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21 Orange Fanta
22 Slushie

They sell them at my school. they're so good.

23 Lucozade

Best drink by far

24 Cream Soda
25 Monster Energy

I love Monster Energy drink. I mean seriously who doesn't love Monster? It's a great drink that gets me a full taste and blast of pure goodness and energy! I LOVE Monster! I could drink it all day every day

This is the best drink ever. I love the taste! Because It gets me fuels me up for sports like basketball! Oh man, I wish my parents let me drink this every single day!

when I drink one of these I am so so crazy

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26 Iced Tea
27 Milkshake
28 Grape Juice
29 Coke Zero
30 Sparkling Water
31 Loganberry Juice
32 Strawberry Milk

I like it better than chocolate.

33 Bubble Tea
34 Squirt
35 Red Bull Red Bull

I had it once an loved it, it has as tangy bubble gum taste to it 😜

36 Almond Milk

My Favorite Drink I Love Trying Is Almond Milk And The Taste Of It I Drink Sometimes Not All The Time And Trying Almond Milk Is The Best New Drink Ever It Is The Best Kind That People Should Try It Is Good To Try Something Different That Is New

37 Eggnog

Silk vegan Seasonal Holiday Nog (Silk vegan Very Vanilla soy milk the rest of the year when the Nog is unavailable).

I wasn't expecting this to be in the top ten no and it shouldn't but this is a very very delicious drink.

38 7 Up

7 Up is easily the best soft drink!

39 Ginger Ale V 1 Comment
40 Cranberry Juice

Sweet than bitter makes you wanna drink fast just like win and beer!

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