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Son Gohan is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama. Gohan is introduced as the first son of the protagonist Goku, and his wife Chi-Chi, in chapter #196 Kakarrot, first published in Weekly Sh┼Źnen Jump magazine on October 24, 1988. Chi-Chi is a strict and protective ...read more.


Gohan The Badass, my favourite in Dragon Ball Z and also favourite anime male! Gohan is orginally a crybaby, always protected and cared for by his loving parents. After undergoing harsh training methods of Piccolo, he became tougher, and fought alongside everyone against enemies though he's just 5. He became stronger and stronger, till he managed to unlock his enormous potential and hidden power, surpassing even his almighty father in the process. He turned into that badass 9-year-old kid who whooped Cell's ass like a boss. I find it awesome how Akira wrote his character, for such a pacifist like him to become somewhat ruthless after his SSJ2 transformation ( by the way that transformation is amazing. Those lightning sparks are truly epic ). What made him even more interesting, is his decision to continue to live peacefully as a normal high school student afterwards. This made him gain a lot of haters, but actually it fits his character. I like how he could manage to enjoy his ...more - snowfairyqueen

This was hard, because I love Vegeta's determination and effort to become stronger, and I love Goku's happy-go-lucky attitude and humor, but I have to admit I've always been a Gohan fan (mainly because if you tick him off you're done for) Gohan is such a gentle natured, friendly guy, I think he has the most respectable attitude. Yet, if you get him angry, watch out! He's gone up against and pummeled most of the strongest villians they have come across, one time or another after he got angry enough, and like it's been said before, once he becomes Mystic Gohan he's the strongest unfused character in the end of Dragon Ball Z, and he doesn't have to get angry as before to unleash this power, and he can keep that power for a lot longer compared to Super Saiyan 3 Goku or Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta, whose upper super saiyan transformations (which still can't match just good old Mystic Gohan's power) makes them tire out much faster. For these reasons, to me, he is the best.

Lets make a list...

Only one who beat the crap out of all three saiyans for a short time.

Beat the crap out of Frieda in his second, third, and final form.

After hyperbolic time chamber, Goku even said even as a ssj, he was stronger.

First to turn ssj2, and was only a teen when he did.

One handed Kamehameha when he lost power by saving Vegeta while Cell was at his best.

Even stated in the manga that mystic Gohan was stronger than a ssj3 by Goku.

Beat Super Buu, the one who the fused ssj3 could barley beat, without breaking a sweat. Goku was so much stronger than fat buu, but super buu is stronger and Gohan showed much more of a power gap between the two when they fought.

I could go on and on, how is he not number one? Gohan is the strongest infused character in DBZ history (maybe with the exception of Broly, POSSIBLY! ) Basically, best, most powerful, and most powerful for at least the good guys, maybe the best of all time. Could ...more - nightpool22

If gohan was never born then there wouldn't be goku and vegeta alive because he is so ba. Vegeta wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for gohan

He's the most well developed character in the series. Going all the way from that shy little cutie to the most badass child in the anime world and then the sassiest teenager. Gohan is the cutest and sweetest character ever and also has the most potential. He's also so nice and kind like Goku and is so so badass for such a pacifist

Let's make a list shall we.

-at age 3, beat an immortal in a fight.
-age 4, stronger than Piccolo and Goku combined.
-may of not looked like it but had a moment where he was equal or had the upper chance when the saiyans arrived.
-had to be knocked out for him to be beaten by Recoome, where as Krillin and Vegeta gave up.
-only one to beat the crap out of Frieza's 2nd, 3rd, and 4th (50%) form.
-turned ssj at 11 years old.
-Goku's equal after training in hyperbolic time chamber (maybe a little weaker
-first to turn ssj2 and beat cell with a one-handed-Kamehameha while injured badly while cell was at about full power.
-although a lot weaker, held his own and almost completely beat Broly on his own.
-one of the only z-fighters to not die
-got even stronger than he was before just by training with Z-sword
-Thanks to Old Kai, became equal to like a ssj3.5, but at least stronger than Goku, as stated in the manga.
-held his own against Super Buutenks ...more - nightpool22

Gohan is the coolest one in dbz.
Ssj2 gohan is cool when he fought cell. - balajiram99

Gohan is the best because he has the best attitude out of anyone in DBZ. Goku forgets about everyone all the time and all he cares about is fighting. Gohan on the other hand seems to care much more about his friends and his younger brother in a way that Goku has not shown. He is also able to study all the time and come out strongest in the end.

