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41 Delta Heavy Delta Heavy Delta Heavy is a British electronic music production duo from London. The duo consists of Ben Hall and Simon James. V 2 Comments
42 Traxione

Traxione's music is so brilliantly complex. He is a musical genius.

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43 Alex Clare Alex Clare Alexander George "Alex" Clare is a British singer and songwriter. Clare adopted his current stage name, Alex Clare, in 2010.
44 Protohype

Problematic is the best I heard! - InfernoTopTenners

45 Tut Tut Child

Dragon Pirates, Power Fracture, and Dance to it are Epic.

46 Codeko
47 Omnipony
48 Dub FX
49 Rusko

Not hating, but has anyone realised how most of Rusko's good stuff comes from other artist's remixes. Netsky's remix of Everyday, Sub Focus' version of Hold On & Sigma's remix of Somebody To Love to name a few.

Should be in the top 5. Definitely one of the best to ever live in the world of dubstep. I cannot believe his position is this low. The top should be skream, benga, digital mystiks, rusko, trolley snatcha, caspa, datsik, skrillex and doctor p just to name a few

He should be in the top 5. He created the brostep genre and he included other styles of music into the dub step genre. He I the reason we have the dubstep we have today.

He's one of the creators of dubstep

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50 360
51 Xtrullor

I don't understand why people haven't realised yet that he is the best dubstep artist of all time, clearly better than skrillex and has the most brutal and harsh dubstep INCLUDING the most emotional dubstep

Dex Arson wasn't on the list, so I voted for another legend. I don't need to say more than one word: corrosive

He needs to be higher! I love this guy more than skrillex! - InfernoTopTenners

Two songs say it all, Corrosive and Screamroom. Download his songs free on New ground!

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52 Savant

A real stand-out in the whole dance/electronica genre, a true musical prodigy

Probably only a original dubstep artist

His music is amazing... Simply amazing, he puts so much detail and originalitty in his music its mind blowing, his music is simply deadmau5 level, in other words a creative genius

This guy is really amazing. he put all of his efort in to every single and he makes new music all the time and he his very original. my favorite artist of all time

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53 ArtAttack
54 12th Planet

He's supposed to be at least 20 places up

Super original. The E.N. D Pt. 2

55 Blackmill

Black mill is an amazing artist for those who love the sound of sick beats and nature combined!

56 Schoolboy

Sadly he vanish! I really wanted him to make a new one! - InfernoTopTenners

His song Daydreamer is the best songs I ever heard! - InfernoTopTenners

How can people not put SCHOOLBOY!? Eargasm every time I listen to them. Listen to Project No-Autotune and you will get a hint of how awesome they are. Then after that listen to Savant. He is the GOD of most dubstep, drumstep, grim, electro house, any house, just listen to him

57 Alex S

I'm so happy he broke away from the bronies. I like his solo stuff so much better.

Very creative producer. His stuff is always fresh and always awesome.

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58 Mistabishi
59 F3nning
60 Ry Legit

Not well known at all, but check out the music, one of my favorite artists so far and deserves much more attention

Put it deeper, sweety man, double stuff, double kill, lock in, rampage are all good songs

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