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21 Kid Goku Kid Goku

Goku is a Dragon Ball Character not a DBZ Character! If this was a Top 10 Dragon Ball Characters it would probably be Goku and Bulma then others after.

Kid goku is insanely funny and makes gohan look like a wimp

The cutest kid ever! Kid Goku was hilarious, kind, strong as well as brave with an innocent mind and nothing but courage and purity in his heart. - Goku02


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22 Bills

He destroyed Goku super Sayian 3 like he was nothing. Wow he is strong - PeekieJ

He's a god of destruction!

Common this god can rip anyone apart and he can easily just destroy the universe means no Goku no vegeta he should be number 1

This list is not for the strongest character. This list is for the best character. On another hand, Bills means nothing for Z sagas. - luki

Beerus should easily be in top 15 by now...

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23 Whis Whis

The author of the series himself stated that if you where to rank the characters Goku, Bills, and Whis. Super saiyan god Goku would be a 6, bills would be a 10, AND WHIS WOULD BE A 15.

So what? A character has to be strong in order for you to like him / her? - Goku02

He's stronger than Bills!

Powerful yet coolest character of DBZ. He was introduced later maybe that's the reason he is in number 26.

He/she is from db super, not dbz

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24 Cooler

Frieza was the ultimate tyrant with limitless minions (like vegeta) of their own calibur, and yet cooler topped Frieza in everything Frieza was not

Cooler is the best character out there and he has the power to pound almost all the dragon ball z characters as with a power level of "470,000,000" he's clearly one of the strongest in the series.

He is so cool he he

Did you see his massive blast and his other form/s that is how strong he is against everybody in Dragon Ball Z

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25 Shenron Shenron

The reason the show began. Goku would still be living in the jungle if Shenron didn't exist because Bulma brought him along to look for the Dragon Balls so she could get a wish from him.

Without him goku piccolo krillin etc. would not even be alive! Most people don't see him as a main character but think how many episodes/movies has shenron been in? Enough said.

I think the earth would be doomed without him. Plus, dragons rule anyway. He is without a doubt the most important character in the show.

The strongest character of all anime come on he can bring you back to life!

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26 Gotenks Gotenks

Funniest character by far, and his SSJ 3 is just badass

Awesome charater

He is the coolist kid ever I am the bigest fan of gotenks ever

Because of Trunks, Gotenks is cool. Goten is an ugly mess.

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27 Android #17

Android 17 is the best character because he effortlessly took out almost EVERYBODY and he wasn't even using half his strength. Then the fact that he seems to have more depth and personality to him than the other characters. Not to mention the way he maneuvered that van, LOL Seriously, NOBODY can do that but him

Android 17 is the best. He kicks ass he has enough arrogance to rival some Saiyans, he is hot, and he just is so independent and he actually has feelings and doesn't like slaughtering innocent people. He is the best.

In my opinion he's cooler than 18 but due to the lack of screen time and him being a male, he isn't as popular but is a awesome character who is under appreciated and missed used.

This guy is a straight savage!

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28 Super Buu Super Buu

Yeah I don't know why people think kid buu is stronger like what?

I love Super Buu, he was probably the coolest Buu in my opinion, he had some awesome fights, I honestly think Kid Buu is quite overrated, I like all the Buu's though but seeing Super Buu absorb people and get evern stronger was awesome! - taytayxtaytay

Way! Stronger than kid buu

Better than kid buu

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29 Supreme Kai Supreme Kai

Supreme was just underestimating the 3 saiyans full power apart from that he's actually a good character and it shows how much the Z Fighters have achieved.

The Supreme Kai is super cool and super strong! He's 1000x stonger than Frieza for god sakes!

30 King Kai

He is a cute little guy who trained Goku in his preparation for the fight against vegeta. If he had not trained Goku vegeta and nappa would have destroyed hm and all other Z fighters. Then whole of earth would be under vegeta and nappa's dominance

It's funny to watch him when he gets mad at Goku the other day I saw his car

One of the funniest Dragon Ball Z characters of all time! - taytayxtaytay

31 Future Gohan Future Gohan

THE INCREDIBLE GOHAN! I loved this guy! They have to make another movie or something with him in it. He was awesome and if I bet he was in more things, lots of people would like him. I mean he helped Trunks out a lot and he trained him and his death caused Trunks to turn SUPER! I really want more of him and soon, somehow and someway even though he is dead. But now that I realize it, that it wouldn't be popular and if there was a return of Gohan it still wouldn't be good so I really don't know. I guess I will just have enjoy the parts he was in the special.

Future Gohan reminded me a lot of Son Goku. They both tried really hard and were overall nice guys and would anything to protect Earth. Future Gohan really did his best to be like his father. I remember when Gohan gave the last Senzu Bean to Trunks and before he gave it to Trunks he said "Now Gohan, what would your father do." Goku would have been really proud to see this part of Gohan because he was NOT AT ALL like the Gohan from the present timeline. I just can't believe he is this far behind from lots of other characters

He is the best character in the specials. Gohan was just a very nice and outgoing guy and he worked his ass off to attempt to beat the Androids and I felt like if he survived the last battle he would have gotten really strong because of that saiyan boost after a battle and I really wanted to see more of him.

