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The Top Ten Best Drake Songs

1 Forever

The remix with Kanye, Lil Wayne, and Eminem is quite possibly the best rap song lately

This is pretty good... Its bad without kanye west... Lil Wayne was okay... Eminem beast (as usual) and by the way where is up all night?

Love this song to death

The first time I heard this song, I thought it was annoying. I couldn't even get through the whole song! Then I heard eminem was in it so I gave it another shot. It s one of those songs that you have to listen to a few times to like it. The only problem with this song is that... Wait what problem? I want this forever manye!

2 Headlines

This song is one of the greatest rap song ever... The beats of the song is so catchy... And he's got his own rapping style.. And also the lyrics which truly suits his sharp voice... This should be at number one...

Never Heard Such Good Rapping... It's the Best Song Of Drake... And Probably He is the Best Rapper Als

Awesome. Only word that can describe it. Awesome.
I'm only writing this stuff becuase my first sentence wasnt long enough.

First song that got me addicted to drake. I love him, his music and this song is the one of many that are amazing but headlines makes you feel it like its indescribable. The beat give me life and his voice is so classic and style in this song is top notch. Love this song point blank.

3 Over

why is this song not in the top ten? top 3 fo sho!

Nice beat, good lyrics, what more could you ask for from this song? Doesn't sound as Pop as some of the others, in a good way.

His best song he has relesed.. 'forever' and 'best I ever had' are over-rated deserves to be number 1 on this list

This is probably top three of my favorite songs ever it was a very awesome choice to publish this I do have one question what ever made you think of such a good song I also love the song Best love song I love Forever too but overall this is the best and No love you should start singing with Wiz khalifa you guys would be the best two there would not be one song I would not hear or like.

4 Best I Ever Had

Haven't heard much drake songs, but this is my favorite out of the ones I heard. It should be number uno but I still think forever is a good song. I also like find your love, fancy, right above it, and what's my name.

This is a good song- Find Your Love and Over are the
bomb - phinther

Best on the list. But my all time favourite Drake song is Show Me A Good Time

This, Headlines, Find Your Love. Ah, so hard to choose. Drake's music really was amazing and the nostalgia is so good. Hopefully now that Rihanna is out of the way, his music will be good again. She literally killed his career. But this son is real Drake, real feelings, real lyrics and real talent.

5 Take Care

This is a very deep song and I love it. Wow I'm kind of surprised to see it this low on the list. At least top 10 worthy.

A very deep song that penetrates right into ones inner feelings. You ve been in a situation like this, and if not yet you better try it, because there's nothing more beautiful in this world than this very sweet flavor of love sorrow..

Very good. There's layer, feeling and performance. Not easy to make something like this.

I don't really listen to Drake but this song is REALLY good and I gurantee you will like it, the beat is beast and rihanna is in it! This song should be in top 10

6 Marvin's Room

Are you joking me this isn't 1? who's voting for this stuff? no one with common sense! This song is for real not like any of those radio popular songs sitting at one and two. Vote this up to one and make this a legit site

This a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL song. He's going thru problems in his relationship but the melody, lyrics, beats of this song just transfer that feeling from him to you. Perfectly conveys the message n captures the depressing moods. Hats off to Noah 40 and drake Forever Drake!

This is like his best song ever! The lyrics can be related to almost anyone, and that is what he does best!
Keeping it real! And this is undoubtedly better than Forever

This song had to be one of the absolute best songs to come out of the rap genius that is Drake. He successfully gives us an alluring tale that almost everyone can relate to: calling the old love that you never got over after a hard night or time, perhaps drunk. The background music does nothing but intensify the song giving it an amazing effect.

7 Started from the Bottom

What I think as far as Drake is concern this is the only track wich shows that how much mature he has became now in this rap game, This is the best his carreer so far,


This song is THE boss. Awesome lyrics. Catchy beats. Great video! And most importantly the meaning of the song. Started from the bottom now he's here!
"Just as a reminder to my self I wear every single chain even when I am in the house! "

My goodness. This song is absolute rubbish. The video is STUPID. If he really committed the act of actually starting from the bottom, then the idiot should portray that in the video. SIGH. He's so overrated.

