Best Doctor Who Episodes

This list contains the top ten best Doctor Who episodes from 1963-2012.

The Top Ten Best Doctor Who Episodes

1 Blink

Honestly, I love this episode! Its either this one or "Are you my mummy? " that my family and I joke about all the time!

This was such an amazing, suspense filled episode!

Favourite monster, the weeping angels, amazing episode and will always be my favourite I think

Its not even a question.

2 The Day of the Doctor

Honestly, this is my #2, beaten by the time of the doctor, but I had to give it my vote, In hopes that it will topple blink.

Oh, come on. I know it's new but david tenant and matt smith are the best.

Tennant and Smith were awesome together. John Hurt worked well with them too! Great story! - Game_Over64

My favourite episode ever! The 10th Doctor (David Tennant) and the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) in the same episode as eachother! Miss these 2 doctors! And Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) and Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) in the episode! I LOVE THE 10th DOCTOR & ROSE & CLARA & 11th DOCTOR! wish those 4 will come back! David Tennant, Billie Piper, Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman are true legends of Doctor Who

3 The End of Time

David Tennant made me love Doctor Who and he is now my favorite actor and celebrity crush. I had a crying meltdown when he said "I don't want to go." In my brain I said to myself, "I don't want you to, either! " This was a very heart-breaking episode, but it definitely was the best!

When the Tenth said, "I don't want to go", I knew the greatest Doctor of all time was gone, and nothing could bring him back, except for a 50th anniversary special! But now he is gone :'(

Such a heartbreaking episode I balled my eyes out when the tenth regenerated but then there was the eleventh doctor he and the tenth doctor are my favorite they are both terrific actors for the role of the doctor

This episode is epic, jaw-dropping, eye-rolling, overblown garbage. But it is exciting garbage, at least.

4 The Empty Child / the Doctor Dances

"Proper horror, a memorable catchphrase, Captain Jack before he was annoying, great chemistry between the leads, delicious atmosphere and the story that made Steven Moffat stand out as RTD's best writer"

Perfection. The suspense and horror atmosphere creates an episode that works on every level.

Not my favourite, but I just think that it deserves to be in the top 3 because it definitely makes chills run down your spine! And not to mention Christopher Eccleston, John Barrowman and Billie Piper's FANTASTIC acting! It was an episode that marked the formation of a wonderful trio. It's a shame that Captain didn't stick along with Nine after regeneration and that Christopher Eccleston left after one season! Would have loved to seen more of him. I salute Christopher Eccleston because it's a tough job to bring back a faded T.V. show back to the top after so many years and introduce it to an entirely different generation, and I'd say that he did his role FANTASTIC-ally (get what I mean? )!

Literally in love with this episode, not only does it give off the perfect eerie tone but it also all fits together amazingly in the end. Not to mention how much I love how they made the Empty Child act (: it totally fit the story

5 Silence in the Library

THE best episode. It was exceptional. We had the suspense leaving us clutching the edge of our seats, the bit of scariness that added more flavor, the creepiness that made it so amazing. We had the best doctor, the best companion (Donna) AND River Song which made it even better. The Vashda Narada took advantage fear many of us have and gave us an impossible, nerve wracking enemy. The bit with Cal gave it that extra mile, it used was frighteningly close to the world we have and the world of doctor who. To think that the real world was not real and the dream world was made it so interesting. BEST EPISODE EVER!

When Dona was in the face thing (white platform that looked like a spoon) I screamed and hid behind my pillow. It was very scary and suspenseful but made the episode a whole lot better. The tension that was building was a good tension, what you want to get out of watching a good show. Amazing!

This episode was suspenseful, exciting, terrifying and heart breaking. By far the best episode of doctor who from the introduction to mysterious River Song, the creepy Vashda Narada, the strangeness of CAL, Donna's dream and the Doctor dealing with it all the episode was amazing and even better on a second viewing after knowing River Song: making the episode incredibly sad.

This is the first place we see River and get her ripped away. It was terribly sad the second time I went back and watched it. That fourth season was just great and maybe Cal was Clara.

6 Human Nature

This one was very good across the two episodes. Confusing at the start though.

"Tremendous acting by David Tennant. After only an hour or so he makes you love John Smith as much as you love the Doctor. "Family of Blood" is certainly the saddest episode I can think of. A unique story that revels in its own simplicity."

I read about The Family of Blood.
There is dad of Mine
Mom of Mine
Son of Mine
Daughter of Mine
Someone (I think son) is a scare crow
Daughter of Mine is stuck in a mirror with a balloon
I think it will be a very cool episode

The deepest and most touching insight in the tragedy the Doctor is. Baffling.

