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21 Here We Go Again
22 When I'm Nothing
23 X-Is Coming

This should be way higher on the list, higher than X Gon' Give it to Ya. It just shows what X willing to do to thrive, making sure people know their place.

This should be higher actually the worst song on this cd ia better than the best in any other this top 12 so gs should all be from this cd not even close rap sucks now

24 What These Bitches Want
25 I Don't Dance

New song from his latest album Undisputed, it has great beats and X barks at his enemies alerting them that the dog is back again...

DMX makes a comeback with his new album, it's going to be a BANG...
Machine Gun Kelly rapping with his favourite rapper, a dream come true

Really this song should be in the to 10 this song is amazing with DMX and MGK AWESOME SONG

Awesm song -sad its not on d top 10s

26 The Rain

The best! I think no body listen to this song, it should be the first on the list

27 Let Me Fly
28 It's All Good
29 Ain't No Sunshine

It should be at least at top 10, one of his best song.

30 Right or Wrong

Great song coming off the soundtrack to Cradle to the Grave. Surprised its not on the list after mentioning 46 tracks

31 Come Thru
32 Slippin' Again

DMX need to Listen to the song again for real

Just as good as the first

Perfect sequel! Hard song to duplicate too. Good job X!

33 The Convo V 1 Comment
34 Coming From
35 Bloodline Anthem
36 The Omen
37 Intro
38 Head Up
39 The Story

Lyrically... This is just awesome.

40 Dogs Out
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