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141 Norwegian Elkhound Norwegian Elkhound The Norwegian Elkhound is one of the ancient Northern Spitz-type breed of dog and is the National Dog of Norway. V 1 Comment
142 Ibizan Hound Ibizan Hound
143 Field Spaniel Field Spaniel
144 Sussex Spaniel Sussex Spaniel The Sussex Spaniel is a breed of dog developed in Sussex in southern England. It is a low, compact spaniel and is similar in appearance to the Clumber Spaniel.
145 Huntaway Huntaway V 1 Comment
146 Cavachon Cavachon

The best dog, I have one and they are sos smart, cute, and loving towards their owners.

147 Malinois Malinois
148 Dogo Argentino Dogo Argentino The Dogo Argentino, also known as the Argentine Mastiff, is a large, white, muscular dog that was developed in Argentina primarily for the purpose of big-game hunting, including wild boar; the breeder, Antonio Nores Martínez, also wanted a dog that would exhibit steadfast bravery and willingly protect more.

I have a Dogo Argentino. My favorite breed of dog.

Best dog ever. Can take down a boar in packs of 2.

149 Neapolitan Mastiff Neapolitan Mastiff The Neapolitan Mastiff or Mastino is a large, ancient dog breed. This massive breed is often used as a guard and defender of family and property due to their protective instincts and their fearsome appearance. V 1 Comment
150 Puli Puli The Puli is a small-medium breed of Hungarian herding and livestock guarding dog known for its long, corded coat. The tight curls of the coat, similar to dreadlocks, make it virtually waterproof.
151 Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
152 Puggle

Great dog, stupid and lazy, but cute. - Joey321

V 3 Comments
153 Taigan
154 Kuvasz Kuvasz
155 Irish Water Spaniel Irish Water Spaniel
156 Cane Corso Cane Corso
157 Pointer

DAnk doGe that hUnts a lot

158 Lapponian Herder Lapponian Herder
159 Clumber Spaniel Clumber Spaniel The Clumber Spaniel is a breed of dog of the spaniel type, developed in the United Kingdom. It is the largest of the spaniels, and comes in predominantly white with either lemon or orange markings, but can sometimes be either brown or lemon predominantly.
160 Toy Fox Terrier Toy Fox Terrier The Toy Fox Terrier is a small terrier breed of dog, directly descended from the larger Fox Terrier but considered a separate breed.

Toy Fox Terrier are great companions and also great watch dogs They absolutely love people.

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