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You don't need security if you had a German shepherd, they are powerful and gentle not aggressive. They are great companion and best friend. Cute but protective. They may only the 3rd smartest dog but they are the best dog ever. Which dog can do lot of thing like this: lovely, gentle, smart, powerful, protective, best friend, great companion. Poodle & collies is more intelligent but poodle spend your money on there fur without give you any thing like the German shepherd can, poodle are not powerful, lovely,... And collies is a small dog that spend your money in feeding them and can't do anything. And how could lab be on the first, they can't do anything

NO! MUTTS ARE THE BEST! ADOPT! Do not buy from a breeder when millions of healthy animals are being put down RIGHT AT THIS MOMMENT because people want a "pure bred" dog. NOPE. YOU SHOULD GET A DOG NOT OFF ITS BREED, BUT FROM ITS HEART! And many like English bulldogs shouldn't even exist, because its borderline animal abuse form them to in breed like that. Thank you for your time. I hope this message spread to some thinking on getting a dog. And the word mutt is represented as a bad word for a dog, but pure bred is bad. Trust me I know. Mine was perfectly healthy, but was going to be put down in just one hour. If I purchased a dog, he would be long dead. If you give money to a breeder, they will keep makeimg more which means, more animals getting put down. Think about what is right.

German Shepard are loving caring dogs that are playful at hearts the reason they have a bad reputation is because some German Shepard are trained to be security and army dogs but if you give them love and a good home they will protect and love you forever even after they die.This breed is also very loyal they will never let you down like when my German Shepard Flower stop a intruder from breaking in he tried to get upstairs but flower wasn't far from his tail he had a knife 4 handcuffs and in his van torture equipment Flower Had Saved all of us that is what I'm saying they will never let you down protection wise.So if you pick this breed you won't regret it because their is so much love and loyalty put into this dog! - Jackjack

German Shepherd should be #1 they are so cute and very protective to your family! They make a great family pet!

I have a German shepherd mix that we rescued. He's kind of a bonehead, kind of a nut, but I love him to death. He does at times become really protective when people come into his territory, but warms up to strangers quickly once he realizes their not a threat. He is full of energy and lives his life to chase sticks. He loves humans, other dogs, and cats. He actually has made great kitty friend and they play with each other all of the time

I have owned 2 German Shepherds at different stages. I was absolutely devastated when the 1st one died & said I couldn't go through another heartbreak like that again. However, a year later, I was yearning to have another big, beautiful German Shepherd & I felt blessed to be able to find another magnificent German Shepherd. He is no longer with me & I said enough, no more heartache at losing another one of these beautiful dogs but they are the only dog breed I would ever own again.

I have owned 2 German Shepherd dogs (separately) during my lifetime & they were both absolute bliss. Quiet, gentle & so, so loyal & great with children. I didn't have to take them for walks because they had plenty of room to run. Actually, they were so devoted they never went far. They were never destructive & they didn't bite a soul. A German Shepherd is the only dog I would ever own.

I own a German shepherd and a jack russel x fox terrier. I love this dog breed so much. They are ideal pets for families and kids. They also happen to be extremely intelligent. This is why they are employed often. Including guide dogs and police dogs. I got my beautiful baby as therapy dog to help me feel confident not worthless. I believe that German shepherds are suitable for everyone. They have the be the best purebred breed out. Oh and for everyone experiencing pain, I love you and have a fantastic day lovely

Story... I was three, we went to my aunts for lunch. She had a German Shepard. I was sitting in my seat with my legs swinging. The dog bit my pinky toe and ripped the majority of it off (i needed serious surgery and my aunt defended her dog). since then I have disliked German shepherds. I'm sure there are a lot of great German shepherds, but I can't stand them sorry, I like golden retrievers... there calm. - thedeadthebadandthedexter00

I also think German Shepards are great territorial/family protector. This should be #1! - Doodles

I love them they is so cute I hope that they can be number one they are so awesome and they are so nice I have one she is so nice and she loves everyone she likes to run and have fun everyone should have one

I actually have a German Shepard! and I know a lot about them, they have been used to chase livestock too their cage and were first bred in Germany and the average German Shepard can run at speeds of up to 30 mph and can have a bite force of up to 238 pounds but this is very important make sure she gets lots of water because they have lots of fur and can over heat in a matter of time and trust me German Shepards shed more than some cats so you'll need to groom them often and are highly intelligent so they can learn new tricks quickly with practice but most of all they are beautiful animals

Loyal, intelligent and easy to train dogs. They are extremely obedient and the best guard dogs you can have. The rap they sometimes get for supposedly being agressive is pure nonsense, unless you mistreat or neglect them. Just like with any other dog breed, the thing that matters is the owner. The only downside with Germans is that they are obviously a large, athletic breed that requires a lot of time, care and activity.

The German Shepard has the LEAST bite force compared to other dogs. The pit and others far exceed by at least 50-100. The jackal as I remember about 380 and Wolf 400. The Kangal tops all at about743. No other dog on earth faster in the deep woods and none can stop him from protecting his flocks. Rated the strongest dog but gentle to family unless If invaders persist in forcing their way into his tranquil domain it will be to their undoing.

I have a Wight German Shepard and a regular German Shepard. They are the top pets you can have. They are probably the most loyal and protective. Even though they do shed a lot they are still the best

I love German Shepherds, they are loyal, protective, smart, obedient dogs with wonderful personalities. They are double coated, which means they shed a lot. I'm considering getting one for myself, I will work hard for this dog.

I have a black German shepherd, and let me tell you, they are anything BUT aggressive. She is always submissive and sweet to me, family, and other dogs she hasn't even met! Yes, she barks to warn us, but she doesn't attack. I couldn't imagine life without her!

They are the 3rd smartest dogs in the world (behind the poodle and sheep dog (proper name? )). I had one for 9 years, and my parents had it before I was born. Her name was Allie, and she was mostly German shepherd, with a little bit of other things. But she was so smart! I loved that dog, but she died of a skin disease when I was 9. Poor Allie.

They are really cute dogs but have a bad rap have one and he's gorgeous they are very good guard dogs as well like mine a guy was attacking me and he came and jumped on him and bit him like hell!

BRST DOG EVER! So cute, and protective, and smart and brave, and loyal and intelligent! Must I say more? I have a German shepherd and she is so amazing! She loves me so much, and I love her so much too! She certainly is mans best friend! They are the most beautiful and majestic dog as well! What is so great about Labs and Goldens? Both, may I say are not that beautiful and actually pretty dumb! Germans shepherds for the in!

My German shephard died a few days ago. We had to put him down because he was suffering from all sorts of diseases in his late age (including cancer). He was like a brother, always friendly and surprising. He will be missed.

We are the happy parents of four German Shepherds! This article best describes them Intelligent, loving and adept guard dogs! They go beyond a family pet and are in fact a friend for life!

I think German shepherds are the best dogs in the word, I wish I had one! They are funny, cute, loyal, and the best dog breed ever! If I had one I could spend all day with it

These dogs are as loyal to their owners as any breed, if they are brought up well they are as tame as any other. I was wary when I first had one but it proved to Be mans real best friend - dazter

I have a German shepherd his name is axel he is so cute and loyal the are honestly the best dogs ever I also had a Doberman and they both get along very well