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141 I'm the Plug

Drake definitely kills this song!

142 Sneakin' - Drake
143 Two Birds, One Stone
144 V2
145 Come Winter

Great beat and lyrics, nice to knock to while driving

146 Own It

This is my fave drake song ever! I really love this song, love the lyrics, people should listen to it!

My Favorite Drake Song, WAY TOO UNDErrated, and Needs To Be #1

Great lyrics one of the best in my opinion.

Really this is amazing should be top 10

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147 6pm In New York

Only good song off of If You're Reading This It's To Late

Don't get how this is so low! So many dope lyrics

148 6 Man

Sick song the beat and just the flow in the song is crazy sick

I'm a lou will fan so, that's why it is my pick

This is his best song, hands down

149 Digital Dash

Drakes part goes hard I love it

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150 You Know You Know

Can't believe nobody think about this song

151 Do It Now
152 Number 15
153 Comeback Season
154 305 to My City
155 Draft Day

Great production and some of his best lyrics. His best song, definitely should have been on the album. It will climb a lot from 103.

This song will climb the list, absolute banger. Lauryn Hill sample and probably Drake's best effort lyrically

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156 Now & Forever

This song is my anthem! Play it 5 times a day at least!

Great Song To Listen To When Depressed

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157 You & the 6

This song honestly went really deep and I thought it was one of his most powerful songs. It shows what he really thinks of himself and his music

My favorite song by Drake. It's like a love letter to his mom. lots of feels and a good change from all the money murder rap these days

Criminally underrated track. One of his best. Deserves a much higher ranking

158 Keep the Family Close V 1 Comment
159 Closer to My Dreams V 2 Comments
160 I Am Toronto

This was the best chorus ever.

It doesn't have a chorus but it is an amazing song - wiz

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