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21 Ludwig

When I got my first Ludwig drum set, they came with a small beginner's pair of sticks. They are too small for me now, but when I was first starting out, they were my favorite pair because they were slightly smaller than standard sizes and so the most comfortable for me at the time. Ludwig, apart from still making great drums, still make great sticks as well.

22 Ahead

These should clearly be number one, just for the simple fact that they never, break, and they are light as hell and are more balanced then any other drumstick, plus they reduce shock like 20% and are better for your cymbals.

These are the same as eaton ahead, Same BRAND IDIOT

23 Jim Kilpatrick
24 Legacy

I've had a pair of 5B since 2014 and it still hasn't broken. Excellent sticks. Regal Tip is the best

25 Pearl V 1 Comment
26 B-Stick Of Denmark

Another of the not very well known companies, but they have a huge following. The great Ian Haughland of Europe has his own signature model, which are great.

27 Pocket Stick
28 Los Cabos V 1 Comment
29 Back Bay
30 Superstix
31 Rohema

Drumsticks Made in Germany! The Saxon Markneukirchen based manufacturer can rely on over 120 years of experience

32 Sonor
33 Ice-Stix

Drumsticks from Germany! Made of durable Hickory,

34 Lazer
35 Heartbeat Sticks
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