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Son Goku (Kakarrot) is the main protagonist in Dragon Ball franchise created by Akira Toriyama in 1984. He has many abilities like, super strength, utilization of ki, flight, teleportation, super speed, enhanced reflexes, and Super Saiyan transformation that increase strength, speed, and durability. ...read more.


To think that someone actually think Goku is an ordinary, dull main shonen protagonist...*smh* He's never been designed to be a 'good' hero. The anime portrayal of him was criticized a lot by Akira Toriyama, because they made him out to be an all-heroic character. In the original manga, he has his own flaws. He wasn't portrayed as 'good', but rather 'pure'. Yep, he's a completely 'pure' being. His Saiyan blood makes him thirsty for battles, he enjoys and loves fighting, he trains and strives to be the best and the strongest. Yet, his good side won over, and gradually, he learned to love his friends and family. Saiyans are originally a race with little to no affections between family members, and Goku is the first one to prove otherwise. He grew to love his friends, and later family, and he tries his best to protect them. His selfish Saiyan side can prompt him to make mistakes at times, putting other people in danger, but in the end he always sacrifices himself and make everything all ...more - tarantula

A true hero with an incredible power. He accepted every challenge and he is kinda funny too. He spared Vegeta's life twice, although Vegeta wanted to kill him on Earth. Somehow he managed to beat Frieza and turn into a super saiyan before anyone else could do that. His training using gravity control inspired me to exercise. I learned a lot from this character. #1 - Spare everyone. #2 - If you want to become strong you need to go through pain. #3 - Finally, enjoy what you're doing, even if it's fighting.

Son Goku is the greatest character in fiction - FuruvurYuzuruyu

Goku is 100% the best character in the dragon Ball series as he is the main character of the anime and always on step ahead of Vegeta that makes him even more cool even when Vegeta tries his best to surpass him. Goku's character is very unique, a kind and loving father and grandfather and a very brave warrior determined to save innocent people from evil people.I don't know why Vegeta is in top the main reason why Vegeta is their is because of Goku cause he told krillin not to kill him. Goku should be NUMBER1. SORRY Vegeta fans but Goku rules.

I like Goku not because he's stronger than Vegeta. It's because I think Goku looks cooler than Vegeta, I like Goku's hair as base super saiyan and this goes for super saiyan 2 and 4 and I like his voice and he's literally makes my day good. Furthermore, Goku is cooler than Vegeta yet is the kindest character in anime. He's also set the foundation for shonen heroes, inspired Naruto, Luffy, Ichigo, Natsu,... and many more. Son Goku is and will always be the God of the Anime World.

Goku is the strongest sayian in history
He kicks vegetas ass. Without him none can get destroyed. He has more than thousand forms.

Obviously Vegeta is an absolutely legendary awesome character, but how can he be number 1? Goku should be first, and Vegeta second. Why? Because Goku is the greatest fictional hero of all time. He has inspired millions of people to be better people, he would give his own life to protect the Earth and it's people, and he is beyond legendary. Goku is obviously the best. In my opinion Vegeta and Piccolo are the two next best, with Gohan and Future Trunks coming fourth and fifth, but Goku is definitely the best. That's not opinion, it's fact. DBZ is all about Goku. - EvilAngel

Son Goku is the character who broke the mold. In a generation that was populated by tough, gruff emo dudes, Goku came along as a small, cheerful, carefree character who has defined Japanese anime since his first appearance. He was the inspiration for characters like Naruto and Luffy (Naruto and one piece respectively) and continues to be widely considered as the greatest anime character of all time. Too many heroes today are the quiet, strong, angry type (example : Vegeta) while Goku continues to be the happy-go-lucky, carefree definition of purity and power. Son Goku = Greatest, strongest, coolest character in the history of entertainment.

If you don't think Goku is the greatest than your dead wrong! Goku is the bravest and strongest fighter on Drago ball Z. If ya don't believe me than try to remember the time where the gang had to fight Broly and Vegeta was to scared to fight. He mine as well have been cheering Broly on in the fight. It was embarrassing. And then when he finally tried to fight he got knocked out in like 5 seconds! And Goku defeated Vegeta in every battle. Vegeta tried to turn on Goku (the good guy) multiple times and lost. GOKU IS THE GREATEST AND THE MAIN CAHRACTER!

While most people would vote for Goku because he's the main character and is the strongest, I vote for Goku because of what he meant for the anime industry. He is practically the first character who had the whole carefree attitude, while being able to get serious in a fight. This type of character is constantly replicated in most big anime like Natsu in Fairy Tail and Luffy in Oe Piece

I like goku no because he's stronger than vegeta I think goku looks cooler than vegeta I like goku hair as base super saiyan and this goes for super saiyan2 and 4 and I like his voice and he's literally makes my day good

Goku is the strongest saiyan in history.
he kicks vegetas ass. Without him no one can be destroyed. He has more than thousand forms.

This is pretty irrelevant as this list is about the best character, not the strongest character - aasgo123

He is the main character and it is for a reason. He is pure of heart, pure of mind, and he always knows the right thing to do. He has never done anything to hurt anyone unless it was absolutely necessary. by the way if he didn't spare Vegeta, then Vegeta would be dead and would have been gone from the series at the end of the Saiyan Saga. Therfore, Goku is the best and Vegeta is a close second.

He's the best character. He's also humble and isn't jealous of others and whine about being inferior to others all the time. Instead of whining like Vegeta does, he uses that as determination and motivation to push himself to become stronger and better. - Rraamm

Man I love goku, he is my favorite character of all time. No one even comes close. I mean he has it all seriousness comedy friendliness outgoing nature. I wish he was number one. If vegeta ACTUALLY got to do something for once then maybe I would consider him as 1st but as of now my faith lies in goku

Goku is super nice and also strong powerful he defeated Frieza Cell then Buu and he's also the most important anime character I'm the biggest Goku and DBZ fan ever.

Far better and smarter than Vegeta. Vegeta is just a dumb jerk who keeps going berserk every time he gets defeated and let his stupidity mess up everyone's day.

The baddest warrior yet so pure and kind at the same time.

Pure, kind, carefree, righteous,... Son Goku will forever be my ultimate hero!

Goku has reached super saiyan god 2 he is definitely better than vegeta

I voted for him because without him the earth would have exploded vs vegeta or frieza Although he sometimes he is a little stupid he has a great heart he has the body of a saiyan warrior but his personality is the best

Whoever dare say Goku is stupid are actually fools themselves. Just because he didn't go to school doesn't make him stupid, just ignorant. Actually, Goku learns things really quickly if taught, able to drive spaceships and is a strategist/ tactician / genius and one of the most intelligent character in DB series. Not to mention kind-hearted, adorable happy-go-lucky attitude, bottomless appetite and a powerful badass in battles as well.

Love all the top comments. I'm glad to see so many people share my views on this wonderful character. Son Goku is a legendary masterpiece and all credits goes to his fantastic fanbase.

Man, Goku is so underrated. He managed to pull off both innocent and badass at the same time yet still remains so lovable. He's a greater character than most people give him credit for.

Ah, none other than the main man himself, Goku was able to master the kamehameha way in less than ten seconds when it took master Roshi the creator of the kamehameha wave 50 years to master and Goku was a KID!