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41 Best Boy
42 Animals are Beautiful People

the best human animal nature documentary since 1988! - KaiserSoze

43 I'm Going to Tell You A Secret
44 Cliff 'Em All! V 1 Comment
45 Hoop Dreams

Forget just documentaries, this is one of the best movies ever! Why this isn't in the top ten I'll never know: it makes a real-life sports story accessible and heartbreaking, and explores life in the ghetto in a way never before attempted.

A touching and thrilling story of 2 boys who just want to play basketball but who are let down and used by all around them Remarkable film. Will have you laughing and crying within minutes of each other.

46 Bully

A lot of kids need to see this movie.

47 Monsters And Mysteries In America

I like this just as much as MonsterQuest. Another awesome documentary about unknown creatures and terrifying encounters. This is definitely another one of my favorite shows/documentaries.

48 Ancients Behaving Badly V 1 Comment
49 America : The Story Of Us
50 The Beatles Anthology
51 Burden of Dreams
52 Derailroaded
53 Tell Them Who You Are
54 Gimme Shelter
55 When We Were Kings

Amazing documentary about the boxing match between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman in Zaire. - tuponia

56 America the Beautiful

Documentary by Darryl Roberts on America's perception of beauty. Extremely well done. - fearundercontrol

57 Earthlings

So good, and yet, so heartbreaking. I don't think I stopped crying through the whole thing.

58 Blackfish

One of the best movies/documentaries I've seen. It's so good everyone should watch it. I will never forget it!

59 Senna

Chilling, but unmissable as it is put together better than any documentary I have ever seen. Outstanding, like the man himself.

60 MonsterQuest

I love this show/documentary. Cryptozoologists continue to search for cryptids and unknown creatures. I believe many of these things could actually be out there and I hope that one of these days we will know for sure.

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