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21 Custard Filled
22 Chocolate

LOVE CHOCOLATE! That donut does it!

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23 Vanilla Long John

The vanilla long john is the best thing that I had ever put in my mouth

So much vanilla that it's so good. I love all the long john donuts they are the best!

Vanilla long johns make my heart melt with joy

Half doughnut half eclair whats not to love?

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24 Plain

Can the real deal donut please stand up? Haha.

Plain, simple, and sweet. Sometimes, you simplicity is best.

You forgot about jam

25 Canadian Maple

Most of you never tried it because most of you live in the central/southern states. This is available exclusively at tim hortons locations in northern United States and all parts of Canada. Go up north, go to tim's and get a canadian maple. If the cream inside it is too sweet/disgusting try maple dip

26 Cream-Filled

A little something extra to add more flavor and heftiness to a donut!

27 Vanilla Frosted Long John With Sprinkles and Cream Filling
28 Blueberry Glazed
29 Apple Brown Sugar V 1 Comment
30 Powdered
31 Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon rolls are all ready thrillingly delicious make them into a donut and you have a masterpiece!

32 Peanut

F all donuts shop that do not sell them

33 Sugar Coated
34 Old Fashioned Glazed V 1 Comment
35 Toasted Coconut
36 Glazed Raised
37 Toffee Apple
38 Apple Crumb
39 Cheerwine Chocolate
40 White Frosted with Sprinkles
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