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1 Water

Listen here, water is good for you I recommend you drink it always! If you get thirsty don't just go and grab a soda, you should get some water. If you don't drink water, and you only drink soda, you could get cavities and might even have to get replacement teeth like bridges and dentures, but worst of all, you might have to get a dental implant. So START DRINKING WATER! - TopTenJackson

Water is actually really good in my opinion. I take a bottle of it everywhere I go. I don't see how people drink soda. It burns my throat.

Finally some appreciation, on the other list of "worst drinks" I think it was, water was somewhere around 13 or 14, I can't remember. But now you have finally come to your senses, because I already said this on the other list, God put water on this Earth for a reason.

Its just stale fizzy water - Morefunthanfun

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2 Coca-Cola

Such an overrated drink... I remember when I was a kid that I didn't mind it. Now I can't stand the taste. I seriously don't care that much about the sugar, I'm all for 7-Up but Coca-Cola is just... half of the people that tell me about it say they're addicted rather than they actually enjoy the taste. That's not right.

Its pretty good, but its literally the most unhealthy mass-produced drink available anywhere in the world today (besides MONSTER and RED BULL).

Take it, Hold it, Love it

Its just dirty fizzy water with a weird taste - Morefunthanfun

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3 Dr. Pepper Dr. Pepper

Dr pepper is the Tits!

Dr. Pepper may have calories, but it's delicious!

This is number 3? Are you people aware that your drinking a prune-flavored soda 37.34 times more carbonated then coca cola and Pepsi put together!

It is so nice - WinchesterGirl26

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4 Chocolate Milk

Who doesn't love chocolate milk? It is by far the best drink known to human civilization. You would have to be an absolute FOOL not to love this delicious drink!

You know those bottles of cold chocolate milk in the supermarket that they sell just like any other kind of milk? That's the stuff. Don't get it much but when I do, it's always delicious. There's something using cocoa powder that just isn't nearly as good as the premade stuff.

What drink has chocolate in it? What drink has lot's of sugar in it? What drink do most people like? CHOCOLATE MILK!

Its dirty milk - Morefunthanfun

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5 Pepsi Pepsi PepsiCo Inc. is an American multinational food, snack and beverage corporation headquartered in Purchase, New York, United States, with interests in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of grain-based snack foods, beverages, and other products.

Pepsi is better then Coke in my opinion

Pepsi is the best thing ever

I love Pepsi, regular, diet, or cherry. It's all good to me. Refreshing!


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6 Coffee

I love coffee! Especially topped with caramel and whipped cream, which I'm having now! DELICIOUS! - MontyPython

I like coffee.

Too much coffee leads to a wrecked bathroom - ryanrimmel

Coffee > Tea

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7 Milk

This should definitely be in the top 3 at least. It's so healthy and it's so good for you, and it's so delicious! It can even work as a tool to help you fall asleep. What more could you want in a drink? GO MILK!

Why the heck isn't this top ten whats wrong with people these days. Memories memories milk

Kids may drink milk these days, but grown ups do to! Milk is healthy and delicious and where does it come from? GUESS!

Milk is awesome

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8 Mountain Dew

I like Mountain Dew. It's a citrus drink, yet it doesn't taste like Sprite. I would vote for milk but I don't drink it straight up anymore. Not since I had bronchitis.
Mountain Dew isn't good for you though so when I can (which is never, those cheap 7-11 managers never order it) I get it in diet

Dew of the mountain

Mountain Dew has a different flavor from other drinks - DynamicDuo

This and Fanta are the best.-TheCoolGuy1

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9 Lemonade

What drink is perfect for the summer? LEMONADE is the answer! It's so delicious and it has lemon juice in it and sugar. Drink lemonade during the summer guys!

Lemonade is my favorite

Why is this number ten? Lemonade infinitely beats all other drinks and goes perfect with pizza.

Its just stale mtn dew - Morefunthanfun

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10 Tea

Black tea is perfect.

Tea is perfection.

No questions asked.

Any day I could go for a cup.

Why is tea number 11 on this list, tea is delicious and healthy. It one of the first drinks and it's the besttt

Iced milk tea da best

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11 Sprite

Sprite has fizzy water, it has lots of sugar, and it's amazing. You guys should drink it, it's GOOD. If you go into Pizza Hut, Cici's Pizza, Olive Garden, or any other restaurant, you SHOULD get Sprite, it will make your mouth sparkly.

