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101 The Mind Robber

This story is just fun to watch. The robots are also pretty creepy!

The best episode of Patrick Troughton's career as the Doctor by far

102 Rose

The episode that re-started it all. This should be much higher.

103 Boom Town
104 The Parting of the Ways
105 The Shakespeare Code

Love the Harry Potter stuff in this one!

A hilarious histroical romp. The Carrionites aren't chilling at all, but they wern't meant to be the stars of the episode.

106 Robot
107 The Rings of Akhaten

Awesome episode. Especially love the song and the Doctor's speech.

A family favorite and one that touches my heart every time. The music is just gorgeous in it.

Why is this in 100th place. It's has great pacing, a great atmosphere and probably the greatest 11th doctor moment of all time. It should at least be in the top 10. MOVE IT UP BU a lot!

108 Victory of the Daleks
109 The Horns of Nimon
110 The Beast Below
111 The Romans

This is how to do a comedy episode right.

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112 The Wedding of River Song

Seriously? This should also be in the top twenty. This is a creative and beautiful episode.

113 The Lodger

Love this episode! It has to be the funniest of them all. Surprised this isn't in the top twenty.

114 The Green Death

The ending is timeless

115 The Ribos Operation

A battle between good and evil, as it starts the Key to Time. It also is the debut of Romana I, the best Romana!

116 Hand of fear
117 The Sun Makers

AWESOME! Seriously, why is it down here?

118 Frontier In Space
119 Rise of the Cybermen V 1 Comment
120 The Next Doctor
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