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21 Bastard Bastard
22 I'm Back I'm Back

One of those songs which are surprisingly energizing :D

23 1999 1999
24 Bitch Bitch

The one I love, I hate but the sex is great!

Good one

25 Blood Money Blood Money
26 Drug Music Drug Music
27 Bring It On Bring It On
28 What About... What About...
29 Burn Burn

Burn is a badass song. How can you not like a song like Burn I think its there most violent kick in the face song that they have ever created and I don't think anything will get better then the song Burn

30 Another Day Goes By Another Day Goes By

What, that's one of the greatest songs made in dopes hostory. Come on people

31 Crazy Crazy

This one definitely should be number one.. Those riffs and lyrics and chorus.. So perfect!

32 Survive Survive

Wow this is the first time my number one isn't even on the list. This song is more dynamic anything else on here and I think it's their best by far.

33 Motivation Motivation
34 Sing Sing

Great song that deserves a lot more attention.

For me the best song by Dope. Very good song.

35 Always Always
36 Easier Easier
37 No Regrets No Regrets

Amazing intro, and completely very good song by Dope from the last album.

One of the best intro I've ever heared.. And very nice song... This song made me love the dope

38 Sick Sick
39 Thanks for Nothing Thanks for Nothing
40 One Fix One Fix
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