This song is absolute crap, drake is a one hit wonder, I don't consider him a rapper, he's more of an annoyance to me than anything, in conclusion this song sucks.

8 The Motto

Should be in top 5 way too good to be 36.. In my top 25 songs in my ipod already who ever made this list needs to rethink it because I see more then multiple that should be higher

W0W 39? Wow.. This song has flow.. Its like a jerking song almost.. Its pretty Dope..
This isn't song isn't touchable..
Drake told us he would thank him later...
Take care...

Unfortunately, I don't think Drake has a signature song just yet. "The Motto", however, is a great track. One of Drake's best, to be honest. The beat is simple and not over complicated. Drake usually builds his beats and makes them completely full, but this is him going in a different direction from what he usually does. Anyways, it seems like a fun track to rock to, but again, Drake has yet to show the public a hard-hitting track.

When I heard this song for the first time I cannot believe it...
I like more the remix with TYGA, is better because it add an additional verse by him. I LOVE THE M0TT0

9 Hold On, We're Going Home

Drake has a lot of great songs, but I think this one is the best. Puts you in a good mood instantly. This song is new, so everyone needs to vote for it to get it at #1

This is the best Drake song ever. The beat is full of quality and it's one of drake's newest hits that everyone enjoys. It is probably the best song ever.

I absolutely love this song. Feels very melancholic and engaging. The music video is kinda unrefined but otherwise this song is definitely awesome!

This song literally makes my heart skip a beat. The lyrics are so sweet and romantic, and they make me think of the one I love every time I hear them.

10 Find Your Love

The best of drake's music. The music puts you in trance and when you listen to it over the years it's a time machine.

AMAZING. Why the hell is it not in the top ten? :O

My favorite song ever. The beats are simply too good they make you wanna groove.

It the stuff kanye produced this drake you the best forever mayne ever mayne man you the beest I can't wait for his next album I wonder what he'll bring next well need to wait it'll be worth it!

The Contenders


One of Drake's fastest raps, this song is one of Drake's most successful songs, I suggest listening to it before you judge it.

When I listen to this song me and my cousin dance to his song I believe in drake and his my hero he came to the top with this song he rocks the world and takes it to a stand still this song should the best song eve woow

This song is amazing I think it should be like number 4 because this song is beast. It is way beter than marvins room. This and the motto are definitely two of his best

This song is the best! The best one of Drake's Take Care album, better that Forever

12 Trophies

As the person who posted this song.. Drakes selfish with all these banger beats KIP

This is drakes rudest track, this is when we knew he wasn't joking around about becoming the best rapper of his era.

Best Drake song since Headlines. Amazing beats, great lyrics, and he absolutely killed it.

One of my favourite drake songs seriously trophies is just so amazing

13 Back to Back

Are you serious guys come on from start to finish the beats are fire probably one of drake's best fast rap songs and all at the same time he destroyed meek mill while at it come on this is what I call a perfect song.

Why is this 30 it should be number 1 or 2 on this list is is the only diss track to ever get nominated for a grammy and it is probably the best diss track to date and maybe the best ever

How in the hell is this below started from the bottom. A great diss track. Started from the bottom could have been done by anyone. - Themusicman

In all honesty, this was the last track where he dropped bars and wrote his own lyrics. Then he did views, ML, and scorpion, all of which he just sang about being pissed or sad and swore occasionally. Seriously, this was the last of his great songs.

14 Hotline Bling

This song makes you feel pumped up and deep in the feels at the same time and Drake just makes it work

The beat is perfect and exemplary for the emo essence of the song which is replenished and distributed through the song by drakes sexy ass emo voice

This is the best Drake song EVER! This song should be higher on this list.

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! This is one of the damn best songs by Drake. How the hell is it all the way down here and at the same time, not even in the top 10?! Bull!

15 Know Yourself

This is easily number 1. The beat drop, the slow choppy flow, everything about this song is yes.

This song is amazing, it shows the time when drake was in the 6 and just dreaming to be the best

It took me a minute to get used to this song but it's definitely one of my favorite. The rhythm is sick and I'm addicted to the line "I was runnin through the 6 with my WOES! " - Mcgillacuddy

That title should explain it all. I don't think you know yourself if this isn't in the top 15

16 0 to 100/ the Catch Up

Has to be top 10. The combination of the beat and his lyrics in this rap make it one of his best. The hook is okay, but this song goes way too hard to not be considered.