I love sprite so much I drink every time
I have to pick a drink! Yum! :D

Sprite has a unique taste in it. It is the best drink in the world.

I love sprite it's so refreshing

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12 Apple Juice

YUM! Anything that has to do with apples is automatically delicious in my opinion!

It's a childhood classic

gross - pouria_mt

13 Orange Juice

Love it the best drink ever okay guys should be number 1

14 Wine

Wine > beer - DaWyteNight

15 Gatorade

Better than Soda so good fruit punch is haven.

Gatorade should be in second place

Fate rade is the best

Gatorade sucks - DaWyteNight

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16 Root Beer


How is stupid, stupid water one? It's refreshing and essential, sure, but it has no flavor and you drink it way too much! Grape juice and apple juice are OK, but root beer... Wow. Root beer has so many brands, and it's very refreshing. Oh, and 3 words: ROOT BEER FLOAT. - bubbles1111

Root Beer is full of sugar, it has fizzy water, and it's really good. You will love it.

Definitely better than Coca-Cola, dr. pepper, mountain dew, pepsi, sprite and Gatorade. Coca-cola is the most overrated drink and gatorade just plain sucks! - DaWyteNight

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17 Beer

Not as good as Coca Cola or juice or water to be honest. I don't know why adults are so crazy about it.

Tastes like piss.

It's all a matter of perspective to be honest.. - Plonderss

Yuck disgusting

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18 Slushie

They sell them at my school. they're so good.

19 Orange Fanta
20 Strawberry Milk

I like it better than chocolate.

21 Cherry Coke
22 Grape Juice
23 Iced Tea



24 SoBe Lifewater
25 Eggnog

Silk vegan Seasonal Holiday Nog (Silk vegan Very Vanilla soy milk the rest of the year when the Nog is unavailable).

I wasn't expecting this to be in the top ten no and it shouldn't but this is a very very delicious drink.

26 Lucozade

Best drink by far

27 Cherry Pepsi

It tastes like spray paint

28 Cream Soda
29 Coke Zero
30 Milkshake
31 Mug Root Beer
32 Hot Cocoa

*drinks hot chocolate* *gets energized* duh, hot coco contains caffiene - RealUprising

33 Sweet Tea

My father drinks this. He used to drink Raspberry tea, now he drinks Sweet Tea all the time. He takes some to work with him every day.

It sweet and delicious!

This is a Southern staple right here! - stinkyjaden

34 SunnyD

Yeah man once I drank 9 bottles in one hour in the morning peed for 4 whole mintues new personal record - SmoothCriminal

This drink is either you hate it, or you love it, some people say it tastes fresh like oranges and lime, some say it tastes like rotting lemons and urine - Plonderss

No who ever made this list got it Right!

If you don't like it, then don't complain - venomouskillingmachine

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35 Pineapple Juice

Hello? How come pineapple juice isn't even on the list!? Pineapple juice is an awesome drink. It has a very flavorful flavor, and is nice and sweet, but not too sweet. I love this drink, but only restaurants that have bars usually have it, which doesn't make a lot of sense.

Love this drink. First tried 2016 loved it first sip of it. Lovely flavour. Ain't tried it try it this instant. Drink it over and over again,I could.

36 Sparkling Water
37 Mango Juice
38 Bubble Tea
39 Loganberry Juice
40 Big Red

I had never heard of Big Red until I moved to Texas. It's weird but good. To me, it tasted like bubble gum.

41 7 Up

7 Up is easily the best soft drink!

42 Black Tea
43 Squirt
44 Milk Tea (Boba)

The best. Very popular in China right now. You try it, it is life changing - Doragao

45 Almond Milk

My Favorite Drink I Love Trying Is Almond Milk And The Taste Of It I Drink Sometimes Not All The Time And Trying Almond Milk Is The Best New Drink Ever It Is The Best Kind That People Should Try It Is Good To Try Something Different That Is New

46 A&W Cream Soda

Heck yes! - stinkyjaden

47 Fruit Punch
48 Cappuccino
49 Ginger Ale


50 Strawberry Daiquiri
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