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21 Orange Fanta
22 Slushie

They sell them at my school. they're so good.

23 Lucozade

Best drink by far

24 Cream Soda
25 Monster Energy

I love Monster Energy drink. I mean seriously who doesn't love Monster? It's a great drink that gets me a full taste and blast of pure goodness and energy! I LOVE Monster! I could drink it all day every day

This is the best drink ever. I love the taste! Because It gets me fuels me up for sports like basketball! Oh man, I wish my parents let me drink this every single day!

when I drink one of these I am so so crazy

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26 Iced Tea
27 Grape Juice
28 Coke Zero
29 Sparkling Water
30 Loganberry Juice
31 Milkshake
32 Strawberry Milk

I like it better than chocolate.

33 Bubble Tea
34 Squirt
35 Red Bull Red Bull

I had it once an loved it, it has as tangy bubble gum taste to it 😜

36 Eggnog

Silk vegan Seasonal Holiday Nog (Silk vegan Very Vanilla soy milk the rest of the year when the Nog is unavailable).

I wasn't expecting this to be in the top ten no and it shouldn't but this is a very very delicious drink.

37 7 Up

7 Up is easily the best soft drink!

38 Almond Milk
39 Ginger Ale V 1 Comment
40 Cranberry Juice

Sweet than bitter makes you wanna drink fast just like win and beer!

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