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1 Die MF Die Die MF Die Cover Art

Every metal/hard rock fan should listen to this! Its literally dope addictive as hell! The intro in which, after a few seconds everything suddenly bursts out, will get you headbanging madly till your neck comes out of the socket

Everybody got to know Dope owing to this song, very aggressive and motivating song.

Insane head banging song

I love this song all time

2 My Funeral My Funeral Cover Art

I am the biggest (maybe) Dope fan there is and I believe this song came out on a whole other level. It down right far surpasses anything he has written before.

Absolutely amazing song. This song is the best song for all dope song. I want this types of song more in dope next album... Mohaiminul Kabir AMIO, Bangladesh, Dhaka... Mobil:880201674711165.

Die MF Die is great but My funeral is more than that :) I'm not a dope fan! but I love this song very much :) Music, Lyric, and vocal is perfect in this song!

Best song by dope. Totally nu metal song. I want this typ of songs more. (AMIO from BANGLADESH)

3 Rebel Yell Rebel Yell Cover Art

Now, we can say Dope is so good at doing covers.

Best cover so far

4 Now or Never Now or Never Cover Art

This song is so motivating, I love the lyrics and the chrous make me freak the hell out!

Oh what the heck?
this song should be in top 5 dope songs

5 You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) Cover Art

Great song starting part is fantastic and chorus part is fabulous must be in top 3

6 Debonaire Debonaire Cover Art

Fast and the Furious! RIP Paul Walker. This song is totally badass!

It was old song I like since I was little

RIP Paul Walker. Fast and the Furious!

7 With or Without You With or Without You Cover Art
8 No Chance No Chance Cover Art
9 Slipping Away Slipping Away Cover Art
10 Blood Money Blood Money Cover Art
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11 Nothing for Me Here Nothing for Me Here Cover Art

It's should be at least 2nd. THE GUITAR IS JUST AWESOME!

12 F*** tha Police F*** tha Police Cover Art
13 Today is the Day Today is the Day Cover Art
14 Addiction Addiction Cover Art

She's like cocaine, heroin, alcohol, and Vicodin! She's my addiction!
Enough said... This should be on top 3 at least. "also nothing for me here" is amazing.

Good job, Dope. Very good duo feat. Zakk Wylde.

15 Violence Violence Cover Art

One of their "heavier" songs, at least vocally. Lyrics aren't exactly what you would call deep, but the vocals are aggressive and the breakdown after the second chorus is great. In you face aggression, definitely one of their best.

16 Dirty World Dirty World Cover Art

This should be number 1 song.

One word: Badass

17 Hypocrite Hypocrite Cover Art
18 Everything Sucks Everything Sucks Cover Art
19 Drug Music Drug Music Cover Art
20 Crazy Crazy Cover Art

This one definitely should be number one.. Those riffs and lyrics and chorus.. So perfect!

21 Best for Me Best for Me Cover Art

This song increases the self-confidence and motivating, from last album.

22 Sick Sick Cover Art
23 I Don't Give a ... I Don't Give a ... Cover Art
24 Bitch Bitch Cover Art

The one I love, I hate but the sex is great!

25 Take Your Best Shot Take Your Best Shot Cover Art
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