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41 Vicki
42 Tegan Jovanka

Australian flight attendant.. mirror for human reactions and emotions!

Tegan deserves top 10! She is absolutely brilliant!

42?!?!? You have got to be kidding! Best companion ever. - Crugsy

43 Melody Pond

I know she's basically River Song, but this is her original regeneration as 'Mels', and I think she's pretty cool as Amy and Rory's daughter AND best friend.

It's the same thing as river really why have different category for ger

44 Steven Taylor

Often filled both male and female roles in stories meant for Ian and Barbara

Blue Peter presenter Peter Purvis played the US Astronaut replacing the Ian Chesterton role..

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45 Dodo Chaplet
46 Jackson Lake Jackson Lake

Best Doctor that Wasn't? Some say Morrisey was the performance akin to a mashed Tom Baker/Pertwee Doctor.. What have we missed?

47 Charley Pollard
48 Jackie Tyler

Though she is a little rough round the edges, her love for her daughter more than makes up for it.

Those who don't appreciate "Jacks" Don't appreciate life!

Jackey Tyler is a fysty woman who is on a mission to protect her daughter rose.

49 Ben Jackson
50 Sara Kingdom
51 Polly
52 Victoria Waterfield
53 Katerina

Greek muse with the original Doctor for a short time

54 John Benton
55 Mike Yates
56 Adric Adric

I don't nescessarily like him, but I don't think he's worthy of all the hate he recieves.

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57 Harry Sullivan

Action guy.. Rugby/Oxbridge type.. First proper Male companion in the Chesterton mould for some time! With the 4th Doctor

58 Kamelion

Attempt at solving two issues in one.. A new robotic assistant (like K9).. A thing that shape shifts (as the Tardis intended).. unfortunately was a disaster

59 Christina de Souza

Again another Tennant companion underutilised

60 Rosita Farisi

Jackson Lakes assistant.. Great in her own right!

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