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21 GMS Drum
22 Rogers

There is still nothing that sounds as tough as a set of Power Tones. And the Dynasonic Snare still acetate of the art instrument. With all the technology post Rogers USA production, there's still no touching these timeless classics.The Swivomatic hardware still beats anything made and after 44 years my Swivomatic bass pedal is still faster and easier to play than anything made. Show me another foot pedal that'll even last 40 plus years let alone play like these do.,I've yet to hear another snare that can quite compete with my Dynasonic and the brutal tone from the splatter coated Power Tone shells speaks nothing less than legendary perfection.

23 Jinbao
24 Hayman
25 Adams
26 Regalia

The best drum from Taiwan. The sound like a PDP drum. Its same standard like a Gretsch. It's a new drum, 2013 drum, and it a special drum and it limited edition.

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27 Ashton
28 Tumba

Awesome is all I can say!

29 Sound Percussion

I have the kit and I think it holds up well sounds good and looks really nice I definitely recommend it.

30 Truth Custom Drums

Good quality. Sounds amazing right out the box.

31 Natal

Natal is a good sound and hardware

32 Orange County Drum and Percussion
33 Rockstar

Rockstar drums that sound extremly good. Before I was using mapex and pearl that sound are not wonder.

34 Percussion Plus
35 Mess
36 SJC Custom Drums
37 Gammon V 1 Comment
38 Fibes
39 Taye

They are Amazon for such a low price

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40 Cadeson
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