Best Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child Collaborations

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child collaborate on 15 books together, some are part of a series, and then there are some spin-off, which sometimes contain characters from the series. Their writing is utterly engaging, and the topics out of the ordinary. The books are the kind that you read, and read again later, over and over. The research has obviously been done, and the finished product is smooth and polished. The series goes in chronological order, but this list will be the best books, not necessarily what's in order.

The Top Ten

1 Relic

Their first book together, and it's fantastic, full of science, thrills, and, in the perfect setting. Part of the Pendergast series

2 Cabinet of Curiosities

Great thriller filled with intrigue, mystery, history, and, of course, Pendergast.

3 Brimstone

Intense, with a great setting, another Pendergast novel.

4 Thunder Head

Simply Superb!

Very difficult to put down

Not part of the Pendergast series, but with characters from it, this novel is a great thrill ride.

5 Mount Dragon

A novel that will have to turning the pages until it's done.

6 Reliquary

Though not quite as believable as its predecessor, Relic, this sequel is entertaining nonetheless.

7 Riptide

Intense, suspenseful, and smart thriller.

8 Still Life With Crows
9 Fever Dream

Incredibly clever and complex.

10 Cemetery Dance

A spooky Pendergast novel.

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