7 Vincent and the Doctor

This one was a sad story with the inspiration coming from the writer's late sister.

This isn't just an episode of Doctor Who, it's an artistic statement about beauty and pain and depression, and it also shows that the Doctor doesn't always win, which is akin to the early episodes of the original series where victory sometimes meant getting back to the TARDIS safely. In this instance, Vincent and the Doctor murdered an innocent Krafayis that was just confused, scared and lonely.

This episode has more emotional impact that any other episode, in my opinion. It also tackles the significant topic of depression and mental illness very well. I also cried several times through, and the scene at the end is heart-wrenching.

Vincent and the Doctor is a heart wrenching episode without a real villain, which I think is a good thing in this case. I love it when time travel is used to do stuff like this instead of incredibly confusing season finales like The Wedding of River Song

Hard to beat the emotional impact of the episode. Seeing the painting through Pond's eyes at the very end was truly touching. It also made foe a good starting point on a discussion about mental illness with my boys.

8 Dalek

First of 9 is the best and this is like the only episode I thought the daleks we're cool

Best one

How could such a beautiful and perfectly written story be so low on the list?

9 The Waters of Mars

Scariest episode I ever saw

This one was the creepiest episode, but I really liked it.

My #1 favourite Doctor who episode. Much more ephasis on the Doctor himself, David Tennant just steals the show in this. Super suspenseful and it had some really deep moments.

This is a freaky and nail-biting story because of the fear of how dangerous water has become

10 City of Death

Time travel, Julian Glover, Paris, wit, romance, John Cleese, Duggan and cracking cliffhangers

"What a wonderful butler. He's so violent! "
It's everything I loved about Dr Who.

I personally believe this is the best episode of the show. It's witty and has a brilliant plot. Love it!

Awesome episode, stands the test of time and holds up perfectly!

The Newcomers

? The Timeless Children

This reveals so much about the doctor and makes me so excited for next series.

? The Stolen Earth

The Contenders

11 The Eleventh Hour

I thought Matt was absolutely brilliant in this one! Even though I was sad to see David go, Matt stole my heart in his first episode.

I was crying.. I am very easily moved by things but this episode is one of few that made me want to watch it over and over again, very tragic but amazingly preformed. Go matt smith!

Yes! His is when Amy Pond is introduced! I have fallen in love with her Scottish accent! She is fearless, and I love how she has Rory drooling over her!

A brilliant introduction to the Eleventh Doctor!

12 Heaven Sent

Heaven Sent is one of the best pieces of television ever made. Gripping, funny, scary, and that Breaking the Wall scene! Amazing! Capaldi deserves so many awards for this.

This cemented Capaldi as my favorite Doctor. It was all on him and am not sure any of the other doctors could have pulled it off as beautiful. You forget he is an actor. He is the Doctor. And this specific Regeneration of the Doctor is the most intense, tender, tenacious, and strong-willed. And the least self-righteous. Such a great episode! Made me a fan of Capaldi in that I am watching his other movies/shows.

Surprised this is not at least in the top 5 this episode is superior to most above it

It's scary, it's sad, and overall very beautiful and epic, and it made Capaldi my favorite Doctor. Truly a heaven sent episode.

13 Horror of Fang Rock

This was a great episode and all, but I still can't get over the fact that someone hacked this episode and broadcasted a Max Headroom intrusion.

I'm fine if Max Headroom interrupts a sports game. But do not dare interrupt Doctor Who!

If the Max Headroom intrusion happened today millions of people would go ballistic.

This story is so depressing, but it has a strong plot and I never lose my attention. Plus, the mystery behind the aliens are frighting!

14 The Pandorica Opens
15 A Good Man Goes to War

A great episode that should have ended Series 6! It also featured the first appearance of the Paternoster Gang, my favorite recurring characters.

The characterization in this could easily put it in the top 5. If I could vote again it would be in my top five for sure.

"Would you like me to repeat the question? "

Gets me every time.

It was awesome, sad and more awesome

16 The Sound of Drums

The first episodes with the master this century as well as Martha's last adventure.

17 The Caves of Androzani

Always been my favourite. But can everyone stop calling Doctor Who stories "episodes"? Most of these stories actually have several episodes...

Such a fantastic episode. Always Number 1 for me.

A great shame that it was followed by one of the worst Doctor Who episodes ever made.

It's not my favorite Doctor Who story, but I like it a lot. The cliffhanger to Part 3 was the best!

