Best DJs of 2013

There are a lot of lists on the web of the best DJs in the world in all sorts of categorys or decades, but here's a list of the greatest mainstream DJs currently active. These are the best selling and the most popular around the globe.

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81 W&W

Everything the person has said below is 100% true about david guetta, but I would also like to add Hardwell to the people that are overrated. The main reason for that is because most of his success this year has literally come from W&W. Realistically Hardwell DRASTICALLY changed his style because of these guys. W&W may not make a ton of trance anymore, but as a massive trance fan (Andy Blueman for life) I do respect that these guys have bridged that gap and literally have DOMINATED the house/trance scene this year. Only people that are ahead of them is AvB for sure and MAYBE Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike on the house side of things. But I will safely say that W&W has revolutionized the house and trance scene in the past year ish.

W and W are the best David is terrible Armin van buuren is first

Everything said below is entirely true. Especially this year.

82 Knife Party

25 place are serious there one of the best dubstep producers of all times and actually deserve to be in top 10

Don't know why there not on the top 10

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83 DJ Solovey
84 Albrecht Vangelo
85 Joe T Vannelli
86 Chris Lawyer
87 DJ Sudh
88 DJ Mathijs
89 Mark With a K
90 Downlink
91 Mantis
92 Ophidian
93 Evil Activities
94 Ephixa
95 Going Quantum
96 Capital Kings Capital Kings Capital Kings is an American pop, electronic and Christian pop act currently consisting of producer and rapper Cole Walowac.
97 Chuckie

Flag bearer of the dirty dutch scene. Just awesome!

98 MitiS

Mitis is the best

99 DJomni

Best artist! Usa DJ!

100 DJ Lethal
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