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1 Die MF Die

Everybody got to know Dope owing to this song, very aggressive and motivating song.

Every metal/hard rock fan should listen to this! Its literally dope addictive as hell! The intro in which, after a few seconds everything suddenly bursts out, will get you headbanging madly till your neck comes out of the socket

Insane head banging song

I love this song all time

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2 My Funeral

Best song by dope. Totally nu metal song. I want this typ of songs more. (AMIO from BANGLADESH)

Absolutely amazing song. This song is the best song for all dope song. I want this types of song more in dope next album... Mohaiminul Kabir AMIO, Bangladesh, Dhaka... Mobil:880201674711165.

Die MF Die is great but My funeral is more than that :) I'm not a dope fan! but I love this song very much :) Music, Lyric, and vocal is perfect in this song! - Rizwan_Siddiqui

3 Rebel Yell

Best cover so far

Now, we can say Dope is so good at doing covers.

4 Now or Never

This song is so motivating, I love the lyrics and the chrous make me freak the hell out!

Oh what the heck?
this song should be in top 5 dope songs

5 Debonaire

Fast and the Furious! RIP Paul Walker. This song is totally badass!

It was old song I like since I was little

RIP Paul Walker. Fast and the Furious!

6 With or Without You
7 You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)

Great song starting part is fantastic and chorus part is fabulous must be in top 3

8 Nothing for Me Here

It's should be at least 2nd. THE GUITAR IS JUST AWESOME!

9 Addiction

Good job, Dope. Very good duo feat. Zakk Wylde.

She's like cocaine, heroin, alcohol, and Vicodin! She's my addiction!
Enough said... This should be on top 3 at least. "also nothing for me here" is amazing.


10 No Chance

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11 Slipping Away
12 Dirty World

One word: Badass

This should be number 1 song.

13 The Life
14 No Way Out
15 Blood Money
16 Today is the Day
17 Violence

One of their "heavier" songs, at least vocally. Lyrics aren't exactly what you would call deep, but the vocals are aggressive and the breakdown after the second chorus is great. In you face aggression, definitely one of their best.

18 Bitch

The one I love, I hate but the sex is great!

Good one

19 Crazy

This one definitely should be number one.. Those riffs and lyrics and chorus.. So perfect!

20 F*** tha Police
21 Paranoia
22 Take Your Best Shot
23 Everything Sucks
24 Best for Me

This song increases the self-confidence and motivating, from last album.

25 Drug Music
26 I Don't Give a ...
27 I'm Back

One of those songs which are surprisingly energizing :D

28 Burn

Burn is a badass song. How can you not like a song like Burn I think its there most violent kick in the face song that they have ever created and I don't think anything will get better then the song Burn

Definitely their fastest and one of the hardest songs they've got, Kill the enemy am I right?

29 Bring It On
30 What About...
31 Another Day Goes By

What, that's one of the greatest songs made in dopes hostory. Come on people

32 Motivation
33 People are People

Very good cover from Dope. I liked this version of People are People so much.

34 Survive

Wow this is the first time my number one isn't even on the list. This song is more dynamic anything else on here and I think it's their best by far.

35 Selfish
36 Thanks for Nothing
37 Sing

Great song that deserves a lot more attention.

For me the best song by Dope. Very good song.

38 Always
39 Easier
40 No Regrets

Amazing intro, and completely very good song by Dope from the last album.

One of the best intro I've ever heared.. And very nice song... This song made me love the dope

41 One Fix
42 Sick
43 Hypocrite
44 Now is the Time
45 Scorn
46 America the Pitiful
47 Violet
48 Wake Up
49 Falling Away
50 Nothing (Why)
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1. Slipping Away
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