Best Documentaries of All Time

The Top Ten Best Documentaries of All Time

1 Sicko

Excellent topic, good film making, genuine dilemma and truth has been exposed in this documentary. Daring and bold attempt by Michael Moore.

Funny and educational. Michael. Moor is a genius

2 Super Size Me

I would vote for this, but it sucks when you realize that this documentary was highly faked due to and other sources... - CreepyPastaT10

It really opens the eyes of the viewer."

3 Bowling For Columbine

Marilyn Manson isn't a bad person, but he's blamed for so much. He doesn't deserve all the hate he gets. And despite his music, he's very nice and very smart, and his music does have meaning. It's just misunderstood. Personally, I love Marilyn Manson. I have a lot of respect for him.

This represented Marilyn Manson the way he should be. He didn't do anything, and in the end they even found out that the killers didn't even like him.

Blaming Marilyn Manson didn't solve anything, did it? Marilyn Manson just sang his music. Eric and Dylan did what they did because they fed each other to do it; they encouraged each other to go through with the massacre.
Marilyn Manson is a highly intelligent and talented musician who represents individualism. He had no part whatsoever in Columbine.
Listen to "The Nobodies" by Marilyn Manson, which he made afterwards regarding the entire situation. - maarilynmaanson

4 Truth Or Dare?
5 Roger & Me
6 Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmakers Apocalypse

One of totally the best documentaries of all time, but unfortunately list is missing some essentials. I wouldn't focus on Michael Moore personally. He is good but how to say it, maybe pretentious a bit.

7 The Thin Blue Line
8 Harlan County USA

Blackish... An inconvenient truth... Farenhiet 11-9...Fix it-Healthcare at the Tipping Point... Las Mujeres de Juarez-The Juarez Womens Murders...You learn A Whole lot with Books and Documentaries... And America is one Dumb and uninformed country!... Super ignorant people!... Except for knowing Stupid and Useless Crap!...

9 Indie Game: The Movie
10 Dont Look Back

The Contenders

11 Metal - A Headbanger's Journey

By far the best music documentary ever. IT IS AWESOME! - Andrevalenca

12 Walking with Dinosaurs

I loved this series as a kid and still do! It needs to be put back on the air! It was astounding!

This should be on top, even though it is a series its still pretty good - robertoantonioortuso

Innovative, creative, and very informative

It has a mother f###ing T-Rex!

13 Salesman
14 Crumb
15 Bigger, Stronger, Faster*
16 Inside Job

I've seen 70 of these films but I'm sure that this one is the best. - logblobo

17 The Cove
18 In God We Trust?
19 From One Second To The Next
20 What Would Jesus Buy?
21 Overnight
22 Night and Fog
23 Capturing the Friedmans

This family goes through every imaginable emotion, leaving none aforementioned.
How a well-to-do american family can be destroyed by lies for the justice system of America. Nobody is safe!

24 Grey Gardens

Loved this movie. Very well made and acted!

25 Steal This Film II
26 Hoop Dreams

Forget just documentaries, this is one of the best movies ever! Why this isn't in the top ten I'll never know: it makes a real-life sports story accessible and heartbreaking, and explores life in the ghetto in a way never before attempted.

A touching and thrilling story of 2 boys who just want to play basketball but who are let down and used by all around them Remarkable film. Will have you laughing and crying within minutes of each other.

best 90s movie and possibly movie ever

27 The Act of Killing

How is this not higher on the list? This is one of the most hauntingly dark films I've ever seen. It's an undeniable achievement in documentary making (or filmmaking, for that matter). This movie should be mandatory viewing, I'm not kidding.

28 Woodstock - 3 Days of Peace & Music

The filiming & music is so good I have watched this endless times.

29 The World at War
30 Biggie & Tupac: The Story Behind the Murder of Rap's Biggest Superstar
31 Everything Is A Remix
32 Holy Wars Documentary
33 RiP! A Remix Manifesto
34 The Emotional World of Farm Animals
35 The Indigo Evolution
36 Touching the Void
37 The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert McNamara
38 Armadillo
39 Bus 174
40 America's Serial Killers: Portraits in Evil

It's great from start to finish. All ten parts. It gives us info on real-life Serial Killers and gives us insight on as to why they commit such horrible acts of violence. It's chilling yet fascinating. I've watched it hundreds of times. Very educational. It teaches us to be very careful in the real world.

41 The Beatles Anthology
42 Point of Order
43 Best Boy
44 Animals are Beautiful People

the best human animal nature documentary since 1988! - KaiserSoze

45 I'm Going to Tell You A Secret
46 Cliff 'Em All!

Metallica rules. RIP Cliff. -

47 Earthlings

So good, and yet, so heartbreaking. I don't think I stopped crying through the whole thing.

48 Locked Up Abroad
49 Senna

Chilling, but unmissable as it is put together better than any documentary I have ever seen. Outstanding, like the man himself.

50 Bully

A lot of kids need to see this movie.

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