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81 Jackie Chun

He won the world martial art tournament and bet goku all while he perverts at hot girls

Who is Jackie chum in dbz who put this up!? - favouredlist314

He's alegend with his drinken boxing but only in db

82 Tenshinhan Tenshinhan
83 Taopaipai
84 Jeice Jeice

Who wouldn't love a red alien with an aussie accent?

One of my favorite villians

85 Fortuneteller Baba

Even as the sister of Master Roshi she is not that crazy as him and can also tell the future

86 Nam

He is really great... Caring... Strong...

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87 Master Pogi

Pogi? I've never heard of him before and I've watched AND read all of Dragon Ball... - Goku02

This guy 's name is roshi not pogi

For those who is confused,his name actually is Mr. Satan,in a Filipino version. It's pretty scary to make his name Satan so they changed it to Pogi which means handsome.
(by the way,I don't know why they just used Hercule instead.)

88 Frost Frost V 4 Comments
89 Omni-King

He destroys planets by flicking them not even one punch man could beat him. I mean it would be a good fight but the omni king is a literal god

90 Dabura Dabura
91 Salza Salza

Wha?! Did any of you watch the movie he was in? If so he should really be higher, the Ginyu force were nothing compared to these guys - taytayxtaytay

92 Appule Appule

His powers are uncomfortable,his power rages or in other words is just a badass

93 Evil Shenron
94 Guldo Guldo

I know you all will laugh but couldn't he really be the best? I mean all he has to do is freeze time then get like a sword and cut his opponents head off and bamm he wins without even really trying?

Gulfport for all your dog treat needs

95 Gregory

So Gregory is that cricket that hangs out with King Kai if you didn't know

Who's Gregory? Like Gregory/Greg from diary of a wimpy kid?


96 Dr. Gero Dr. Gero

Created each android such as cell, 16 and 18

97 Evil Buu
98 Android 13 Android 13 V 1 Comment
99 Monster Carrot

He could just touch any powerful character (goku, vegeta, piccolo, etc. ) in their sleep and turn them into a carrot. Since his power is relatively low, they probably wouldn't sense him. Then the former "fighter" is his lunch.

Remember candy-Vegetto? Carrot-Goku would kill him instantly if this ridiculous rabbit WAS able to turn him into a carrot

100 Champa Champa

Come on he should be number 4

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