Why isn't this in the top ten if he rapped like this every time he would be seen as one of the greatest to ever do this

Drake goes in and doesn't look back. Bars are phenomenal, best rapping performance he has maybe ever had. - contributor

One of the best songs of 2014, and the first song that really got me into drake

17 Miss Me

This song is so awesome. It's like this is the BEST SONG EVER. Well done Drake you are my best musician I love you so much it's like 143 couldn't you sing wonderfully!

I've heard many of Drake's song, this should be on number one.
Hear to it, and you'll believe me

I love this song it's the greatest to me I love drake but I love this song more

Right about where it should be, top 10, incredible pump up song

18 Crew Love

Such I nice relaxing song and it makes me think about my crush if only I was in 7th grade again

Drake and The Weeknd? Enough said

Such a good pump-up song, This song really gives you that "reflection" mentality.


19 Make Me Proud

SERIOUSLY? THIS SONG isn't NUMBER ONE? HOW? ITS EPIC! The beat, drizzy's gorgeous singing, the lyrics, and OH YEAH, nicki minaj obviously...

This Song has got to be one of drake's best songs! I put this song on for an alarm for the mornin' and it TOTALLY wakes me up! Very catchy and epic! This song makes people really get into what your doing! A really rocking song!

God. This song turns me on, the lyrics.. The soft voice. Drake. Nicki.
It makes you feel it, touches you and makes you feel like your High. Like your light. All you want from a song. Deserves to be number 1 without a Single doubt.

This song is great. It's uplifting and has good vibes. Nicki Minaj shouldn't have been included, to be honest. The tone of the song is supposed to be relaxed and then Nicki (or one of her alter-egos) messes up the tune.

20 5AM in Toronto

1. 5AM in Toronto
2. Over
3. Headlines
4. 0 to 100/The Catch Up
5. Forever
6. Uptown
7. Energy
8. Back to Back
9. Take Care
10. Hold On We're Going Home

This is his best pure Rap song. Murdered this song, filled with enough subliminal shots to make someone drunk laugh out loud

Listened to this song one time and can't stop. Drake goes hard definitely better than most songs he puts out now.

Drakes most underrated song in my opinion. Spits absolute fire over this beat while taking some subtle shots at some others

21 All Me

Great song this deserves to be in a better position love the beat and lyrics

This should be top 5 no question. One of Drakes best all around songs.

Big Sean makes this song, drake with the hook though

One of drakes best verses

22 Believe Me

Top 20 should be

Very catchy



23 One Dance

Awesome! This song is so great! This beat and... It's a perfect summer song!

Awesome new song and is very catchy its like the better version of hotline bling

Most addicting hook I've ever heard, best song on Views for me!

Surprised this song isn't top 10... It's amazing and I love it. Best song from the album views at least.

24 0 to 100

Simply a masterpiece from start to finish. Starts with a dope and catchy rap style song that gets you super hype (0 to 100) then flows into a wavy lyrical masterpiece outro (The Catch Up)

Easily best song of 2014 and of Drake's songs. From going hard with a timeless flow in the 0-100 verse, to slowing it down and flowing effortlessly over the smooth Catch Up beat. Should be number 1.

It's obviously one of Drake's best songs, the beats are fantastic, and the rap is on point

The first half of this song sucks but the second half is good enough to keep its spot right here.

25 How Bout Now

Why doesn't this song have so many votes? This song is legendary, it shouldn't be so far down the list. Definitely top 20. Also surprised this didn't make it onto the mixtape. For all them people, this song is a comeback song, a song to tell all the people who didn't give you a chance. Classic right here. - atomicpowur

Nice bass, good beat sounds great

This song makes you think about the ex you never had.

Why tf is this masterpiece at 43? This honestly Drakes best song besides Martin's Room and Headlines.

26 I'm Goin In

Is this war or somethin

This has nice flow, but the lyrics are so stupid. Like seriously.

This song is honestly in the top tens in my opinion its one of young jeezy's songs and Waynes and drakes also

27 Right Above It

Because we on...
We on...

Favorite song ever, any artist, I understand it's low because it isn't Drake's song, but... come on! This song the best!

