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21 Captain Jack Harkness Captain Jack Harkness
22 Barbara Wright

She was the first to stand up to the doctor, ran. Over a dalek in a TRUCK and used her knowledge of history to trick the daleks.

Barbara Wright ran over a dalek in a truck. That's AWESOME.

23 Peri Brown
24 Danny Pink

He was good playing the cyberman in the last episode with clara - jaythomo

The most ANNOYING companion ever! Except for the bit where he's a cyberman, that's cool!

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25 Susan Foreman Susan Foreman

! Who doesn't like Susan? She is the best time lord/human companion who ever got onto Doctor Who!

The doctors first companion and teenage grand daughter

Would Susan count as a companion though? She was the Doctor's granddaughter...

I love the First Episodes, The Dead Planet, The Uneartly Child. They are all brilliant. No plot would make sense without her. The actor who played her was brilliant. The Script was Brilliant.

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26 Ian Chesterton
27 Melanie Bush

Mel is criminally underrated. She had great performances in Trial of a Time Lord, Delta and the Bannermen and Time and the Rani - RickyReeves

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28 Jenny

I know, I know, she wasn't really A... companion but come on! Her story is so good!

She was bald, awesome and I cried when I thought she died.

Shes the doctors daughter what else

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29 Lucie Miller
30 Madame Vastra

Amazing a talking lizard really?

Shes a good helper to the doctor - jaythomo

31 Romana II

Cute, Pretty and very tough and brave when she needed to be, Romanna II was the perfect counterpart for the Doctor

32 Chang Lee

8th Doctor after serving the Master in the T.V. Movie

33 Grace Holloway
34 Liz Shaw

Why doesn't anyone like Liz Shaw? She was one of the first female scientist companions, one of the first to ask practical questions, and with quite a down-to-earth sort-of feminist approach and personality that surely helped clear the way for the great legend Sarah Jane Smith. I think Liz deserves top 10. And how is she worse than Peri? I believe Peri is one of the worst.

She should have been kept on for another year or two.

Liz is, was and always will be the best companion of all time. Just look at her episodes! Spearhead from space= perfection, the silurians=top quality' ambassadors of death= entertaining and original, Inferno= the bets Dr who of ALL TIME

She was was one of the best companions much better than the screaming save save me dr who companions

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35 Vislor Turlough

The most ambiguous companion and that's why we love him. Definitely one of the most interesting comapnions ever.

36 Astrid Ferrier
37 Zoe Heriot

Zoe was a terrific companion. A pity she only had one year with the Doctor. Her staggering intelligence mixed balanced with an endearing naivete made her the only likeable teenage maths/physics genius in the history of science fiction.

She's a very fun character. Very sexy too

38 Vicki
39 Tegan Jovanka

Australian flight attendant.. mirror for human reactions and emotions!

Tegan deserves top 10! She is absolutely brilliant!

42?!?!? You have got to be kidding! Best companion ever. - Crugsy

40 Melody Pond

I know she's basically River Song, but this is her original regeneration as 'Mels', and I think she's pretty cool as Amy and Rory's daughter AND best friend.

It's the same thing as river really why have different category for ger

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