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1 Zarbon Zarbon Zarbon is Frieza's right hand man and highest ranking Commander and General in an army of millions. He is always beside his master and emperor, Lord Frieza, following his orders and carrying out his dirty work alongside his comrade, Dodoria. Zarbon is responsible for advising Frieza on numerous matters, more.

By far the best transformation as it was the fastest in concept and onscreen. Most other transformations really dragged on and weren't that effective as appearance anyway. The Super Saiyan stuff was just a hair color alteration. Zarbon actually pumped up and became beastly in milliseconds and was also the most vicious when he transformed, substantially altering his characteristic and mannerism as well as his physical appearance.

Most beastly and demonic transformation. Also the fastest and most surprising.

He goes from a handsome guy to a monster in an instant, that was amazing and awesome all at the same time.

Zarbon is a lover of beauty and holds a dormant power, the ability to transform into a reptilian beast. He is the deadly dynamic of the combination of the beauty and the beast and the most mysterious yet demonic, ruthless, and brutal villain in the series.

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2 Super Saiyan 2

Super Saiyan 2 was the best and play such an important role in DBZ, like Gohan killing cell for example.

One of the best looking transformations, very significant role in the entire buu saga (especialy by Vegeta)

3 Frieza Final Form

Nice looking transformation, this transformation can fool anyone but it's the most deadly transformation of Frieza

I just loved when Frieza trasnformed in his 4th form. I really didn't expect that look after his transformation. He was even getting a bit scarier when he became small.

4 Garlic Jr (100% power form) Garlic Jr (100% power form)
5 Bojack Bojack
6 Frieza 2nd Form

Frieza goes from small to enormous and frightening, the most musclebound and ferocious by appearance. Longer horns, elongated tail, most reminiscent of a brutish monster in this stage.

7 Super Saiyan 3

What an awesome transformation when this transformation began an entire planet is shaking ready to be destroyed, just awesome!

This is the BEST transformation ever. This transformation shook the whole world and I mean the WHOLE world.

Total badass


8 Frieza 3rd Form

Frieza has an elongated cranial structure and protruding appendages similar in design to that of the Xenomorph. He is the most extraterrestrial in appearance when in this form.

9 Cooler (Final Form) Cooler (Final Form)

Vicious and fierce, Cooler adapts a persona and appearance very similar to that of The Shredder & The Predator Yautja. The massive spiked mask and faceplate design are a perfect way to complete his deadly design and the additional shark-like fins give him the sleek embodiment of an elite extraterrestrial combatant.

10 Majin Powers

For some reason I love this powers evil power increased and the diabologikal M on there forehead is amazing

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? Ultra Instinct

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11 Super Saiyan

The normal ss is very powerful and the first ss form in all anime manga its just perfect

12 Kogu
13 Super Saiyan God

Goku is able to have sex with bulma even more!

14 Oozaru
15 Ganos
16 Super Saiyan 4

By far the most original and badass transformation

Awesome transformation with a lot of power

17 Vegito Vegito

Vegito is a fusion, not REALLY a transformation

18 Metal Cooler

The new and reborn Cooler same looking as the first form he fought Goku, but metal shiny and powerful

19 Golden Frieza

Stood up to Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan in Resurrection F.

20 Legendary Super Saiyan

Muscle buff, huge a form that even the great Vegeta was afraid of it deserves this place

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21 Janembas Ultimate Transformation

Nowere near in the first form of Janemba tough strong and ready to squash anyone like a bug

22 Super Perfect Cell

At this form Cell is looking like a ss2 with his new elecktriciti around him very powerful and most of all gained by near death just like a saiyan

23 Gogeta Gogeta

U must know that this transformation defeated Janemba and omega Shenron. He looks better than vegito

24 First Form Baby Vegeta

It looks just like Vegeta ss2 but in silver hair and much more cocky and proud love it!

25 Super Vegeta

Good speech, Best character, unexpected, FINAL FLASH!

26 Goku Super Saiyan Blue
27 Super Saiyan Rose
28 Jiren's Hidden Power

Arguably the most character developing transformation in the franchise, along with super saiyan 2 gohan

29 Wolf Fang Fist
30 Goku Black Super Saiyan Rose

Confirmed the most powerful non god of destruction fighter right now, Goku Black's Super Saiyan Rose allowed Goku Black to defeat Goku, Trunks, and Vegeta twice. He is also probably the only guy to make Pink look so cool!


31 Max Power

None of this "AARR-" for 3 episodes. It's quick, it's swift and if more characters attempted to use it they'd become way more stronger. Let's say human characters had this ability they'd be 5, maybe 10x stronger.

32 Hirudegarn
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1. Zarbon
2. Garlic Jr (100% power form)
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1. Super Saiyan
2. Super Saiyan 2
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1. Super Saiyan 2
2. Frieza Final Form
3. Super Saiyan 3


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