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61 Hit Hit

I don't know why he is this low

62 Jaco

Jaco is best boi.

63 Burter Burter

Third favorite bardock number 1 vegeta no.2

Burter is the FASTEST in the UNIVERSE!


64 Yajirobe Yajirobe

Now hear me out. There's one reason Yajirobe is the best character and here's why. He may not be the strongest, or the fastest, or the bravest, or the smartest the list goes on. But without Yajirobe DBZ would be no more. Who remembers when Vegeta transformed into an Oozaru. Goku couldn't beat him. Piccolo was dead. Krillin couldn't beat him. Gohan couldn't beat him. But you know who did? Yajirobe. Yajirobe stepped up and cut off Vegeta's tail. That paved the way for Gohan and Goku to take him down. He even got a hell of a beating from Vegeta after that and he took it like a champ. Yajirobe saved the Earth and probably the universe too because who knows maybe Vegeta would've found the dragon balls and wished for immortality like he planned. Yajirobe is the best character.

Without him there would be no DBZ. 'Member when he cut of Vegeta's great ape tail, if he didn't do that Vegeta would have destroyed the earth.

He was actually pretty funny when he first appeared.

Stupid people he is the worst characters in dragon ball saga

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65 Hercule

He should be at the bottom pan can kill him by poking him.

I don't know why but he lied to the people at the end of DBZ he didn't even save the world against Cell

I know why people hate him his arrogant and selfish and lied about saving the world


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66 Oolong V 1 Comment
67 Neiz Neiz

He was funny in the movie that he was in, he could've killed piccolo with his move but piccolo reversed it on him. He deserved more attention definitely full of personality and is 100% the best in the cooler armoured squadron in my opinion. I mean what's not to love about him, with his big ears and his dumb attitude reminds me of a cute little kid

Loved him! So funny and full of personality - taytayxtaytay

I really liked this character!

Definitely was the best in the cooler armoured squard!

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68 Cabba

Cabba should be on this list

So much potential of being a good character because he is vegetas apprentice

69 Super 17 Super 17

He is one of the strongest people whoever lived.

I think he's really hot

is boss

Looks tike he is on staroids when he obzorbs x10 kamahamaha

70 Gine

Gine is the mother of Raditz and Goku. She is never seen or talked about in the anime, but she does appear in Dragon Ball Minus. She was a member of Bardock's team and the two eventually fell in love. Unlike most Saiyans, Gine lacks the fighting spirit and was not cut out for fighting, so she quit Bardock's team and worked in Planet Vegeta's meat distribution center.

71 Kami

He's the good side of Piccolo. And since Kami is a part of piccolo, if Piccolo dies, so does kami.

72 Mercenary Tao

Tao is an absolute beast, with an arrogant attitude that makes you want to see the guy win. He killed general blue with his TONGUE.

73 Meta-Cooler

He is invincible with the big gete star. He almost killed Goku and vegeta!

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75 Zamasu Zamasu Zamasu is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball series by Akira Toriyama, Although a Supreme Kai from Universe 10, he is the true main antagonist and the catalyst of the Future Trunks Saga in Dragon Ball Super, being responsible for Goku Black's existence, working alongside him to restore "justice" more.

He's cool I guess

76 Grandpa Gohan
77 Master Buten

I just love the name, and my nephews are keep on calling me these name.

78 Chiaotzu Chiaotzu

He's a brave little guy. Sacrificed himself TWICE. Wish he got more development besides just "Tien's little friend".

Poor, little Chiaotzu. Forgotten and abandoned by all of the Z warriors except Tien...


79 Mr. Popo Mr. Popo

The funniest, creepiest and coolest character of dbz abridged

Pecking order: you, then the dirt, then the worms in the dirt, Mr. Popo's stool, then Kami, then... There's Popo

Watch dbz abridged and you WILL apperciate Mr. Popo.

God in his true form

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80 Kid Gohan Kid Gohan

He's so cute

Should be a lot higher - taytayxtaytay

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