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61 Captain Ginyu Captain Ginyu

He is Awesome! And I think he is one of the most powerful if someone is stronger than him all he has to do is body change into them. (as long as there are no frogs around) think about it what if he body changed with broly!

Leader of the ginyu force "CAPTAIN GINYU"!

62 Nuova Shenron

Umm hello? He is so strong, he almost destroyed omega shenron, was born bad, became good, is really fair and awesome! Manipulator of the sun? Come on now, that's awesome.

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63 King Vegeta King Vegeta

Beard. It was awesome.

That beard was pretty sweet.

I sucks that he lost to Frieza and was killed. He was pretty cool. And he was the Saiyans' king as well as the father of Vegeta and Tarble.

64 Chichi

I hate her... but there is ONE thing I like about her is that she give birth to Gohan. Without her Gohan would never be born so I will give her credit on that.

I agree... She's my least favourite anime characters, not just DBZ. She ruined Gohan's potential. Without Gohan and Goten, she's trash though. - Goku02

Worthy. Not worth anyone's time, as you can see from watching DBZ and how Goku gives no fxxk about her. Good on Goku.

Best character ever. I love when she gets mad, very entertaining - cjack229

She's so underrated - ParkerFang

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65 Videl Videl

Why is Videl this low? She was annoying at first, but she has changed for the better, and she is one of the most determined and strong-willed anime girl I've ever seen. She is one of my favorite anime girls. - Goku02

Her attitude is cool, calculating, and she's a good person. She learns how to use ki quicker than any other human in the series. She's hot, too!

Sexy, powerful, and has a badass attitude. What more could you ask for in a girl? Aim for #1 Videl! - 8Gon_Soku8

Videl and pan are my female characters in dbz / super

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66 Kid Gohan Kid Gohan

He's so cute

Should be a lot higher - taytayxtaytay

67 Garlic Jr. Garlic Jr.

Garlic Jr is my favorite villain.

68 Dr. Briefs Cat

It's just waiting for the right moment to strike. And then it will rule the universe

All hail our feline overlord.

One day it shall rule us all. they all said I was crazy, well now whos crazy mom!

69 Android #19
70 Omega Shenron Omega Shenron

Do people even care what number characters are?!

He beat goku prett badly and is the best villain in existence!

71 Pui Pui
72 Kishime
73 Yajirobe Yajirobe

Now hear me out. There's one reason Yajirobe is the best character and here's why. He may not be the strongest, or the fastest, or the bravest, or the smartest the list goes on. But without Yajirobe DBZ would be no more. Who remembers when Vegeta transformed into an Oozaru. Goku couldn't beat him. Piccolo was dead. Krillin couldn't beat him. Gohan couldn't beat him. But you know who did? Yajirobe. Yajirobe stepped up and cut off Vegeta's tail. That paved the way for Gohan and Goku to take him down. He even got a hell of a beating from Vegeta after that and he took it like a champ. Yajirobe saved the Earth and probably the universe too because who knows maybe Vegeta would've found the dragon balls and wished for immortality like he planned. Yajirobe is the best character.

Without him there would be no DBZ. 'Member when he cut of Vegeta's great ape tail, if he didn't do that Vegeta would have destroyed the earth.

He was actually pretty funny when he first appeared.

Stupid people he is the worst characters in dragon ball saga

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74 Jaco

Jaco is best boi.

75 Vados Vados

Vados is hilarious! Her attitude is both badass, cool and funny at the same time. - Goku02

76 King Cold
77 Hercule

He should be at the bottom pan can kill him by poking him.

I don't know why but he lied to the people at the end of DBZ he didn't even save the world against Cell

I know why people hate him his arrogant and selfish and lied about saving the world


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78 Dende Dende

He can heal people. Awesome!


Darnet I put his name down,Well, anyway, this guy is awesome! - Magenta_Flame

79 Oolong

Perverted but funny

80 Cabba

Cabba should be on this list

So much potential of being a good character because he is vegetas apprentice

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