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1 Danza Kuduro

Awesome song. Really really beautiful and cool.
I like it very much

Oh... Amazing song. Really I have no words to describe how I feel when I listened it first time...! I was dancing...! I couldn't stop myself to do that...!

One of the greatest songs I ever heard
And I always have Goosebumps when I listen to it
This is the only song which maintains the constant tune and tempo throughout,

I do not even know what is being said in this song but I makes me dance and jump around non stop. Awesome song

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2 Taboo

Third single from Don Omar's collaborative album "Meet the Orphans" - MatrixGuy

Awesome song listen to it every now and then... And the video is just mind blowing! This is better than danza kuduro!

I love this song to death

I like this song, it reminds me of summer

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3 Angelito


I love this so g a lot, I love Don Omar your my favorite singer.. One thing your hot..

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4 Reggaetón Latino UListen to Sample
5 Dale Don Dale

Are you kidding me? This is one of the most songs that was playing in everywhere, old school

Since I was a little child I love this song!

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6 Virtual Diva

Nice Song. Makes me happy and Energetic. One of my top favourite of Don Omer. Even though I can't understand a word he says

She's on fire está encendida!

Madness song even though I don't understand it... omar man what a beat? Same for danza kuduro

Its my favourite
Work like turbo...

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7 Salió el Sol

HE The best Latino

Best song best video


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8 Dile

Sexy lyrics about a guy who wants another night with a girl who's with another man...

The chorus and beat is hot!

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9 Hasta Abajo

Very. Sexy. And. Good. Song

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10 Sexy Robótica UListen to Sample

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11 Pobre Diabla

This is one of the best songs of the century. I love the rhythm, the lyrics(even when I don't understand a thing) The very best by Don Omar

Amazing song. Reminds me of when I was younger, a lot naiver and madly in love with a "loser" who could of totally derailed my life. As well as having a wicked beat there is a totally important message in this song. Those men that are not worth a cent, maybe exciting to play with but run before they bewitch you.

It has a great beat and a very catchy tune to it. The lyrics bring joy and combined with the music and the Latino beat, it makes this song my favorite Don Omar song!

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12 Ella Ella

It's one of the best songs of don omar but y isn't it on the top ten list?
it should be added there

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13 Zumba

Great Song

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14 Bandoleros

Best for listening in American old muscle cars

The great song ever. Even better than Danza Kuduro.

The most fantastic by don omar

Me favorito don omar canto

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15 Ella y Yo

Debe estar en el top 10

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16 Hasta Que Salga el Sol

I love this song! Such an upbeat song and fun to dance to.

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17 No Se de Ella (My Space) UListen to Sample
18 Dutty Love UListen to Sample
19 Guaya Guaya UListen to Sample
20 Conteo

Uno! Dos! Tre! Cuatro!
Uno! Dos! Tre! Cuarto!
Fast y furious!

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21 Ella No Sigue Las Modas

Ain't the best, but great

22 How We Roll

Best song from don omar

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23 My Space
24 Ayer la Vi UListen to Sample
25 Pura Vida

Awesome song... I like it!

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26 Luna Llena UListen to Sample
27 Carta a Un Amigo

The Best Song-La Mejor Cancion

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28 Angeles y Demonios UListen to Sample
29 6 Am

Don Omar best singer he wrote best song ever

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30 Tu No Vive Así

You can clearly see Don Omar there in a collaboration with daddy yankee

Don Omar genius!

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1. Danza Kuduro
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1. Danza Kuduro
2. Angelito
3. Taboo

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