This song is amazing! Drake and Weezy make magic, sick beat. Just downright amazing

Should for sure be in the top 10, I don't know how it was at number 9 and got moved down to number 12, you guys need to vote this one back up to the top 10s

Don't like my women single I like my chick's in two's

28 Energy

Not a big fan of drake. Half of the time he dosen't even rap, or do anything of substance, like in started from the bottom. I'm more of a 90s guy. With that being said, this goes hard. Drake actually shows off some of his rapping skill here, which is why his later songs piss me off because I know he can rap he just is a sell out. Also, the fact that drakes talking songs are above this pisses me off - Themusicman

What this song is to dope to be at no 33 should be no 5 it's awesome lyrics, dope video and go a sick beat

Am I the only one that has energy got allot of energy?

One of the best out of ALL his songs

29 Furthest Thing

Most of the Drake songs people love are the mainstream ones that don't showcase his talent very well. During the time I was on the Drake-hate-bandwagon, this song proved to me that Drake is a fantastic rapper and excellent lyricist when he doesn't focus on making music for the mainstream. Furthest Thing cemented in my mind that Drake is one of the great rappers of this generation when he doesn't follow the crowd and makes something unique to himself. The second half of the song shows how even better Drake could be if he rapped differently like he did in the second part. It distinguishes him more from the other crappy mainstream rappers of this generation.

THe best track ever!

Somewhere between psychotic and iconic. Somewhere between I want and I got. This is above any other lyricist, period

This one should really be voted higher..

30 I'm on One

Some of the best rappers featured are on this song. Drake killed it through the whole song and Rick Ross added this laid back fluid feeling when he comes in. This song makes me want to go get a big house over looking a city, sit and smoke some expensive cigars with my friends and watch the world run.

Music of my life, the instrumental is terrible and drake voice is so perfect in this song, definitely it his best in my opinion

Whenever I'm on one I feel like singing after day 2 or so... This fills that void

Fire beat with even better rapping from Drake - LabelGod

31 Over My Dead Body

Hands down best track on Take Care. Sick flow, great production by Noah Shebib and a great story told. Drake starts take Care with a bang with this fantastic song

People obviously don't listen to album just the commercial stuff they play on the radio. Top 5 people

If Drake dies he'll be a legend

Why isn't this song in the top 10?

32 Uptown

Sick flow sick beats and sick lyrics can't get any better then this. Sick song and needs to be higher

Amazing song, can't believe it is so low on the list! Drake has some sick lyrics and the flow is amazing

Such a sick song fa sho... Drake's flow ^^ the chorus was ill

33 Doing It Wrong

Easily the best! So much passion in the lyrics its ridiculous, even the harmonica is bomb. It should at least be in the top 10. It can relate to so many people. Do Right And Kill EVERYTHING.

I have to say that when I listened to this song it moved me deeply, some of the best and most meaningful lyrics I have ever heard, in this song Drake speaks the pure and utter truth, this song is very passionate and you can tell Drake means what he is saying. His best song in my opinion

Amazing. I think if people heard it once like I did they would realize the true beauty it has. I have never been so moved by a song before. Drake speaks the blunt truth in this song.

Great song! Great collaboration with a legend. One of Drake's best lyrical songs and his voice sounds fantastic! The harmonica solo is brilliant!

34 Moment 4 Life

What the heck is going on here!? This is one of drake's most skilful raps, and should definitely be in the top 10 at least! So what I'm trying to say is, TO THE TOP!

Better dan all the other songs because of nicki minaj

35 Up All Night

This song rocks the socks off all the others, but all drake is rocking 'Up all night' should be number 1 no question!

This is possibly one of the best songs from the whole 'thank me later' album, it should be at least top 15

This needs to be number one, this is the one song on my playlist I listen to over and over again, it never gets old. Vote for it!

Such an amazing song, super good beat too. If you listen to this you won't regret it I promise.

36 Shot for Me

This is one of drakes best songs I love this song so much is speaks to me in loads of ways I actully adore drake and this song I love him so much this song should get an award ts so good best song ever (take a shot for me)

This song is amazing you don't understand; it helped me get over a really bad heartbreak, I love it

The weekend wrote most of this song but still should b in the top 5

This is probably Drake's best song and you can keep hittin replay on the song because it doesn't get old.

