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Dragonite is a character from the Pokémon franchise by Nintendo. It is a dragon and flying type Pokémon created in the first generation of Pokémon. It is a Pseudo Legendary Pokémon.


The only Stat Dragonite has a problem with is speed, which doesn't really matter if you're a tank. His attacks are powerful, his high defense and special defense make it easy to use dragon dance than kill your opponent with Dragon Claw or Giga Impact or any attack based move.

Personally, I think this is the best dragon type Pokemon there is. I beat rayquaza accidentally in Pokemon alpha sapphire by using my dragon claw on it. Good thing I saved it. My dragonite had dragon claw, dragon dance, extreme speed, and power up punch. I didn't really know what to put for the last one so I just put power up punch. My dragonite was 10 levels below the rayquaza and I still one shot it. Dragonite should be number 1!

Dragonite is nota puny dragon at all he is the cutest dragon ever my dragonite had defeated a rayquaza my dragonite has the moves outrage thunderbolt waterfall and dragon dance and those moves can even defeat a salamence once I defeated a level 70 salamence and when my dragonite is level 60 and evolve late that happen in Pokemon white two anyway dragonite is the cutest dragon ever an my most powerful one he is my strongest Pokemon on my team and it is strong enough to kill legend army's like regirock I do not use lengdary like some people

Dragonite Better than Rayquazza cause in battles he/she can learn fire ice and electric punch plus extreme speed although Rayquaza can to at least dragonite can use it to perfection cause for a pseudo legendary he's pretty boss against dragon types like Raquaza which has a 4x/2x weakness to ice and Dragonite can learn it so a combo of those two move Rayquaza is history, I'm not saying this cause I hate him, I just don't think he's awesome, even in his mega he still sucks, and many will accuse you of illegally using stuff like that so in a no legendary battle Dragonite would be my head sweeper and head badass

DrAgOnItE use dragon claw or fire punch or hurricane or thunder punch or thunder wave or hyper beam or dragon rage or twister or steel wing! Do you get my point? Lot's of these moves are really decent. Its base stats are great. I think its design was also pulled off very well by combining cute puppies with fearsome dragons. This is also one of the most powerful non-legendary Pokemon and probably the best non-legendary in the Kanto region.

He is super cute and kinda a dopey looking Pokemon but is really smart and powerful. Also his hidden ability multi-scale makes him for the most part two hits to kill minimum because it halves damage taken at full health. So if you gear him right he can dragon dance and take on any pokemon.

Why is Rayquaza #1? It's only good because of its mega evolution and even that wears off after a while. Sure Rayquaza can learn powerful dragon moves, but Dragonite can learn string moves and learn moves outside of its type. But, this is my opinion so it is up to the trainer.

The best movepool out of any dragon types. Besides STAB Dragon and Flying moves, it can learn moves with Electric, Fire, Water, Ice, Normal, Fighting, Steel, Ground, Rock, Bug, and Ghost typing. That's eleven different types. Some people will point to his low speed, but it doesn't matter, because Dragon Dance (or the less useful Agility). Just Dragon Dance a few times, then start sweeping.

Also the only "mythical" Pokemon around which is awesome it can fly around the world in 16 hours so his speed should be much higher than it is

Used a dragonite in Pokemon moon it was a tanky beast it can withstand suppereffective moves and then one shot. Even though this Pokemon is slow it can still win you battles I use the moves outrage, dragon rush, draco meteor and aqua tail. I would recommend using the moves dragon dance, outrage, hurricane and aqua tail though. By the way definite is not my favorite Pokemon that award goes to blaziken and gengar. So if your going to use a dragon type the best there is, is the one and only tank dragonite

Dragonite is indeed a force to be reckoned with. Its base stats are healthy and fairly consistent (none below 80), and it has a varied movepool of special and physical attacks, being able to hit all of its weaknesses solidly, especially Ice, which it is 4x weak to. In addition, Dragonite is an excellent user of "Dragon Dance," a move which increases its already tremendous attack stat, as well as improve its weakest stat, speed. Furthermore, its high and balanced defense, Special defense and HP base stats (none below 90) prove that Dragonite can be a helpfull wall, too, for some teams. Finally, its hidden ability, "Multiscale," is very useful for setting up moves and all-together just sweeping, as it halves the damage taken from foes when its HP is full. So do not dismiss this Pokemon for being "slow" or lacking Mega Evolution, because it can definitely be trained effectively if you believe in it! - Allure

People are voting for dragonite because it is a first gen Pokemon so people get nostalgic and only remember the good things about dragonite but they don't remember the bad things.

This guy is number 1? I guess he is good game wise but in the anime he is so I don't know but I hate him in the anime I prefer the elegance and beauty of dragonair

Dragonite is not only the best non-legendary dragon type pokemon ever but it might even be more powerful than Charizard, Blastoise, and Venasaur! However Charizard would be in the legendary category if he was half dragon type instead of half flying type.

He's so adorable, yet so unbelievably powerful, which is probably why Lance uses one. It is essentially a destruction machine which looks like a charmander charizard hybrid!

Psychic agility, fire flamethrower, electric thunder wave, water whirlpool, ice ice beam, normal hyper beam, ghost ominous wind it is a mix Pokemon.

... What actually needs to be said? It. Is.A. Beast. If you're looking for a dragon type for your team, then this is the one for you!

He is a dragon flying type can learn Almost any type move and is a all round beast he is my favorite and definitely the most strong dragon type

Multi-scale is amazing. Dragonite is amazing. This guy looks like like he can tear you to shreds and at the same time he can look very friendly

Marvel Scale. Weakness Policy. Dragon Dance. Victory.

Dragonite has all the support moves to make up for its "lacking" stats. Multiscale can take almost any blow which leaves you open to at least one Dragon Dance. The rest is history. With a 134 base atk stat and coupled with incredible defense, and moves to take out any of its weaknesses, Dragonite is the king of all Dragons. If they give him a Mega Evolution, it would be unfair to the same level as the Mewtwo megas. Absolute monster!

There's only one way to say this MOST OP Pokemon EVER!

Best dragon cause of the move pool, it can take out any other dragon on here

Dragonite rocks!
If you think dragonite is slow, then teach it Agility, and it will boost up it's speed

His stat total surpasses the average Pokemon.