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1 I'm Shipping Up to Boston

I knew this was their best song I'm Irish so this is like my kind of Green Day

I'd like to thank The Departed for this awesome song. - Xinferno-awaitsX

I'd also like to thank The Departed for this awesome song. - ParasN2000

This is a pretty good song - christangrant

2 Barroom Hero

How wasn't this song even on the list?!

This song is awesome, easy top ten

3 The Warrior's Code
4 The State of Massachusetts
5 Tessie

Red Sox theme song. #SoxNation

6 Fields of Athenry

I imagine they love playing this song.

7 Rose Tattoo

I've heard almost every Murphys song and this is undeniably the best! This was the first Murphys song I ever heard and it got me absolutely hooked. This song just makes me want to drop everything and sing along to it! I also love the lyrics. They tell a story, one that says I am who I am because of you and everything around me.

This is so close to my favourite. It is just awesome.

This song is probably the greatest song ever

A song which going directly to my heart

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8 Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya
9 Broken Hymns
10 The Season's Upon Us

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11 Kiss Me, I'm S***faced
12 The Green Fields of France
13 The Boys Are Back

When I saw them in concert they had an amazing opening with an irish girl singing traditional music while dropkick murphys was on a screen peering through the curtain, with clouds going over them, then when the curtains came up, they imediately sang 'the boys are back' which pumped everybody up

14 (F)lannigan's Ball
15 Time to Go
16 Take It and Run
17 Loyal to No One
18 Famous for Nothing
19 Dirty Glass
20 Walk Away
21 Cadence to Arms
22 Your Spirit's Alive
23 Do or Die
24 Wheel of Misfortune
25 Forever
26 Surrender
27 Worker's Song
28 Prisoner's Song
29 Going Out In Style
30 You're a Rebel
31 Hang 'em High
32 Curse of a Fallen Soul
33 The Gauntlet
34 God Willing
35 Captain Kelly's Kitchen

Is very cool and crazy song! irish spirit

36 Buried Alive
37 Good Rats
38 Amazing Grace
39 Caught in a Jar
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1. The Green Fields of France
2. Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya
3. Famous for Nothing
1. Fields of Athenry
2. Tessie
3. Broken Hymns
1. Rose Tattoo
2. The State of Massachusetts
3. I'm Shipping Up to Boston

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