This episode is number 1 in the top 200 and I have to admit, this episode is very good

18 It Takes You Away

This one was weird and great but had everything you'd want from doctor who

19 Turn Left

So sad the end of Donna Noble the way she had to forget the Doctor is heartbreaking.

This episode was amazing in every way! Definitely the best Doctor-lite episode I have seen, usually episodes which are focused mainly on a companion can be slightly boring but this episode is so slick and mind-boggling that you just want to keep watching! Definitely one of Catherine Tate's best episodes!

This episode had me going crazy! It blew me away, especially everything with Rose coming back. This episode proved that everyone's life changes after the Doctor waltzes into their lives, Sarah starting the theory, Martha continuing it and Rose finally proving it to be true. I loved this episode!

This is simultaneously a terrible and good episode. One one hand, it handles it's cliche subject material sloppily, and much fan-service and very little nuance. One the other, you can at least tell that it's trying.

20 The Girl In the Fireplace

An amazing episode. I'm in tears by the end. The only episode I sought out for purchase.

I love this episode. It's in my top two - with Blink. It's tender, heartwarming, romantic, scary, and David Tennant -- well, no spoilers or anything, but we see him more involved, in a different way, than usual?

This is the most heartbreaking episode.

This is such a meaningful, deep story.

21 The Angels Take Manhattan

The angels will never be more spooky than here and amys farewell is great

22 The Robots of Death

Chris Boucher is the best script editor Doctor Who never had and this is his finest writing. The Robots are still creepy, the deco design fits like a glove for Agatha Christie in space

This episode is a classic Whodunnit, it is the least expected person and the robots are very scary

This may have been the best if they named it... well NOT Robots of Death.

"Please don't throw hands at me." Another classic story.

23 The Time of the Doctor

Best by far. I have no idea why people like Blink. It barely has the doctor at all.

It's an interesting goodbye for the Eleventh Doctor, but I think the whole "the Doctor defends Trenzalore from a bunch of monsters was glossed over just a little too much.

It may be the best doctor who episode of all time.

Actually, I found this one a bit meh.

24 The Satan Pit

Amazing episode, totally my favorite, I mean it's so intense, and scary, and sad, depending on how you look at it. Cleverly written, this episode really deserves to be in at least the top twenty. I absolutly love it.(Sorry about my spelling)

25 The Deadly Assassin

The Manchurian Candidate gets a makeover in the story that created the matrix, 12 regenerations and the crispy master

Awesome episode plus the first time the doctor doesn't have a companion

This episode contains thrill, adventure and murder which a Doctor Who episode should rightfully have

26 The Unicorn and the Wasp

The effects of the wasp are so cheesy though - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

27 The Ark in Space

Best Tom Baker story and best Doctor Who story ever. There are a few genuine classic contenders but Ark in Space is special and everything works.

That episode was so thrilling; it also inspired Alien!

A nice base under siege story. Too bad the Wirrn look so fake.

The Ark in Space is a superb story and is bursting with strength. Written by the superb Robert Holmes who has written some of the best doctor who stories ever (Spearhead from Space, The Talons of Weng Chiang, The Caves of Androzani), he doesn't let me down because this is my favourite. A strong stroyline, brilliant creative mosnters, the Wirrn, and great actors! Most people refer to this stroy as Dr who and the bubble wrap. People who ahve seen this stroy will know what I mean. - cameronbrown

28 Utopia

No excuses for this one. Possibly the worst three episodes of the revival. Utopia is severely undercooked, with none of its ideas being explored well. Simply an extremely shallow episode with a nice twist.

The Sound of Drums fares a bit better than the other two, but it's still a cliche-ridden underwhelming mess. At least it can be a fun mess.

The Last of the Time Lords... No. Hammy, terrible acting, from both the Master and the Doctor. Atrocious writing, coupled with cliches and the worst offender of deus-ex-machina I have ever seen (I can MAYBE accept that some sort-of of bull**** telepathic field could possibly be generated from many thinking one alike word, but that it ages the Doctor backwards and gives him god-like abilities? Balderdash! ).

What? This is a terrible episode! Well, Utopia was good but the final two parts are way too slow and the few ideas that exist there are terrible.

I liked it, but I don't really like thinking that that's how the human race ends, but perhaps some got away.

The master dies or does he dun dun dun!

29 Demons of the Punjab

The best episode of season 11!

This episode is absolutely amazing and beautifully done!
One of the best of Doctor Who! - SidneyHando

30 Genesis of the Daleks


A brilliant origin story, Genesis of the Daleks is great Doctor Who all together, featuring a superb cast, regular or otherwise, beautiful imagery, a memorable score, but the star here is the script. Terry Nation at his best.

