defend Dade
50 On My Way

My absolute favorite rap song. every rapper is awesome on this song. that's relly saying something because there are like eleven of them.

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