37 Show Me a Good Time

Way better than started from the bottom which is #10. That song has a boring instrumental, lyrics, and just sloppy overall. This song may not have the best lyrics but its catchy and has a great beat.

Should be up WAY higher can't believe it's only 33, are you joking me?!? Please! %~! People seriously need to listen to this song than!

Have people even heard this. It's really good and catchy. Should be in the top five.

Should be in the top 10...Such an amazing song

38 Love Me

Definitely top ten at least!

This is a good song for the bae's

39 Passionfruit

I never heard something similar before! Breathtaking, so much passion

Best 1 from drake so far.

Best drake song ever.

A beautiful song

40 Fear

He's got some nice lyrics in this one, and its sonically the best music he's ever put out.

This is definitely Drake's best song. It's far from the commercialised crap in Thank Me Later, and lyrically above Comeback Season and most of Take Care.. It's a real song, full of real emotion, which can be heard in his voice in every line.

Great lyrics and emotion with some clever metaphors "and I be gettin high just to balance out the lows"

His all time realest song. Should be higher.

41 Cameras / Good Ones Go Interlude

Aw come on. I'm so sad this isn't up in the top. This song is so amazing and the interlude is also damn good I hat how this so low. Vote it up please

Are you me? Are you me? Because if you were this song would b top 5

Don't know why it's not there great song
Amazing use of music and lyrics

Good ones go is arguably a top 10 song, cameras is ok but good ones go is an amazing song, shouldn't be an interlude but w.e

42 She Will

What is this song doing in 34? , just listen to that background, and the piano, plus the lyrics are amazing.

What the hell is 36? Wonderful! Great lyrics I just love it. This song should be on Top 15

This song is great. it should be in the top 10

This is a great song with great flow. I'm picky with rap, but this is one of my favorites. Not too much repetion, and I use the line "maybe she will" in public all the time.

43 Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2

What 78?! R you kidding me this is one of the best best song on the lately album by drake which he is rapping not singing R&B and the beat is just wow

This is my all time favourite song from Drake! How is this not #1!?

Haha lol just because the album didn't get advertisement as the others.

Why is this 74?!?!? This is definitely drakes best beat.

44 The Language

Best album ever possible, all sounds is different from any other songs back then.

THIS is his best track, aside from the end... Nothing beats this!

My homeboy likes this 1 but I don't think he tried hard enough

Sickest beat. Coolest flow. easily top ten come on now!

45 Look What You've Done for Me

NEXT to Marvin's Room and Over my dead body, this was one of the best songs on Take Care! It's amazing! Needs to be higher up! I cry almost every time.

This song has some of Drakes most heartfelt lyrics ever. I don't know why this isn't in the Top 10. The song was pretty much made for his mom, grandma, and Uncle. Definitely one of his top songs

This should be #1 - jameshoward

46 Come Thru

One of the best songs off the album, much better than fancy and all those in my op

Flow is nice, wish it didn't slow down at the end sometimes

What is easily top 50

Definite top 30

47 Practice

Actually has flow to it, even though it's not about a serious subject, it's his best delivered song by far - u_maddox_bro

Bro he sampled juvenile HELLO

No you need to practice

Why is this song on 52? Its one of drake's best songs for me! ;P its sould next to 'over' something/;

48 The Resistance

For real this is probably my favorite drake song and its all the down here! Vote this up right now and listen to this track beyotch!

Relatable to many, forget the beat, the backing music, just listen to what he says... Let it sink in

People have no idea what their missing out on

49 Tuscan Leather

He went harder than he ever has. The most confident Drake song I've ever heard. 40 went Picasso on the beat, greatest production on a Drake track. Set the tone for the album and an overall amazing intro, best he's ever had.

Best album opener in years, brings straight bars on an intro only comparable to Meek's Dreams and Nightmares. Favorite Drake song for sure

Whitney, Mayfield, great lyrics, and amazing production from 40, one of the best tunes out there!

Should be top 5 easily! He switch the beat up 3 TIMES! Amazing!

50 Right Hand

Its alright my least favorite drake song too be honest can't wait for views I want pablo on itunes so disappointed

This is top 10 material

Truly inpiring


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