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61 Heretoir

Heretoir aren't strictly DSBM, though I'd highly recommend giving them a listen. The droning guitar riffs are interesting with a shoegaze influence, and the vocals will evoke sorrow as nothing else has before.

62 Funeral Depression

I can smell the death after hearing it.

63 Moloch (Ukr)
64 Pensées Nocturnes

Neoclassical DSBM... feel the pain...

They are not trully DSBM actually. He is Neoclassical Black Metal with deep feelings of sadness and depression. But listen to the last album, he is totally not a DSBM. So don�'t think he should be in this list. Although, one of my favorite bands.

65 Absent Heat
66 Drearliness

Drearliness 1st in my life

67 Blodig Depresjon
68 Bethlehem

How is it that nobody has bothered to comment on these guys. They've been around since '92 and practically layed the groundwork for this type of music. Listen to the second and third albums. His vocals are more psychotic than anything I've ever heard. Even more so than Nattramn, Sterbend, or I'm In A Coffin.

V 1 Comment
69 Exiled From Light

The first album is a masterpiece. The second album is perhaps too long and repetitive but I still like to listen it through but the real good stuff are the last three songs.

70 My Useless Life V 1 Comment
71 Grey Waters

Such a pity no one added them, even if they are more like Depressive Rock or Post-Black Metal. Personally I concider them a part of DSBM.

72 Nostalgia V 2 Comments
73 Taarma

The best depressive black metal from the North East

74 Wigrid
75 Summoning V 1 Comment
76 Anguished
77 Grimf***
78 Twilight Fauna
79 Cold Cry
80 Hatelord
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