Rose Tyler

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My favorite Companion of 'Nuwho' She's fierce, Loyal, determined, loving Compassionate.. One of the best written and fully rounded Companions in the 'New' series.. She's not particularly special (Mensa smarts, magic powers) She could be me or you... But as the doctor said "She was human.. Everything she did was so human"

She became the 'BadWolf' Took on the Devil... Nearly sacrificed herself saving the world from both the Daleks and Cybermen in one episode.

But most importantly she shared a very special relationship with both Doctors 9 and 10.. A love story that was amazing to watch, and culminated in a 'bittersweet' but well deserved ending for her.

Rose Tyler is The best companion because he shared a special bond with her, 3 time he almost said he was in love with her, and he did say that it on the inside. Rose will forever be my favorite of the doctors companions no matter what/who his next companions are Rose is the top no matter What. Hands down, because The Doctor was In Love with her, he may love River but he was IN LOVE with Rose.

I was torn between Rose Tyler and Sarah Jane Smith to be honest. Let me just say that Sarah Jane was my favourite companion for the old school era of Who, but Rose to me was the perfect companion for the modern series. She was witty, balsy, compassionate (she showed compassion for a Dalek of all things), and loving. And while she did have her flaws (jealousy, the way she disrespected Mickey, Sarcasm, etc.) those flaws only made her more human. I rather have a character that has flaws then a "perfect" character with no flaws which makes him/her seem robotic. Plus the fact that Billie Piper herself is one of the sweetest, kindest celebrities I've ever met makes me like Rose even more.

I loved all of the companions, but I'll always have a special place in my heart for Rose. She was so loyal, kind, and human, and she made the Doctor better. He was so free and happy with her, not the way he could be with his other companions. When she left, it was heartbreaking, but I still am very happy with the others that came after her. Rose Tyler was just amazing, and I hope one day she can come back on and do an episode or two with Capaldi!

I think rose is the best because you could tell rose and the doctor loved each other. You couldn't see that with the others. And when they regroup all he mentions is rose. And rose travels all around looking for the doctor. And she didn't want to leave him. I think they should of stayed together. Plus they were funny. That's was doctor who's best time with them two together. I wish somehow they would bring them back together.

I think that Rose gets a lot of shaming. I like her because she was my first ever Doctor Who companion and she actually had a sense of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. There was development between her and the Doctor (both 9 and 10). I did like Martha, not at first because she just seemed like a fill in Rose. I loved Billie Piper's acting and think she did a brilliant job.

What makes Rose Tyler so amazing is she starts just a regular, ordinary girl in a dead end job. Throughout time she grows, and develop a amazing relationship with the doctor.

Sure she has flaws, but doesn't every nineteen/twenty year old girl? /focusing on good things right now./

Not only that, she was incredibly loyal with overwhelming faith for the doctor.

There's nothing quite like her. Working at a shop and having a pretty bland life usually leads to a boring character, but she is quite the opposite. Her adventures with the Doctor and how they changed each other is quite amazing to watch. She went from ordinary to extraordinary, and that in itself is a brilliant accomplishment. She is a believable but admirable character.

Rose was and will always be the best companion simply because she was flawed. She didn't make excuses for who she was or why she did the things she did. She lived her life as she chose to. She represented everything about what it is to be human. She didn't try to be anything other than what she was. How refreshing is that?

Yeah Rose was the best, she was very loyal to the doctor and was quick thinking in dangerous situations, I also like her skills like in fear her she was so brave to track the doctor and the time in bad wolf by absorbing the whole time vortex into her head was so brave! No other companion has done that.

She was the most human and most relatable companion. Sure, she was selfish at the beginning but this meant we got to watch her grow as a person (like we all do). She ended up becoming a brave and strong companion. Also, her chemistry with the Tenth Doctor might be one of the best in the New Who era!

Brilliant. Loved how their relationship was allowed to grow beautifully rather than thrust upon everyone like with River. She was a bold and compassionate companion who was many people's "first". Reminded me of a few of the old companions.

I knew in general public opinion Rose would be the best. I saw individual lists but they mostly don't put her in the top spot. This makes sense. She's independent, even more capable than the Doctor at times. I like her and it's sad to see her story come to and end.

Rose was amazing. She saved The Doctor's life so many times, and looked amazing doing so. Probably the saddest moment, at least in New Who, is when she is left on that beach. Honestly, whenever I see that bloody beach I tear up. BAD WOLF!

Rose tyler was just amazing. As everybody said before. Billie and David have a great chemistry and that is just amazing because all they do is funny and lovely.
I don't know why some people hate rose. I heard some people saying that rose was just a comun girl. But what is wrong with that? She was amazing! She was smart, lovely, funny and independent.

I never liked martha. And I hate when people say "you don't like martha because she is black" That is bull! Marha was and is a very beautiful woman but the whole season two was so boring because she was just thinking about Rose, she was pissed of when the doctor mentioned rose. why? He never promised martha to love her.

People said she was clever, independent and strong. But lets be honest. She saved the world 1 time just 1 time! The rest of the episodes were like "doctor help! " "doctor why don't you love me? " " rose again *eye roll*"

Rose tyler saved the world a lot of ...more

Rose to me is the other half of the doctor. They are just ment to be together. Rose is determined, loyal, and sweet and nothing is better at the doctors side than that

Simply the BEST! Will always be MY companion - she's just one in a million. She needs to return!

Rose and the doctor were in a relationship. It's revealed already. They loved each other. If not, the doctor will not gave on the meta crisis of him to her

What can you say about Rose? She was there from the start of the reboot series & made so much difference to the doctor! I wanted her to stay forever & when she 'died' I cried so much, I still remember that music playing in the background - heartbreaking! She was brilliant with Eccleston & amazing with Tennant! She was my first companion and, like your first doctor, you never forget your first companion!

Always will be twice as incredible as any companion. Any disagreements either don't know doctor who well enough or need to go to a mental asylum.

Kind of sad how all of the new who companions are up top just because they're the only companions most people have seen.

She was just great. I loved the love story between her and the doctor and I cried when she left...

Oh come on who doesn't LOVE rose? Her and the doctor are in love so who wouldn't like her. She was feisty, smart and not afraid to speak her mind


I think rose is the best companion ever in doctor who, I would like to see her return in the 12th doctor episodes - jaythomo

How can you not love this blonde, clever, compassionate, companion. She loved the doctor he loved her back. its not that I hate the other compainions (trust me I love them all to death! ) its just that I love rose the most.