Best Doctor Who Episodes

This list contains the top ten best Doctor Who episodes from 1963-2012.

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41 Carnival of Monsters

That concept is so creative! Also shows the Doctor and Jo at their near-best

42 Amy's Choice

This was one of the most riveting episodes ever...the HUGE plot twist at the end makes it all come together!

This episode bought chills into me, this makes it a chilling and scary episode

Amy's Choice required your full attention, and it was great. The Dream Lord was great, and I hope that he'll return someday.

43 Terror of the Zygons
44 The Snowmen

I wouldn't call this the best story, but I certainly think it's the best Christmas special.

In this episode, we get our second glimpse of Clara. It was pretty sad seeing the Doctor in such a state of depression. What's ironic is that it took another death to get him going again. Walter Simeon is a chiling villain

45 Pyramids of Mars

Nice mix of Egyptian mythology and science fiction. Also, there is Sarah Jane, so it's always a fun time.

46 Midnight

Wow. This is very intense and cool with efficient writing. It is tight and nice to see the doctor without a companion.

A cliched premise is still cliched, but at least here it is given a good understanding of the terrors of crowd mentality.

Obsessed with this episode. Brilliant brilliant brilliant.

Super intense with great acting throughout!

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47 The Bells of Saint John

The Bells of Saint John is a wonderful episode with quick quips, twisty turns, and a menacing threat. It's a very breezy episode, but it feels effortless. It does become a bittersweet episode after watching the Series 9 finale "Hell Bent," which only serves to add to its scope. Definitely the cream of the Series 7 crop, this episode is, as Clara puts it, "page one."

48 Planet of the Daleks
49 The Face of Evil
50 Delta and the Bannermen

What? This is a terrible episode! It's mostly just boring filler.

51 Silver Nemesis
52 Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

This episode was so promising, but delivered so little. The guest cast, the time zombies, and the dismal sets just brought the whole episode down, despite Matt Smith's and Jenna Coleman's best efforts.

This is one of the only episodes I just don't understand. A good plot, interesting premise, good character development; and yet this episode is just wanting. Where did it all go wrong?

53 The Three Doctors

My three favorite classic doctors meet! And Omega is revealed with a great plot!

54 The Five Doctors

Absolute classic.

55 The Dalek Invasion of Earth
56 The Unquiet Dead

Come on! People rise from the grave and kill people and they meet Charles Dickens! Definitely my favorite episode.

57 Voyage of the Damned

Voyage of the Damned is so well paced, and you really feel sad when Astrid dies. Even the much-derided Max Capricorn is pretty good, despite the silly glinting teeth gimmick.

58 Fury from the Deep

This is one of my favorite lost Doctor who story's that I
Have ever heard

59 The Invasion

This episode is creepy, scary and has a shocking plot, what makes this episode very good

There's a bit of filler, but all in all it's a great story, with more action than in most classic stories.

60 The God Complex

This episode is very scary, it is set in a hotel and hotels always freaks me out

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