Best Doctor Who Villains from 2005-2011

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Weeping Angels

Laugh out loud my friend and I pretend to be weeping angels at each other even though we're terrified of them LMFAO

They definitely keep things interesting... I jumped out of my skin quite a few times in all the angels episodes

I will never blink at a statue again

These are the scariest things ever

Daleks The Daleks are a fictional extraterrestrial race of mutants principally portrayed in the British science fiction television programme Doctor Who.

Daleks are the most awesome villains, better than those statues who stand still. Daleks are classic. Exterminate! - kieron

Exterminate all humans "z-BING"done your dead. I love this charactor


What? How are the cybermen below the angels, the angels are crap. Cybermen are way more scary. And the silence at number 4? Seriously they were just stupid aliens with rubber fingers that couldn't kill 1 single person

The cybermen have become the stupidest and boring villain since the revival

The Angels suck. Dales and cyber men all the way! EXTERMINATE!

Only number 3? Cybermen are easily the scariest DW monsters ever. Those stupid angels are overrated. CYBERMEN for the win!

The Sillence

I just love the actual idea of them. You forget them when you don't see them?! Terrific! This villain is the only one that actually could be true (if it was). You never know, you could've seen one yourself!

Silence will fall when the question is asked... Scares me whenever I hear that... How long until they are finally explained in detail?

The only villain I had nightmares about - Calebng

So creepy and pperfect for this show!

The Master

The Master is AMAZING! He is insane and hilarious and he wouldn't be evil if it weren't for the stupid other Time Lords who put the drums in his head. Don't get me wrong I love Daleks but the Master will always be my favorite villain.

Number 11?!?! No way! The Master is the most awesome Doctor Who villain of all time! John Simms is an amazing actor.

No Competition he's just hilarious not to mention awesome I there's no villain like him only one that actually seems like a villain. Reminds me of the Joker in a sense from Batman. When comparing him to other vilans its clear to see the Daleks are just well over used the cybermen are just machines and The Weeping Angels are actually pretty cool.

This guy is absolutely HILARIOUS! He's super cool, evil and completely insane he will ALWAYS be my fave!


Silurians are the BEST! They are sometimes evil, sometimes good and have met Pertwee for God's sake! They are civilized yet savage and the triplets are awesome, Alaya, Restac and Vastra!

Vashta Nerada

I love doctor who! And the Vashta nerada was one of my favourite villans! It was so quick to kill. perfecto! - silentrose2342

The vashta nerada is awesome I just can't remember the letters it has - jarinachoklatbarjarbinks

Sends a chill down my spine

So scary... no way to escape, you can't turn back. The fact that they could be lurking any where in our homes just thrills me. You can't kill Vashta Nerada. Perfect killng machine

The Empty Child

Are you my mommy?

Are you my Mummy

God he creeped me out.


Classic villain but I'm glad that they brought sontarans to the new doctor who. Sontar-ha!


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Headless Monks
The Beast
Slitheen The Slitheen are a family of massive, bipedal extraterrestrials from the British science fiction television series Doctor Who and are adversaries of the Ninth Doctor and later Sarah Jane Smith.

The old are just so darn CREEPY I mean weirdo mouth tentacles, red eyes, and they can kill by throwing themselves in real life speech bubble.

Not really enemies, but when they are they are great


I yell "Moisturize me" quite frequently

The Gelth
The Flood
Tardis Engine Room Creatures

The creatures appearing in the episode Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS which were chasing the characters and were found out to be their future selves. - hotchoc26

The Dream Lord

The Dream Lord was AMAZING in the GREATEST EPISODE OF DOCTOR WHO EVER! Too bad he never returned

Cyber Controller

John lumic the cyber controller is the creator of the cybermen in the episode, rise of the cybermen and the age of steel


This should be number 1 because the cyberleader is in half of the cyberman episode like the army of ghosts, doodmsday, the pandorica opens, a good man goes to war

Prisoner Zero

Prisoner Zero has escaped! - Witch2014

There is a crack in the wall at school and every time I pass it I say "Prisoner Zero is coming to kill us all! " Luckily there r other whovians in my class.

Midnight Entity
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