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Salalmence is my special sweeper and it usually wipes out 2 or 3 Pokemon before it goes down. Teach it earthquake to beat up the electric and rock type Pokemon that stand in your way and flamethrower for a little surprise. PLUS Dragon claw is a STAB move for Salamence which makes it basically unstoppable Dragon claw is very useful and would be a salamence's main killer move. Flamethrower can also be used against fairy types. and finally If you teach Salamence brick break it can prove useful against Ice types to. So with the right move set Salamence can become an invincible beast

Strongest dragon in the game, I have a level 100 salamence with Draco meteor, fire blast, hydro pump and hyper beam can't be beat

Salamence was my first ever dragon type. Emerald was my first game, and when I heard that Bagon was available after the eighth gym, I went straight to that cave (I had remembered Salamence from the anime). He never let me down, and he sure as heck looks better than Dragonite. He belongs in the number one slot.

Slightly better than dragonite, as it has higher attacking stats and is a deadly sweeper. Although less bulky with lower defense stats, it has higher HP and speed. I do like dragonite and its personality, more than the mean salamence. But it is simply stronger.

Salamence is a very good dragon type he has intimidate and he can also mega evolve and mega salamence is really op he is uber and hits really hard after one or two dragon dance he is amazing and he also has moxie which is a great ability as well.

Simply Put, Salamence is a great dragon Pokemon and more than deserves top 3. Not only does he have a monster attack stat, he is also paired with an above average speed. This makes him a great sweeper, and on top of that he can be either physical or special. Plus he has Moxie which is OP as crap so...

I love Salamence. I think he is cute for some reason and he is TOTALLY OP! And he is big and his wings are gigantic. I'm actually not that surprised that he is not number 1 because it is not the strongest Pokemon because it is weak to ice types but he is really good.

Dragonite #1? Please. Salamence rips Dragonite's goofy eyes out. Not only does it look badass, it boasts a massive 135 attack, making Outrage your opponents demise. It's defenses are average, but it's Sp. Attack and it's speed are also stats to rave about. Plus it evolves a little earlier than the jolly Dragonite. If you want a dragon type that kicks ass and looks like a god, go Salamence.

It can get hydro pump! So versatile and hard to counter. Can outspend some ice types and take them out with fire blast or stone edge! Mega is so bulky and can even roost. Also has dragon dance so you will be able to outspeed anything and sweep them away!

My Salamence almost swept my whole team but my level 100 Lucario held his ground. Because my level 100 Lucario knows close combat+aura sphere and so many other moves. And Salamence took Lucario down to 1 health. It was a really close battle.

I literally crushed every single opponent with my Mega Salamence. I had such a deep bond with my Bagon that I knew it was destined to be my mega in Omega Ruby.

Oh come on you guys, salamence can kick flygon na kingdra's butt, salamence is one of the most powerful and awesome pokemon there is.

SALAMENCE IS OP and also I looked it up salamence beats dragonite in everything speed attack defense special attack and special defense salamence came out on top MOVE SALAMENCE UP TO NUMBER 1 NOW

Dude salamence is all mighty and powerful he has a really good mega evaluation mega salamence is very hard to take down I have a salamence level 73 he's very good when his level 57

This Pokemon should be nicknamed the demolisher of the battle, because that's exactly what it does, it destroys everything on the battlefield including the field itself!

This guy sweeps the floor of... He is legendary with his awesome stats and moves. He is forgotten by most of everyone. This guy deserves a great trainer

Salamence always serves as my substitute for Fire types in Hoenn games. I would rather take an unstabbed Flamethrower from this guy, than watch Steven's Metagross use Earthquake before my Torkoal, Camerupt, or Magcargo even attack. While Dragonite can use Ice attacks, Salamence can probably just use Dragon Claw to OHKO any other Dragon type except for Mega Altaria. Intimidate more than makes up for Salamence's lower defense. So, Dragonite's only true advantage over Salamence is access to Dragon Dance. Salamence doesn't need Dragon Dance though, it's OP on its own - even more so if you teach it Leer (though I don't like that move). And if you Mega Evolve your Salamence, you'll be in even better shape thanks to Aerilate: a Double-Edge from Mega Salamence has 156 base power, then change that to 234 with STAB. That'll do more damage than the 180 base power if Salamence were to use Brave Bird. You can't go wrong with this guy.

Salamence is the best Dragon, it even got a Mega Evolution in ORAS! It's Shiny Color is awesome too, I have 1 myself! I trained my Salamence that I named Bacon too level 100

Dis guy! I use Salamence in almost any lineup I ever have, especially in gen 5. Normally in the elite four I don't even have to bring out my Lucario, Electivire, mismagius, or metagross. Pure powerhouse and when you give him any item that boosts his attack, his outrage hits go through the roof! Hands down, best dragon ever. Cool design too.

Salamence is cool but when it is mega I don't like it it looks like someone cut off its legs and wings and put another pair of wings shaped like a croissant

He's a dragon that looks cooler than a dragon... who doesn't love dragons? Plus, he learns pretty good moves like Flamethrower even though he isn't fire.

Come on Ok Salamence Finished Off The Elite Four With Just Stone Edge Draco Meteor Fly And Iron Tail It Destroyed Half Of Alder's Team N.2 More Like N.1

Dragonite is a fat orange garbage bag with horrible attack compared to this monster

He is unstoppable, truly a terror on the battlefield, and the wide variety of moves he can learn makes him a amazing dragon Pokemon!

Salamence can rip through any team and can take almost any hit with ease. Easily the best choice of a non-legendary dragon type.

I would like to say salamance has a base stat of 600 and should be more then 4th place I would say at least 2nd or 3rd and garchomp belongs up in the top 3 as well for its extraordinary speed and attack stats