He never gave up. He fought hard. He tried at his best. He trained Trunks. He was just overall a great character. Future Gohan was just a great fighter even though he wasn't that strong. He always thought he had a chance even with that one arm at the end. I just love this guy. Nobody was like this character.

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32 Raditz Raditz

I have commented on Raditz before, but it's just because I love him so much! He's drop dead sexy and I love him to death! And he's not weak because when fighting Goku and Piccolo, he did have the upper hand for most of the fight. He even blew Piccolo's arm off. I don't care what anyone says, Raditz rules and I really don't think that anyone is a bigger Raditz fan than ME! I LOVE you Raditz!

He looks badass and is badass He has a good history and shows it when he fights in my opinion he's the coolest and my personal favorite

Raditz is my favorite character along with Vegeta and Cell. Completely awesome, the perfect Saiyan warrior

Raditz is so gay for me I'm so gay for him have sex with me

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33 Yamcha Yamcha Yamcha (ヤムチャ, Yamucha) is a Bandit and a main protagonist in the Dragon Ball manga and in the anime Dragon Ball, and later a supporting protagonist in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, with a few appearances in Dragon Ball GT. He has black hair and has a scar across his eye and cheek.

Well, all I can say about yamcha is that he's my favourite character in the dragon ball series and unfortunately he's heavily underrated, I mean... in Dragon ball he proved to be a very skilled character, he was a disciple of master roshi along with goku and krillin, and he learned some powerful moves like the kamehameha, wolf fang fist spirit ball etc, in the 22th martial arts tournament he showed his power by putting up a good fight against tienshinhan WHO ALSO BEAT GOKU and became the winner of this tournament, but in dragon ball z yamcha was made a clown, I think he deserved more respect and he deserved to be stronger in the series, he's also a character with a lot of style, but unfortunately he's always being beaten in dragon ball z, I can't stand the way he's beaten by dr gero so easily he deserved to had put up a better fight against that dr gero I mean... Yamcha is stronger than that!

Toriyami, why you no keep Yamcha in dbz? I always thought Yamcha was funny, but he never gave up and always tried to help. I don't think it was fair to make him into a side character just to show how strong everyone else was. He just became a a piece of meat for everyone else to hide behind (Android saga? ) And he's hot! Not to mention he got screwed over by Bulma... Nasty Vegeta and his giant widows peak... But I love him so much and he deserves some happiness like everyone else in the series, probably more so than other characters (so does Tien too). Anyway if nothing else he is my favorite. (and he's spoo hot! ) - A Yamcha fangirl and proud of it

Is it too much to ask to at least put Yamcha in Dragon Ball Super more often and have an awesome moment if not more? After all, nobody has to be a saiyan to be awesome. I find it unfair that Goku and Vegeta are too overpowered in Super to the point that they have to fool around in order to bring some "conflict". I wish everyone who is not Goku or Vegeta could do more especially Yamcha. I don't see why some people treat him like a weakling when he is among the most powerful humans. It's not Yamcha's fault that during the Saiyan Arc and beyond, he become "useless" it just that the saiyans are hogging everything. Say what you want of me but NOT having transformations or the "Saiyan gets stronger after near death experience" and still be able to win is more impressive than being overpowered.

The best character...

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34 Teen Gohan
35 Tapion Tapion

He's just great! He is a damn cool dude if you ask me, also he is part of the best DBZ movie!

Tapion should be higher, I thought in Wrath of The Dragon that he was a complete beast, he's just so awesome he's easily in my top 10.

He's so cool and underrated, he gave trunks his sword plus his ocarina just sounds beautiful.

He is so awesome. He's good with a sword and he plays a great ocerina player

36 King Piccolo King Piccolo

Piccolo is strong and he is nice but he can't beat a lot of people

37 Bulla Bulla

Pointless character. She is a brat just like her mother, but unlike her, her mother is at least useful.

She's kind of bratty and pushy like her mother. Don't like her. - GoldenApples_05

Bra is beautiful.

Kid of vegita (strongest warrior) and that makes her a saiyen. Kid of bulma and one day will be a super saiyen.

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38 Launch Launch

I love Launch! I'm so sad that Toriyama forgot about her. I really wish we could have seen her and Tien have a child and raise him/her around the same time Goten and Trunks were born!

Launch, she is a grunge werewolf! I just love launch as I was later... 13

The babe. She was fantastic and her dual personalities were incredibly unique. I wish there was more of her, but alas, Toriyama forgot about her...

That's Jemela Bacchus's favorite character at dragonball z. The blonde hair girl at dbz.

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39 Boo

Why is buu's name spelt wrong, it's buu people not boo, sheesh

I have to that your forgeting one of the most awesome carachters ever.
MR. Satan! Not only is he the world champ... But without him the Z fighters
Would never of killed boo. Considering he was the only person to convince the people of Earth to create the Spirit Bomb.



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40 Android #16

Just incredibly moral, so unlike the other androids. Not to forget that he beat the crap out of cell when nobody else could, then walked away with a hole in his head!

Totally underrated. I believe he should of been repaired and become friends with goten and trunks

Said let it go before it was cool.

The second best android in the whole series! (Next to 18). He gave his life for earth.

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