Terry Nation makes the Daleks great again! The explanation of the Daleks' origins, and a wonderful story for Fourth Doctor Tom Baker (and Lis Sladen, RIP).

Best Dalek story since Power, and probably the best one of all time, too.

31 The Tomb of the Cybermen

Outstanding classic story. My favourite cyberman stroy, well written, well directed. Absolutely outstanding. Thank goodness this one was recovered in Hong Kong. - cameronbrown

This would be a great episode if it didn't have racism...

Best 2nd Doctor Episode - 2storm

I always thought this story was a little overrated.It;s good, but the Cybermen are comepletley unintelligible.

32 Inferno

The most bleak, adult and brave sideways who ever made. A treat to see the regular cast playing their shadow selves.

This episode is a thrilling tale of another universe and that makes it a perfect Doctor Who episode

One of the darker classic episodes. In a good way, of course.

Incredible, my first pertwee story needs to be moved up

33 Listen

A love letter to the show! A beautifully directed episode with emotion and a powerful theme. Capaldi at his most unpredictable and very very best!

BY FAR the best in season 8. So beautifully dark. And creepy - VERY creepy.

Dark, scary, and has such a beautiful lesson for fans of all ages!

Clara did great in this one - 2storm

34 Pyramids of Mars

Sutekh is so scary their brought back Gabriel Woolf to voice the devil in The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit

Great story, great villain who manages to be super creepy while confined to a chair.

Nice mix of Egyptian mythology and science fiction. Also, there is Sarah Jane, so it's always a fun time.

Great story and the best villain ever. "All I leave is Dust"

35 The Trial of a Time Lord
36 The Doctor's Wife

"No but I always took you where you needed to go."

I love this look at the TARDIS. It's great to know what she thinks of the Doctor and his companions.

Gave the Tardis a beautiful face ad witty persona.

37 Midnight

The best chapter.

Wow. This is very intense and cool with efficient writing. It is tight and nice to see the doctor without a companion.

A cliched premise is still cliched, but at least here it is given a good understanding of the terrors of crowd mentality.

Obsessed with this episode. Brilliant brilliant brilliant.

38 The Seeds of Doom

Two parts of The Thing followed by four parts of a Bond villain who loves plants. Plus: SCORBY!

Moments of behind-the-sofa gothic horror and one or two disturbing scenes as a pair of seed pods are discovered frozen in the Arctic,are stolen by an eccentric millionaire collector and turn out to be a deadly invasive and carnivorous plant species that uses a human host to transform steadily into a house-sized monster. Some great cameos and performances plus Boycie from Only Fools and Horses as a hired heavy.

This is an excellent, exciting episode. True, the Krynoids look a bit silly, but it's such a great story, that doesn't matter.

39 The Asylum of the Daleks

It's a good episode, and a nice introduction to Clara Oswald. It's crazy to think that the Daleks can be more deranged than they already are.

40 Rosa

This episode may be new but focuses on a story which was a long time coming for doctor who.The acting was great and was just moving.

This episode is so powerful and moving,it doesn't shy away from the harsh reality of teaches children to be accepting and to learn from historys mistakes.My heart broke when we saw ryan sit at the back of the bus,because sitting upfront wasnt allowed and him and yaz hiding behind the bins talking about racism in the modern day. I was a wreck in the final scene.on the bus.the acting was incredible and the story was so well done,i have no complaints.i can't wait for this episode to go down as one of the best.

41 Twice Upon a Time
42 The War Games

This episode is one of my particular favorites, even though it is 10 episodes, it is still perfect for that time by the long tale of the different wars

All these New Who stories getting top spots because people don't watch the classics. - Aeterna

My absolute favorite episode, and my first. This episode made me fall in love with doctor who.


43 Carnival of Monsters

That concept is so creative! Also shows the Doctor and Jo at their near-best

44 Terror of the Zygons
45 The Sontaran Stratagem
46 Planet of the Daleks
47 Delta and the Bannermen

What? This is a terrible episode! It's mostly just boring filler.

48 The Parting of the Ways
49 The Time of Angels

The best next to blink

The best!

A magnificent sequel for the weeping angels. Words cannot describe how good it is. - cameronbrown

How does Amy turn stone what

50 The Bells of Saint John

The Bells of Saint John is a wonderful episode with quick quips, twisty turns, and a menacing threat. It's a very breezy episode, but it feels effortless. It does become a bittersweet episode after watching the Series 9 finale "Hell Bent," which only serves to add to its scope. Definitely the cream of the Series 7 crop, this episode is, as Clara puts it, "page one."

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