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The Labrador Retriever, also Labrador, is a type of retriever-gun dog. The Labrador is one of the most popular breeds of dog in the United Kingdom and the United States.


I have had Labrador retrievers for over 45 years they are the best dogs whether it be for a family or a single person. They are extremely social and love to interact with anyone who comes around. I have never had an incident where any of my black labs have charged anyone or bit anyone. If you can get past their puppy stage in regards to them wanting to chew on everything then life will be golden.

I have seven labradors. I adopted the whole litter. Once I was being attacked by my brother's rottweiler. My dogs rushed to help me and all attacked the rottweiler, even though this dog was twice the size of all of them. This proves that they are incredibly smart, loyal, brave and a great breed of dog. They are also great cuddle partners for the couch. I love labradors!

Labs are loyal, powerful, strong and the best companion you could ever have. All dogs can be mean or aggressive at times, even the cute small fluffy dogs. All dogs are amazing but the Lab is a very special breed which deserves first place!. They can also be very smart and clumsy, cute and playful, and the most amazing dog ever

Best dog ever. My family got one when I was two years old and we where best friends for the rest of her life. She was protective but still gentle. My little cousins would go climb and play on her and she would not act up or get angry. The best all around dog in the world. Loves playing especially in the water. Great family dog.

We've had our Yellow Lab named Bella for almost 3 years now, and she is just the sweetest, most caring creature ever. She also alerts us to anyone coming in, and is adaptable to most situations. Despite her big mouth, she's a very friendly and positive dog who is always happy to see us. She's supportive when you're sick. We have a cat who's a huge jerk, sometimes even clawing the poor dog's face, but she's never, EVER retaliated. In summary, she loves everyone to death.

I own a Labrador retriever and they are super sweet, gentle around children, and are just plain awesome. They lick a lot and love to play fetch. Either if it's a brown, yellow, or black lab, they are still the best. In my opinion, way better than golden retrievers.

I love my black lab mix... She is an AWESOME watch dog. No one dare inter our property. She loves to stay with me. But she love's to be outside as much as possible.. She's great with my grandchildren. And with other animals. I would have to say that she is the world's best dog.

I have a golden retriever/Lab mix. He the smartest, sweetest, most beautiful, loyal, protective, dog I have ever had. He is loyal to the whole family, not just one person. Excellent with my little girl. I could go on and on. Number one in my book! - WayCoolJr

I'm not going to say my dog is any better than anyone else's but my chocolate lab
Mix is amazing she is adorable, sweet, gentle and has personality plus. She lets little kids take her on walks and only bites
Me sometimes because we're playing and she does it on accident but then she'll stop and lick it better, she also keeps unwanted girls away from my brothers like the dating police

Highly overrated, not very intelligent. But since they are not intelligent it makes them easy enough to train because they don't tend to be stubborn. Luckily they usually try to please their owners. - BlueberryCatfish

they are loyal, smart, beautiful, easy to train, good with kids, playful, active, protective, lovable, loving, and defenently great pets, il have one I no

The greatest dog breeds of all time. I have a labrador retriever, I named him Aztec. According to me this breed will be my first opinion as the best family dog breed in the world. They are curious, energtic, independent, reliable, gentle and one of the most agile breed followed by the second best golden retrievers in the list of Retrievers breed. Labrador retrievers are far better than golden retrivers in all cases like they are excellent sportive and swimming skill than golden retrievers.

I have had two labs and they are both awesome. They are the best big breed of dog because they can rescue you from water, love you, hunt, listen to every command, love you, and rarely are bad. BEST BREED EVER!

I have three brothers, two of them are humans and one of them is black lab. Trust me, there is no big difference between them.

Awesome dog. Quiet, friendly and so calm - fuadmondeo

Love labs. They aim to please. You'll make a strong bond with them and you'll really miss them when they're gone. I still remember the days I had with my best buddy.

I've had two labs, a yellow and a black. They're good with kids, loveable, protective, funny, obedient and easy to train. What's not to love?

Probably The Smartest and Calmest of all dog Breeds
They Won't just Bark and attack any unknown person only do so if the person is suspicious i.e. carrying a large Bag Or Trying to Hide
Sometimes Can Be Lazy (At My Lab Magie Is) But that's kinda Cute and One of the best at smelling and as their name suggest (retriever that is) they are also great at fetching stuff Good at Swimming as well so these dogs are also great at tracking Endangered Marine Life Like Killer Whales and Help Researchers
These Guys Might have Detected and Saved the world from Countless Bomb Blasts as well Help Blind and Old Seriously are the most multitasking of all dogs If These Guys Weren't Here World Could have been a totally different place

I've got a lab puppy who's the cutest animal ever - Queen-aholic

I've got a labby at home and she is the most cuteist and enerjetic dog ever on the planet she can even out run me and my brother at the park. Shes cute

Labrador retrievers in my opinion is the dog that is most well rounded, and almost never has a fault, overall one great dog.

Have two in my house right now. A black and a white one. The black one is ours and the white one is enjoying a holiday here. Fantastic dogs Labradors.

They are so easy and also love swimming playing and love to cuddle run and play and also love company I have one named Marley and he is so cute

They are so cute and so smart! My mom, aunt, and gandma even had three labs. They were all different colors and even though I never got to see them together, they look cute together in pictures. Sadly, they are all dead now, but my family got another lab named Lucy and everything is happy now. Yay!

I have a lab and he is the best he would never hurt anybody and saved us from being robbed by scaring away the robbers he is a life saver