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201 The Noisy Freaks
202 JaVk
203 Alpha Noize
204 Blackburner
205 Plexxus

SO unique amazing I can't believe all the genres he can pull off and that bass

207 Vexento V 1 Comment
208 Boxcutter

Boxcutter represents a more experimental side of dubstep. His first two albums, Oneiric and Glyphic, both seem to lean towards IDM and drum and bass a lot more than artists like Skream. However, it doesn't detract from his music, which still carries those very jittery 2-step beats and that bass-heavy sound that are important to dubstep. - ArchAces

209 Boom Kitty

Danque says it all, my ears exploded from the epicness... - Bubbyboop

He's a house artist, but his art sounds kinda dubstep for me.
Listen "Comodo" and "Danque". - ---ChargedZircon---

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