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21 KDrew

Only popular for bullseye

I don't know, Last train to paradise and signals are pretty good. - Nick-brick8

Personally, I love Circles.

My favorite artist by far as of right now.

Eh.. best song is bullseye but... pretty dubstep.

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22 Chase & Status
23 Downlink
24 Tristam

Worthy of the top 10

Best songs are : Tristam - Friend & Tristam - I Remember, I know real dubstep lovers listen to a another artist instead of skrillex

Why is my favorite dubstep artist not anywhere near the top ten? - valkyrie24_7

Nobody heard flight?

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25 StrachAttack V 1 Comment
26 Stephen Walking

He has very simple, but awesome dubstep

Stephen introduced me to edm with top of the world and he's been one of my favorite artists of all time since.

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27 Spag Heddy

I don't know why no one has posted him yet his music is awesome

All his songs have such amazing bass line, they just make you feel so happy inside! WHATS HE DOING IN THE NUMBER 36 SPOT?

Skrillex can suck his nuts. He is very similar, yet more lovable than skrillex. Nobody can see: skrillex only has good intros!


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28 DotEXE V 1 Comment
29 Skream

The man who INVENTS dubstep gets a #32 spot? Shame, shame.

The Godfather of dub step, genius

Skream is great, should be on the top ten, just listen to Midnight Line Request

'Midnight Request Line'

enough said

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30 Klippa
31 Noisia
32 Borgore V 3 Comments
33 Benny Benassi

I agree with that. He's not a dubstep artist. He did the lyrics for Cinema, yes... But that song was mixed by skrillex.

Benny benassi has nothing to do with dubstep why is he on this list?

34 Zeds Dead

Zeds Dead creates great songs with great rhythm, I especially like their two songs Eyes on Fire and Out for Blood

Skrillex has nothing on this guy and also Excision. Sonny Moore is very creative and good at what he does, but Zeds Dead's material surpasses Skrillz any day.

Zeds Dead has a sound that no one dusbstep artist have.. he is original and makes no only dubstep music but also other genres.. and he is amazing also on these!

Demon gave me love for dubstep

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35 Flutter Rex
36 Swedish House Mafia

I think swedish house mafia makes trance nt dubsteps! But in trance shm is d best!

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37 Monstercat

Better than skrillex and deadmau5 combined. Deadmau5 music is okay, but the only true best is Ghost N Stuff. While skrillex can make good songs, usually they have high pitch noise in them, or they sound like a lion is roaring into the mic. Monstercat music is usually okay, but some get good beats and are actually good to hear, such as the popular Areo Chord -Surface

Monstercat is a RECORD LABEL, not a single artist. They have many good dubstep artists though, such as Pegboard Nerds, Stephen Walking, Jauz, etc. So I guess this ranking could stand for all the artists inside Monstercat that aren't already mentioned. And if it does, then it should rank higher in my humble opinion.

He is awesome when it comes to dubstep

Monstercat contains songs that are too good for Skrillex or Nero or Knife Party. They have the real dubstep here. Look up songs by the Pegboard Nerds, or by Dion Timmer, or by Tristam, then you will understand true dubstep. - GGiant1921

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38 Bar9

I don't need to say anything but just download shaolin style (nero rmx)'
Piano tune (VIP) & Bloodbath (original).

39 Tom Reason
40 Adventure Club

Need your heart :') At par with scary monsters in my opinion. Must listen artist. you will surely not regret for listening to songs like Need your heart, Rise and fall, Gold. Soft dubstep at its best!

There are so many diverse emotions that erupt in Adventure Club's music; they use unique vocals, accompanied by hard style dramatic sounds, over subtle classical melodies to create a powerful, beautiful noise.

Such an incredible sound and feel for every song

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