Gohan was the first one to go ssj2 in cell saga no body cared about team vegeta or team Goku he was the strongest non fused character in dbz all the way to battle of the gods from cell saga he was like the krill in like character in the early days but had lots of hidden power and he accomplished many more things that the list would be to long to put on my vote all that I'm saying is that gohan should be number 1 he is my favorite and I don't even watch dbz

Gohan is so underrated. I mean if ChiChi didn't make him just get rid of fighting, he would be the strongest character! Don't you think there can be a scholar that kicks butt? He and Trunks are also some of the few fighters who just want peace. All Vegeta and Goku want is to fight people out of their league. They just let people get stronger than them and put a planet in danger.

Gohan is without a doubt the best character in Dragonball Z. We see him progress from a pampered little boy to a brave fighter! In fact, he's the strongest non-fused character at the end on the series! And he is smart too. He fulfills his dream of becoming a scholar and starts a family. a lot of people complain about him giving up on his training but I don't. The best part about Gohan is that he hates fighting but does it anyway to protect those he loves. He's a true hero!

I like hogan because of the fact that he doesn't ever want to fight which is a nice twist on the usual formula of every strong main character in the show loving to fight everyone. He was the strongest of them all and he only ever fought when he had to and I think that makes him the best DBZ character plus he was a super badass in the future as an eleven year when he messed cell up and as an adult when he became mystic gohan

I love Gohan well Teen Gohan kid Gohan is really weak and adult Gohan is a huge disappointment first of all TEEN Gohan defeated the most powerful android in Dragon Ball Z with a one handed Kamehameha (normally a kamehameha requires two hands) plus he is the first one to achieve ssj2 (finally someone other than Goku to achieve something before anyone else, IN YOUR FACE Goku! )

Okay Goku and Vegeta may be cool but come on are they really better than Gohan first off the first character to go Super Saiyan 2 also the first character to go mystic not also that the one who kicked cells ass. Also he's the great saying man and he has a beautiful wife male so that he's a better protagonist than anyone come on go Gohan's number one

Gohan is very special and very handsome and a lot of girls in high school had a crush on him like videl blonde girl and angela. Gohan is my favourite character. Gohan is the very powerful hybrid. Gohan is very powerful then Goten and trunks. Gohan nearly killed his uncle and frieza and garlic Jr when he couldn't control his powers his special powers. Even his daughter takes after him because she can't even fly at 1 years old she even fight Pilaf and she win

Gohan is the most humane and charismatic character in DBZ. He never intended to fight, but he did it to save the people he loved regardless of what could happen to him. Even when he knew he had to destroy any villain that was presented, he still tried to drive the goodness in all of them out, he wanted to help, not kill them. However, in the end he learns that some people aren't ever going to change no matter what. His goal is to be a good person, not the strongest fighter, unlike the other saiyans.

He's the best I like him more than goku!

Gohan is the most awesome DBZ character. Because he beat Cell and Vegeta by turning into a saying ape and beat Friza in Fusion Reborn. And is a son and big brother in DBZ and a father in DBGT.

Absolute Chad, he is the most relatable character in my opinion. He is strong and fights for his family and friends, not for the thrill like goku and vegeta. His ultimate form is my favorite form, that one bang and the spiked up hair is enough to call him my favorite. He looks cool, he's strong (forget about most of Z, tournament of power is good though), a family man, and the best of all. THE GREAT SAIYAMAN, I'm sorry but gohan in high school and the great saiyaman arc was the best arc and you can't tell me otherwise. Gohan is able to be goofy and funny, and then be a badass the next scene. He is true to who he is and I love him.

My favorite character. In his teen ages when he first fought as ssj2, and the tears of pride when he transforms truly adds emotion to the scene. Rocking it, Gohan.

Killed cell easy he may be stronger then any one

He should be at #1 spot he is by far my favorite character ever. Some people just take for granted such an impact he made on this show. I mean come on when he transformed it inspired us all. At that point it was Gohan then Vegeta when it comes to who's the most awesome character.

Gohan is legendary. He's the kind-hearted, pacific-natured boy with immense potential and is bound to surpass his father one day, which he did during the Cell Games. Gohan's development as a character is truly marvellous, as he transformed from a whiney crybaby into an almighty warrior. He was the strongest unfused Z fighter by the end of DBZ, and Gohan is a kind, caring, pure-hearted boy that cres for everyone around him just like his dad. He is the most worthy successor Goku can ever have. - Goku02

Gohan always deeply attached to family and always tried to protect the loved ones. He gets angry only when his loved ones get hurted and also he was not lazy but loved his mother and her expectations about him. That's the reason he become soft in his training and concentrate on the studies. But if we watch the full series, we can find that gohans always havw his hidden powers and he could attain it if he really tried.

Gohan in his short life has completed many things... He beat cell! Something that vegeta and Goku could not do. The only reason why Goku and vegeta beat buu was because they were fused!