American Pit Bull Terrier

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The American Pit Bull Terrier is a dog breed. It is a medium-sized, solidly-built, short-haired dog whose early ancestors came from the British Isles.


American Pitbull Terriers are as loyal as they come. The exact reason they are feared and disregarded is what makes them great when cared for adequately and properly. The fact that this breed typically is trained for fighting says nothing more than that they are acknowledged as one of the toughest, strongest and most athletic breeds in existence both physically and mentally, and that they are willing to run through hell and back seeking to earn that sweet moment of love and happiness from the pack leader. This breed is the true underdog... Disrespected and neglected for reasons completely out of their paws. As American as it gets. Great breed, GREAT breed.

I think these dogs get a bad rap just because they have a bite strong enough to kill a person. Well guess what a yorkie is meaner then a pit bull but they can't kill you so no one talks bad about them. Just because they can kill you doesn't mean they will. Every dog even a lab has some mean ones in the bunch and so does a Pitt bull. When a Pitt bull attacks they kill easier because of their bite force so every one thinks they are bad. But they aren't. I have been around several and they are so beautiful and nice. I was at the pound about a year ago and saw a pit bull witch ran up to the fence and started licking me. I felt bad not adopting it but I already had another dog picked out. I love Pitt bulls and peopl need to stop judging them.

Pitbulls are the #1 Misunderstood dogs in the world. I currently own 2 Pits, a Male & A female, they recently had puppies. They had 3, they are VERY protective around them, especially the daddy. Mom is more Relaxed, and is more protective of me. Recently, a stranger tried to take me, and she kept barking as if she recognized the stranger. Then we found out, it was a Criminal where I live. I Am so Glad I have this beautiful Loyal Dog by my side at all times! Whoever thinks they are horrible, their stupid. And if they recently had bad history with them, it's them who need the training, not the pit. Like Cesar Millan, It's the Human that needs Training, not the dog. - Pits4Life

I recently just came back from a vacation and there were loads of Pitbulls there, and I'm only 15 years old so I saw this one pitbull without an owner so I approached it and my dad told me do not go near that dog it's a very bad dog. I told him straight up these dogs are the best dogs, they are loyal and respecting, it's the way you treat them will make them bad. so I went to go pet the dog and she let me pet her, she was very gentil and she didn't growl, bark or BITE me.

I have a cute female pit, and at first I was scared of her a bit when my mom adopted her. But, of turns out she was just a ball of crazy! Good crazy. Super hyper, but she was so nice I thought something was wrong with her! The false stories had twisted my head, but I soon realized I would never find a better dog. Pits are perfect. BUT! TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN OR YOU GET A MONSTER. There are bad owners, not bad dogs.

I used to have a pit bull who died of old age she never bit anyone and she was good with other dogs and other animals, and she loved me. My grandparents have a very nice adorable pit bull. I remember when I was young I was walking with my parents and a pit bull came by and started licking me like crazy he was also very adorable and loving. Pit bulls rule! - ToptenPizza

Put bulls are playfully loyal protective and will just chill and listen very well I agree that it depends on the owner of the dog HONESTLY I've met morning little bit dogs morning aggressive than pit bulls. I've had 12 potholes in my life and no dog fighters or any thing like that I have 3 pit bulls under one roof right now no problem.

I grew up with a male Pitt Bull Terrier named Kane, and he was the sweetest dog I have ever seen. He was the exact opposite of the Pitt Bull stereotype and only showed aggression once in his life, when another dog attacked my brother. He was the most loveable and smartest dog ever, and I would love to find another dog like him.

I have had 2 rescue pit bulls, both of whom had been abused at the hands of so-called humans. They are the best dogs I have ever had. They are affectionate and very goofy! All they want is love. I will always "save a life" and adopt a pit bull.

It's sad to see that most dogs who end up in shelters are pit bulls and pit bull mixes. What makes it even worse is that I can't help (I live in an apartment). I've heard many stories, but I don't believe a pit bull is like that. My friend once had a pit bull, and she was the sweetest, most well-behaved and friendly dog I've ever met.

This kind of dogs seems to have a lot of bad comments. Well, I'm not going to say what's wrong with them. I just want to say that I like Pit Bull dogs, their body structure is compact, so it looks strong and spiritual. I don't often see these dogs in my daily life. I don't understand their so-called bad behavior. I just think they're cool. But I have to admit that I can't have a Pit Bull dog to be my pet because I can't control it.I think they should be friends of human beings. - Yepi

I convinced my family that we needed to add a Pitbull to the family, needless to say we will never get any other breed. She is by far one of the best dogs I have ever met. The problem isn't the breed, it's the type of people attracted to the breed. I have only ever met nice Pitbulls aside from one that was left in her backyard all the time and never trained. People need to get over their grudge against Pitbulls, they're an amazing breed. I currently have an adorable Pitbull cuddled up to me. Sweetest little girl

I have had pittbulls my whole life. They do pose the risk of hurting another dog, but in terms of humans, I have never met a more loving breed.

Pitbull are the most misunderstood dog breed ever... I've lived with pitbulls my entire life and I have never seen one get aggresive. Yes pitbulls have a bad reputation but that's only because to many stupid people judge them just because people breed them to be fighting dogs but that's our fault not the dogs

Pit Bulls, despite their horrible reputation, are very sweet and protective dogs. They are very strong so I'm always somewhat cautious around my friends 3 fully grown Pits, who happen to be some of the sweetest dogs in the world!

They say that there's something in their breed that makes them vicious... Maybe their's something in your breed that makes you vicious!
STOP TRASHING PITBULLS! Pitbulls could be cool & groovy if their owners treated them right.

I don't think they're really a bad dog, it's more the owners than them. Many people use them in dog fighting which is just plain cruel and inhumane. What did they ever do to deserve that? I think they are a very misunderstood breed.

Pit bulls have a bit of a bad reputation, and a lot of people say they are naturally mean and vicious-let me go ahead and tell you that they are straight up liars, they run around tell ing everybody oh pit bulls are so mean and you should should keep them away from you're children blah blah blah while there over here beating them starving them and forcing to fight against other dogs to the death! Its just crazy how some people can be so stupid. ~_~

Wow pitbull is actually on this list I thought some liberal would be on here like "well since it killed a person in 95 we should kill all pitbull even though the person who got killed was beating the dog with a stick

Pitbulls are incredibly smart and nicest dogs out there.. My pit will smile when anyone asks in the door.. Which may seem intimidating but it is a sign off submissiveness.. Sit on your lap and luck your face untold not to.. Very friendly and great with all children will never hurry a fly.. Great dogs bad reputation from ignorant people

because pitbull learn better and were voted best family dog of year 2000 and there just misunderstood so stephen and pmmom38 yall are both wrong sorry judge the deed not the breed

Just a beautiful dog, so loyal, so intelligent. My dog bluey gets along quite well he's pack, a jack russell and a wolfhound. Their individual personality is very different yet the pack see each other as equal

They are the most misunderstood dog there is and I think if you give them a chance they will turn out great

Over 2,500,000 people are sent to the ER per year in just America... that's not "a few bad stories" if you ask me. If it really matters how you raise them, then I guess 2,500,000 people are irresponsible.

I have a female pitbull named Ginger... She is not mean but she is not at all friendly with little kids. They are one of the most scared of dog ever. They make great security for your family. - diemos97