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21 Dragon Ball Z: Yo Son Goku and His Friends Return

This is a really good movie. It fits right in with the DBZ universe. Plus, Its really funny. This should honestly be higher on the list, With the clean Animation and Drawing, And a good plot.

"This is one of the best movies in Dragon ball z series "

The people who loved dragon ball z they should watch this movie

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22 The Makyo Star
23 Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

The best movie in dragon ball super. The fight between Lord beerus and GOKU who changes into a new form of a combination of a super saiyan and a God. Full of action and great comedy

24 Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly V 1 Comment
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26 Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly

One of the greatest dragonball movies ever because you get to see how broly somehow gets revived and has a major showdown with goten, trunks, android 18, and krillin a little and its one of my favorites

Goten and Kid Trunks make this movie enjoyable

Good pick whoever picked this movie - favouredlist314


27 Dragonball: Evolution

Why is this even here? This is a disgrace to the anime.

This is stupid, lame and not close to the actual DBZ! - Jayce1992

This is what you call a failure of a movie


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