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1 Glazed

GLAZED for the win! Glazed donuts bring a sensational flavor that makes the world wanna eat them! Their unique flavor tastes like heaven to the people of the USA! GO GLAZED!

None of this fancy sprinkle crap! Give me a glazed doughnut please.
Whenever I go to Dunkin Doughnuts, I make sure there is at least three glazed doughnuts for me!

The glazed donut rules over all when it comes to donuts. This donut doesn't feel the need to cover up what it really is with sprinkles and frosting. The simplicity of the glazed donut is admirable, and inspiring. We should all respect this donut for not being afraid of who it really is.


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2 Chocolate Glazed

I love this you need to eat um in the cold with some hot chocolate. I just love this kind of donut they are the most allsome donuts in the world.

I added this list and this is my favorite!

This doughnut brings me back to my childhood. Sickeningly sweet, but oh so good!

Hell yeah

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3 Boston Creme

Just the right taste of cream filling and doughnut is just a flavor from heaven. Chocolate frosting on top makes it even better

Should best #1 best donut ever.

Tastes like heaven.


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4 Chocolate Long John

These doughnuts are god-sends when I was younger I would go to the shell gas station every day and get one of these Long John's and give me enough energy to get through the day. If I'm ever depressed or in a non-social mood, give me one of these babies and I'll be the life of the party.

I like long johns

True that man


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5 Boston Cream Glazed

Make me wanna cry they're so good

They are so much better than glazed. I have no clue why glazed is the best, Boston Kreme should be the best, it makes me sweat dip dap!

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6 Chocolate With Sprinkles

There good actuly



This is the best donut flavor even though most people may not like it I love it <3 This should be #1 and its definitely #1 for me

7 Strawberry

I love strawberry whenever I go 2 dunkin donuts I always get strawberry. - foxrocks

I don't know I just felt sorry for the scrumiocuis thing I mean it was tenth
It should be at least 3rd

This one is so good! It suprisingly does not taste like strawberries to much


8 Coconut

I love coconut donuts, even coconut flavors

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9 Raspberry Jelly-Filled

Messy, but insanely delicious.

Give me jam filling over frosted every time

The only way to have a donut! - eza500

10 Sprinkles

Every friday my mom used to stop at winchells and get us donuts. I always got sprinkle and if they had them I would get a cheese danish. And the guy who worked there would always give me a free donut - famguyfangirl

I think it is the best type of donut with the glazed donut in second place

I feel so sorry for the poor tastefull doughnut I mean the sprinkles are like the most important thing ever in a doughnut and it should of at least come first


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11 Maple Glazed

Maple Glazed is amazing.
Becas it just is oaky amazing umm good I eon5 4g4n know what to say it just is elephanntasia amazingly good and delicious anyone who says otherwise is joking or a hater I don't know its simply gorgeous and just the best donut ever! 111

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12 Jelly Filled

Who doesn't love flaked sugar and jelly

13 Blueberry Cake

I can still remember when I took my first bite into a blueberry cake doughnut. I was sitting on a bus on the way home and all of a sudden everything just seemed to slow down. My taste buds where in heaven. I wish I could go back and relive that first bite.

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14 Double Chocolate

Chocolate + Chocolate = sinfully delicious

Most delicious donut flavor EVER.

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15 Cinnamon

Cinnamon donuts- BEST FLAVOR EVER! Especially cinnamon sugar. It just reminds me of those cold winter nights, where you sit in front of the fire and drink hot chocolate with your family!

Cinnamon is the yummiest doughnut and should be number "1" for shore

Cinnamon donuts rock they are magically fantastic

I love it

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16 Vanilla Frosting With Rainbow Sprinkles V 2 Comments
17 Powder

Even though they're messy, they are SUPA tasty. So delicious.

Why is it 8th? It is supposed to be #1!

What's even better is powdered sugar chocolate filled

Very tasty indeed, and messy

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18 Chocolate Custard Filled V 1 Comment
19 Lemon Cream

Lemon cream is the best cream! - huskie44

It is good and cool


20 Sour Cream Glazed

They taste way better then they sound

How do you make this donut

My mother's favorite

very tasty

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