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161 Juice

Best beat in a drake song ever besides "forever" just an overall good song very catchy I listen to it all the time

Sick ass beat has extremley good bass and cool lyrics!
Epic song!

162 Unforgettable

Are you serious? This is definitely one of drakes best! Jeezy kills it and the chorus is amazing.

Why wasnt this originally on the list? Definitely the best drake song!

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163 Karaoke

So much emotion. Top 20 at least

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164 Closer to My Dreams V 2 Comments
165 I Am Toronto

This was the best chorus ever.

It doesn't have a chorus but it is an amazing song - wiz

166 Going In for Life

Old song produced by Kanye. Too dope.

167 Lord Knows

This should be #1. Great beat, Great lyrics, the first verse was the greatest verse Drake has ever put out.

Obviously this song never got a fair shake in this list.

WHHATT!? HAVE YOU PEOPLE EVEN HEARD THIS SONG? THIS SONG DOES NOT BELONG ANYWHERE UNDER 20! How can you put songs like 9AM in Dallas and Pass The Dutch over this song? The chorus and beat are top notch.

This is crazy, one of his best rap songs

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168 No New Friends

It's great because most, not all, but most are crap. No new friends I wish I said it first but he's a better rapper...

Drake, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne...
Isn't he right? More New Friends makes more new problems. I could be in depression

Top 5 song by drake
No new friends
Take care dream about money
Started from the bottom
The language

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169 Tuscan Leather

He went harder than he ever has. The most confident Drake song I've ever heard. 40 went Picasso on the beat, greatest production on a Drake track. Set the tone for the album and an overall amazing intro, best he's ever had.

Best album opener in years, brings straight bars on an intro only comparable to Meek's Dreams and Nightmares. Favorite Drake song for sure

Whitney, Mayfield, great lyrics, and amazing production from 40, one of the best tunes out there!

The beat switch on this is killer - Mcgillacuddy

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170 Fall for Your Type

Slow, definitely one of drakes best

171 The Winner

Nobody has even heard of this but just listen 2 it! It should be #1 NO QUESTION!

172 Who Do You Love
173 Buried Alive Interlude

Kendrick took the whole song but I still love it. it has a good flow, rhimes, and a good beat. - wiz

174 Days In the East V 1 Comment
175 Heat of the Moment
176 We Made It
177 Runaway Girl
178 Replacement Girl
179 4 My Town
180 Change Locations
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